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Reed O'Hanlon, Jr.

LetterHE story of Washington County is a tale of romance--of Indians filing to its Missouri River bluffs to stage ceremonial dances and later to hold council with Lewis and Clark and learn that the Great White Father was their future guardian, of soldiers patrolling the first American military outpost west of the Missouri river in 1819 at old Fort Atkinson (now Fort Calhoun); of early steamers chugging up the treacherous Missouri, bringing the first permanent settlers; of outposts before the Civil War where whites mingled with Indians on peaceful terms while laying the foundations of what was some day to be one of the richest agricultural counties in Nebraska.
   But romantic though the story may seem to present-day Nebraskans, this early era of Washington County was filled with work which only the true pioneer could endure, for the entire area was untamed when these pioneers arrived. Swamplands were yet to be drained, homes and towns built, communications established, industry and agriculture developed, an entire wilderness of rolling plains, high bluffs, forest and stream domesticated.
   In the beginning only Indians ruled what is now Washington County. The Omahas, led by Chief Blackbird (Wazhinga-sah-ba), the crafty trader, roamed the territory and it was as much their permanent resort as it was that of any other tribe. Indian troubles occurred at times and there were a few killings on both sides, but there was never serious warfare between the whites and redskins.
   As nearly as can be determined, the Mallet Brothers, Pierre and Paul, were probably the first white visitors to Washington County. in 1739, with a party of six Frenchmen, they came through on a trading expedition from Canada.
   The famed Lewis and Clark expedition reached what is now Washington County on July 28, 1804. Their diary relates the many natural advantages of this region, and tells of their council with the Indians, Aug. 3, 1804, at which time several chiefs gave talks interpreted by a Frenchman who lived with the Redskins. The whites told them of the change in government from French to American and the Indians seemed greatly satisfied. As a direct result of this visit the government established Fort Atkinson on the bluffs of the Missouri in 1819, and until 1827 it remained one of the principal outposts in the west, where Indians often came on peaceful missions and to bring messages for forwarding to the "Great White Father" in Washington, D. C.
   When started, Fort Atkinson numbered 1,120 persons, and during the ensuing eight years of its existence the number of persons stationed there never dropped below 400.
   While this first settlement in Washington County contained enough military equipment to lead one to suppose that its purpose was to guard against Indian uprisings, the fort actually existed as a community farming project. Thus a soldier of old Fort Atkinson was likely to find himself faced with a myriad of duties during the course of a year; duties such as farming, gardening, cooking, making bricks, burning lime at the quarry, cutting and storing ice, running the saw or grist mill, cutting wood, hunting game, shooting wolves, building houses, milking cows, clearing the grounds, or going on a trip for supplies. These varied activities were interspersed with at least occasional drills and with enforced attention to orations on Feb. 22 and July 4.
   The fort was abandoned by the government in June, 1827, and in later references to the place the name Fort Calhoun was adopted. The same name now applies to the village which exists some two miles west of the original fort. The old Fort Atkinson grounds are now marked by a plaque put in place in recent years.
   For twenty-five years after the abandonment of Fort Atkinson, the present Washington County had no permanent settlements, although many explorers and traders visited the region, some remaining for long periods to try their luck at settling.
   The first really permanent settlement in the county, according to historical records, was made near the old fort early in 1854. This was soon followed by Dr William Moore and George William Newell. The second settlement in Washington County was made in October 1854 near Fontanelle by Mr. Leiser, a German. In the same year a company was organized at Quincy, Ill., for the purpose of obtaining for its members and their families homes in the new territory of Nebraska. In July they crossed Iowa by wagon--there was no railroad west of the Mississippi river at that time--and in due time reached the embryo city of Omaha. The Omahans, alarmed at the advent of the Quincy settlers and their determination to found a new and possibly rival town, offered them one-third of the townsite of Omaha if they would remain there. The offer was unanimously rejected

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and the Quincy pioneers moved on. Along the Elkhorn river on the present western boundary of Washington County these pioneers found a site which they liked, and immediately began laying out their new village of Fontanelle, named for Logan Fontanelle, the famous Indian chief, to whom they had paid $10 for the privilege of settling there.
   By 1855 early settlers were beginning to pour into Washington County. To Arlington township came Corydon Whitford, followed later by John Mattes, Silas Masters and O. Colby. To the present Blair township in 1855 came the three Carter brothers, Jacob, Alexander and T. M. To Cuming City in 1855 came T. C. Hungate. Within the next three years the entire county began to take on a more settled appearance.
   With Washington County formally organized in 1854 by the territorial legislature, all the new and projected towns were anxious to become the county seat. Fort Calhoun was the county seat in the winter of 1858, when a group of the residents of DeSoto, an up-and-coming river town located five miles to the north, decided it should be removed to their community. A crowd of DeSoto citizens accordingly organized and, with arms, went to Fort Calhoun to take the county seat by force. Fort Calhoun's men barricaded themselves in the log courthouse and held off the DeSoto invaders until the afternoon of the second day, when by compromise the county seat was turned over to DeSoto. One man was killed in this contest.
   The county seat remained in DeSoto until an election in the fall of 1866, when the vote of the people relocated it at Fort Calhoun, where it remained until 1869. Then another election brought it to the newly-formed community of Blair, where it has since remained.
   One might put the towns and villages of Washington County into three classifications, namely, paper towns, ghost towns and existing towns.
   The townsite of Fort Calhoun was claimed early in 1854 and an official plat was filed in 1857, showing a rapid growth. E. H. Clark contracted in 1855 to build a hotel and inn at the town, and this when it was finished was one of the best-known hotels in the early west for many years. Meanwhile other industries were springing up in Fort Calhoun, a stage line was started from Omaha, and the community took on all the aspects of a booming frontier town. Today Fort Calhoun is a small village, but it is adequately equipped with highway and rail facilities, and serves an important farm community.
   Another early town, now a ghost village, was Cuming City, "claimed" in 1854 and settled the following spring north of the present site of Blair. By 1857 Cuming City had 53 dwellings, three stores, two churches, a school, and three hotels, besides boarding houses and saloons. By the following year it had a weekly newspaper. its death knell was sounded, however, when Blair was founded in 1869, and most of the town was moved there.
   DeSoto was another leading pioneer town which has since died. It was settled in 1855 southeast of the present site of Blair, and was a popular river steamer port when water was the chief means of transportation. It was a real boom town, having some 500 residents within four years of its founding, but began to dwindle when the Pike's Peak gold rush began, and died completely after Blair was founded. At its height, DeSoto boasted three banks, three newspapers, stores, saloons, a school and other "big town" advantages.
   Fontanelle, mentioned heretofore, boasted of the first advanced educational institution in the state, Nebraska University, organized in 1855, a year after the town was platted. It was supervised by the Congregational Church and later became Doane College at Crete. Fontanelle was then part of Dodge County, of which it was the county seat until the county lines were redefined in 1860, putting the village inside the limits of Washington County. Today Fontanelle is almost entirely an agricultural community, and is the location of a German Lutheran Church, erected in 1929.
   The village of Kennard was not incorporated, until 1895, but had been settled as early as 1868 as a farming neighborhood. Today it is a comfortable little village with adequate mercantile facilities.
   Arlington was established some seventy years ago as Bell Creek, and has since played an important role in Washington County's development. By the mid-seventies the village was growing healthily, with many new businesses being started by the incoming pioneers. The village of Arlington was incorporated April 10, 1882 and today it is a bustling little town with excellent highway and rail facilities. It has two churches, a fine school system, a goodly number of businesses and residences. It is the home of Marshalls' Nurseries, one of the largest of such institutions in the mid-west.
   Herman which was started in the early 1870's by a group of farming families, grew rapidly. Churches and schools were provided for, and the early town had facilities for banking, merchandising, etc. Herman became an important livestock and grain center and was one of the most prosperous villages in the county until a tornado completely demolished the business section the evening of June 13, 1899, killing several residents and injuring scores. The community was promptly rebuilt, and today is one of the most progressive in the county.
   The history of the city of Blair--now the county seat and largest city with nearly 3,400 residents--dates back to the first settlement of the region by the three Carter brothers. They took homesteads in 1855, but there was no town settlement until John I. Blair, the eastern railroad



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magnate after whom the town is named, built the railroad west from Iowa across the Missouri river at this site and automatically caused a town to be founded here. The sale of lots was offered on March 10, 1869, and the first day's sales totalled $61,000. First meeting of the Blair trustees was held Aug. 7, 1869. In following years Blair grew more rapidly than any other town in the county. Stores and homes were moved here from dying Cuming City and DeSoto, and newcomers arrived each week by scores. Within ten years after its organization, Blair was enjoying the fruits of its railroad connections. Stores, newspapers, schools, churches, all flourished.
   Today Blair, a seventy-year-old city, is one of the most modern communities in Nebraska. It has miles of paved streets, a paved highway and rail connections, railroad and automobile bridges over the Missouri river, a municipal power plant, fine water and sewer systems, natural gas lines and other advantages. It is the home of Dana College, a Danish Lutheran institution. In Blair are eleven churches, more than 100 business enterprises, and hundreds of modern homes. Public buildings include the courthouse, a city hall, library and postoffice. The city maintains a park system and a modern, sanitary swimming pool.
   The village of Washington was founded in 1857, but was one of the few early railroad towns in the county which did not enjoy great growth. Today it is the trading center of a normally prosperous agricultural area.
   Paper towns--those which were never formally started or never were developed--include Hudson, one of the most notorious early-day promotions in the west. Hudson was laid out in 1856 on paper by W. E. Walker, an enterprising citizen of Connecticut. He platted the town, even naming imaginary streets and marking out 8,720 lots, then went through the east and sold the "lots" at $1 each in a series of lectures. He is said to have made $5,000 from the sale of lots in a town which never was to exist.
   Other paper towns included Rockport in the southeastern part of the county, a promising steamboat landing and location of stone quarries, which was never formally settled, and Hiawatha, which was washed away by a river flood in 1857 just after its first industry, a sawmill, had been established. In 1940 Washington County, containing some of the best agricultural land in Nebraska and some of its best towns and small communities, stands as a monument to pioneer vision. Washington County, steeped in the romance of pioneer days, marches forward.

   ADAMS, FRANK C: Postmaster; b Washington Co, Neb July 29, 1876; s of John K Adams-Elizabeth Love; ed Lyons HS; Bellevue Coll, Bellevue; m Tessie Cleveland Oct 1897 Omaha; s Robert W, Giles H; d DeLene (Mrs J H Baker), Julia (Mrs Kesterson), Ruth (Mrs Scott); 1895- owner of int in newspapers at Lyons; 1900-01 owner of paper, Bentley Ia; 1901-04 with Pender Times; 1904-05 owner of paper, Atlanta; 1905-09 with Fremont Tribune; 1909-12 with Tekamah Herald; 1912-14 with BIoomfield Journal; 1915- publisher Fort Calhoun Chronicle; 1917- P M Fort Calhoun; past mbr city coun; NPA; MWA; Presby Ch, deacon; Rep; hobby, baseball; res Fort Calhoun.

   BACON, IVA MAE: Hospital Owner & Manager; b N D Apr 2, 1909; d of Allyn Bacon-Elizabeth Loftis; ed Blair HS; Meth Hosp, Omaha, RN; paid way thru sch by painting; 1930-33 priv & visiting nurse, Omaha; 1933-34 Washington Co nurse, Blair; 1934- owner & mgr Court View Hosp; 1936 nurse in Blair schs; opr nurse's home; Neb St Nurses Assn; Washington Co Med Soc; AMA; ARC, Dodge, Douglas & Washington Cos; past mbr Visiting Nurses Assn; Neb Meth Hosp Alumni, Omaha; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, sports, art & collecting coins; off Hosp; res 402 W Lincoln, Blair.

   BEEKMANN, CHARLES J: Merchant; b Blair, Neb May 8, 1877; s of Carl H Beekmann-Cecelia J M Forbeck; ed Washington Co; m Ida Wolff Sept 8, 1902 Blair; s Carl H; d Emma E, Catherine L, Alice L (Mrs H I Brewer); 1898-1900 emp in dept store, Waterloo; 1900-08 emp in store, Arlington; 1908- owner & opr Beekmann Store, Blair; C of C; Rep; res Blair.

   BELLOWS, V F: Auditor; b Blair, Neb Sept 24, 1905; s of Frank Bellows-Bessie Stricklett; ed Walthill HS; m Louise Boughn Feb 5, 1923 Sioux City Ia; s Vernon Jr; Raymond; d Nancy; 1922-23 with Beacon Pharm, Walthill; 1923-25 with father in contracting bus, Blair; 1925- gen auditor for Blair Tele Co, Citizens Tele Corp, Public Tele Co, Union Tele Co, Arlington Tele Co, Skeedee Indep Tele Co, Northern Tele Co, Northeastern Tele Co, Home Tele Co, Osmond Tele Co, Belden Tele Co, Meadow Grove Tele Co; C of C; Rotary; Meth Ch; Dem; res Blair.

   BENDORF, CHRIS K: Funeral Director; b Blair, Neb Apr 26, 1899; s of C L Bendorf-Andrea Sorensen; ed Washington Co; Gaydon Bus Coll, Blair; Worsham Sch of Embalming, Chicago; m Julia L Jackson Oct 23, 1928 Herman; s Charles K; d Thomasine S; 1922-23 appr to E R Haggard, funeral dir, Blair; 1923-25 ptr in Haggard & Bendorf, funeral dirs; 1925- owner Bendorf Funeral Home, Blair; Feb 15, 1926 became lic embalmer in Neb; first funeral dir in Washington Co to have ambulance service; only one with pub address system for funerals; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Rotary, past secy; C of C; Blair Golf Club; AF&AM, master; RAM, KT; IOOF, past noble grand; Meth Ch, steward; hobbies, hunting, golf; off & res 304 W Grant, Blair.

   BLACO, HARRY C: Implement & Hardware Dealer; b Washington Co, Neb Aug 28, 1872; s of Richard Blaco-Eliza A McFadden; ed Washington Co; m Merie F Johnsen, 1899 Waterloo; 1899-1906 with father in farming & stock raising; 1906-17 indep farmer; 1917- hdw & impl dlr, Kennard; pres Farmers Grain Mutual Ins Co, Burt & Washington Cos; 1918- Washington Co commr; past Washington Co highway commr: past chmn village bd; past mbr Neb Retail Hdw Assn; dir Washington Co Fair Assn, supt of horses; IOOF; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, horses, livestock; res Kennard.

   BOLT, HELEN K: County Clerk; b Blair, Neb Sept 10, 1902; d of Emmet Bolt-Mary Jane Rosenbaum; ed Blair HS; Neb Sch of Bus; 1921-25 steno for Washington Co judge; 1925-31 clk of Washington Co court; 1931-36 Washington Co dep clk; 1936-37 with state dept of roads & irrigation; 1937- Washington Co clk; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; OES; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, flowers; off Courthouse; res 300 W Front, Blair.

   BREWER, H I J: Dentist; b Ravenna, Neb Aug 30, 1912; s of Charles T Brewer-Julia Johnson; ed Callaway HS; U of N, DDS; Delta Upsilon; Xi Psi Phi; m Alice Beekmann Oct 13, 1935 Blair; s John H; 1936- dentist, Blair; Neb St & ADA; C of C; hobby, BSA work; off 409 S Walker; res 511 W Washington, Blair.

   BROWN, HARRY H: Well Driller; b Fremont, Neb July 15, 1882; s of H Clark Brown-Elmira Goff; ed Fremont HS; Fremont Normal; U of N, 1906-07; m Edna May Woods Oct 22, 1914 Walnut Ia; s Herbert E,


in Nebraska


Ralph W; d Dorothy (Mrs Delmar Lowe), Evelyn Mae; 1900-06 & 1907-14 well driller, Fremont; 1914-16 well driller, Knox Co; 1916-21 well driller, Lincoln; 1921- well driller, Blair; org Neb Well Drillers Assn, past pres; past VP & past treas Amer Assn of Water Well Contractors; Past pres sch bd; past mbr city coun; OES; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; Congl Ch, deacon; Rep; hobbies, geology, music; res 301 E South, Blair.

   CAMPBELL, J E L: Mortician; b Minden, Neb June 17, 1892; s of Harry Thomas Campbell-Elizabeth Hitchman; ed Minden HS; Carpenter-Hohenschuh Coll of Mortuary Science; Des Moines Ia; m Lula Blanche Hoover Apr 15, 1915 Missouri Valley Ia; s George Edward Junior Hoover; d Virginia Irene: 1912-15 with C&NW RR, also Wescott Undertaking Co, Sioux City Ia; 1905 with Neb & Ia Gas & Electric Co, Missouri Valley Ia; 1915 with Bullock Pub Service Co, Blair; 1915 in electrical construction work for city of Blair; 1918- owner & opr Campbell's Mortuary, Blair; 1934 built Campbell Mortuary first in Washington Co; Washington Co commr; instrumental in bldg city light plant; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; C of C; AF&AM; KT; IOOF; Meth Ch, past trustee; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 5th & South, Blair.

   CARLSEN, NIELS CHRISTIAN: Clergyman; b Denmark June 1, 1884; s of Carl Christian Jensen-Ane Christine Jensen; ed Shennington Wis; Dana Coll; Trinity Seminary, ThC 1910; Capital U, Columbus O, DD 1931; m Martha Carolina Neve June 15, 1910 Ringsted Ia; s Alvin S, Viggo I, Verner N, Raymond C, Stanley L, Niels Christian Jr; d Esther Marie, Rhoda Sarah, Lois Irene, Eunice Carla; 1910-14 pastor, Duluth Minn & Superior Wis; 1914-19 pastor Luth Ch, Milltown & Bone Lake Wis; 1910-30 pastor, Bethlehem Luth Ch, Royal Ia; 1918-19 secy Minn dist of United Danish Luth Ch; 1916-25 mbr bd of elementary Chris edn, United Danish Luth Ch in Amer; 1921-25 VP United Danish Evang Luth Ch in Amer, 1925- pres, 1928-38 secy Natl Luth Coun, 1933-36 VP; 1929 del to Luth world conv, Copenhagen, 1935 del to Paris; ex-officio mbr of bd of edn of Dana Coll & Trinity Seminary, bd of pensions, bd of home missions & of all other regular bds of the United Danish Luth Ch; mbr exec com Amer Luth Conf; mbr of the exec com of the Natl Luth Coun, Theodore Roosevelt Natl Park, Rabild Denmark; mbr bd of the Zion Soc for Israel; Rep; res 710 W Jackson, Blair.

   CARRIGAN, JOHN A: County Judge; b Blair, Neb July 2, 1901; s of E B Carrigan-Frances Lawson; ed Blair HS; U of Michigan, LLB; Beta Theta Pi, Phi Alpha Delta; 1924-26 with father in law prac, Blair; 1926-28 indep law prac, Blair; 1928-32 prac law with W J Maher; 1932- Washington Co judge; Washington Co & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM, past master; Episc Ch: Rep; off Courthouse; res 302 W Grant, Blair.

   CHAMBERS, SAMUEL W: President Building & Loan Association; b Peru, Ind Feb 18, 1859; s of James Chambers-Hannah H Davidson; ed HS in Ind; m Gertrude E Beals Sept 1, 1887 Geneva; s Lloyd C; d Mona (Mrs Ross E Deets); 1876-77 teleg opr & station agt for Lake Erie & Western RR, Peru Ind; 1878-1883 station agt CB&Q RR, Peru Neb, 1883-88 station agt, Sutton & Geneva; 1888-1902 with C&NW RR; 1902-23 in real est, loan & ins bus, Blair; 1924-28 in real est & loan bus for Blair banks; 1923-32 special agt Neb St guaranty fund commission; 1926-36 secy-treas Blair B & L Assn, 1936- pres; broker for HOLC; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; J P; police judge; past mayor; past Washington Co assessor; AF&AM; Episc Ch; Dem; res 59 W Lincoln, Blair.

   CHRISTENSEN, KARL: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Denmark, May 13, 1888; s of Daniel Christensen-Sira Sjorslev; ed Denmark; m Marie Kudsk Feb 3, 1914 St Paul; s Roy D, Karl N, Robert P; d Elizabeth Ann; butcher in Denmark until 1907; 1907 came to US, worked on farm near St Paul until 1909; 1909-14 with Larsen Lbr Co, St Paul; 1914- mbr of firm, Bennington Lbr Co, Bennington; 1919- owner & opr Christensen Lbr Co, Blair; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, pres 1938; C of C; Rotary, dir; AF&AM, past master; past high priest RAM; KT; First Luth Ch, trustee; Dem; hobbies, chess, flower raising; off 5th Front; res W Washington, Blair.

   DAVIES, R A: Physician & Surgeon; b Fremont,. Neb; s of James Davies-Mary Williams; ed Fremont HS: Rush Med Coll, MD; m Mary E Blackburn Dec 3, 1902 Arlington; 1900- prac med, Arlington, asst to Dr Block since 1926; local surg C&NW RR 35 years; dir Arlington State Bank; mbr village bd; past mayor; past pres Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; past pres Dodge Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, feeding livestock; res Arlington.

   DONLEY, ROBERT R: Physician & Surgeon; b Wayne, Neb Dec 11, 1904; s of John R Donley-Mabel West; ed Omaha HS; U of N, BSc, MD; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Rho Sigma; m Dorothy Reeves Sept 15, 1931 Webster Groves Mo; s James Robert; 1930-31 interne Washington U hospital group, St Louis Mo; 1931- prac med, Blair; Washington Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, photography; res 400 W Lincoln, Blair.

   ELLER, I C: Retired County Judge; b Jefferson Co, Ia Dec 17, 1853; s of Harvey Eller-Mary C Van Noy; ed Ia; Central Coll, Pella Ia; m Ellen E Kemp Nov 3, 1886 Blair; d Mary L (Mrs Harry Morris), Frances P (Mrs R J Roush); 1880-82 clk in Eller & Jackson law off, also read law; 1882 adm to prac law in dist court at Tekamah; bonded abstracter; 1882-83 ptr of brother, William H in firm of Eller & Eller, Blair; 1883-92 & 1908-11 Washington Co clk of dist court; 1892-1908 prac law & in farm loan & ins bus, Blair; 1911-19, 1924-32 Washington Co judge; 1919-24 in priv law prac & loan bus; float representative from Washington & Burt Cos to Neb legislature 1907; 1932- ret; past city clk; past mbr sch bd; Neb St Bar Assn; IOOF, trustee 48 years; Bapt Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, history; res 600 W Grand, Blair.

   FAHRNEY, EMORY D: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Curtis, Neb Mar 21, 1908; s of Bert E Fahrney- Estella Van Meter; ed Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; U of N, BSc 1931; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Block & Bridle Club; Ag Club; Agrl Exec Bd; bus mgr Cornhusker Countryman; m Alice C Baars May 17, 1930 Ellsworth Kas; s David E, Dennis E; 1931-34 vocational agr tchr & athletic coach, Stapleton HS; 1934- 36 vocational agr tchr, Ravenna HS: 1936- Washington Co agrl extn agt, Blair; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, fishIng; off Courthouse; res 7th & Butler, Blair.

   GAYDOU, CHARLES E: Poultryman; b Seward Co, Neb Sept 15, 1884; s of Charles H Gaydou-Sarah ___; ed Blair; Dana Coll; m Ruth Wulf July 15, 1922 Blair; 1901-03 with Pacific Mfg Co, Cal; 1903-04, 1910-14 tchr, Dana Coll; 1904-10, 1917-22, owner & opr Gaydou Comml Coll, Blair; 1914-17 owner & opr confectionery; 1922-27 oprd poultry & fruit bus; 1927-37 gen mgr in chg of sales work for Haller Co, 1937- owner, mgr & pres; dir Neb Poultry Improvement Assn, chmn of dist 3; C of C; asst scoutmaster, BSA: past secy & past master AF&AM; during World War capt in NNG, Fort Snelling Minn; hobby, fishing; res 800 W Nebraska, Blair.

   GOEHRING, WALTER E: Physician & Surgeon; b Ravenna, Neb Aug 3, 1903; s of Ernst W Goehring- Amanda Lose; ed Ravenna HS; Grand Island Bus Coll; U of N, BSc 1935, MD, 1937; Alpha Kappa Kappa; interne 1 year St Joseph Mo Hosp 2, interne 1 mo Murray Hosp at Butte, Mont & 1 year Meth Hosp, Omaha; 1923-24 in groc store, Ravenna; 1924-25 salesman for hosiery mills, traveIed in western Neb; 1925-29 asst cash Security State Bank, Ravenna: 6 mos CCC surg in Neb & S D; Jan, 1939- prac in Blair; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 302 W Grant, Blair.

   GRAVES, HAROLD B: Physician & Surgeon; b Omaha, Neb Nov 16, 1911; s of Carse W Graves-Lizzie Bauman; ed Omaha HS; Creighton U; U of N, MD 1937: m Vivian F Stahl Nov 3, 1933 Plattsmouth; s Howard H, Henry C; d Phyllis V; 1937-38 Interne Immanuel Deaconess Inst, Omaha; 1938- prac med at Herman; Washington Co & Tri-Co Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; Comml Club; Westminster Presby Ch of Omaha: off & res Herman.

   GUYER, FRED: County Treasurer: b Blair, Neb Jan 27, 1903; s of A O Guyer-Veronica Miller; ed Blair HS; m Pearl E Triplett Nov 8, 1923 Blair; d Nadine, Marilyn: 1921 with J L Pounds in clothing store, Blair; 1926 aux clk in PO; 1927-31 Washington Co dep treas; 1931- Washington Co, treas; C of C; past mbr KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; off Courthouse; res E Colfax, Blair.

   HANSEN, C X: Educator; b Oakland, Neb Nov 8, 1869; s of Nels Hansen-___; ed Blair HS, Lyons HS; Trinity Seminary, Blair 1886-87; Midland Coll, Atchison Kas, BA; honorary degrees Augustana Coll, LHD 1921; Midland Coll, LLD: m Ida M Hultberg Dec 25, 1899 Lyons; s Harold, Paul, Elliott, Winston, Ernest; d Lillian, Lois; 1894- instr in Trinity Seminary,



Who's Who

Blair; after death of Pres J P Jensen of Dana Coll in 1908, served as exec head of the institution until 1914 & again 1919-25; m recent years has been head of Dana Coll tchr training dept; hobbies, flowers & gardening; off Dana Coll; res Blair.

   HANSEN, JOHN E: Fire Chief; b Washington Co, Neb May 30, 1902; s of Charles N Hansen-Matilda ___; ed Blair HS; U of N; m Mildred Hart Mar 24, 1927 Omaha; s John Jr; d Carolyn; 1922-27 with father, Charles N Hansen in bakery bus, Blair; 1927 apptd chief dep sheriff, Washington Co; 1931- city special police ofcr & supt of park & swimming pool; 1932- with mother, gen mgr of bakery; mbr city coun; chief vol fire dept; C of C; AF&AM; KP; Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 410 W Lincoln, Blair.

   HANSON, HOWARD C: Banker; b Omaha, Neb Aug 16, 1904: s of E P Hanson-Lucy D Cooper; ed Herman HS; Midland Coll; U of N; m Bernice V Bailey May 4, 1925 Glenwood Ia; s Howard C Jr; 1925-26 salesman for St Joseph Mo Hat & Cap Co; 1926-27 salesman for J C Ridnour Co of Lincoln; 1927-28 salesman Richardson Dry Goods Co, St Joseph Mo: 1929-30 salesman for Smith McCorn-Townsend, Kansas City Mo; 1931-32 ins salesman, traveled in Neb; 1930-32 VP Herman State Bank; 1932- pres & chmn bd of dirs Herman State Bank; owner & mgr of farms; pres of finance co; org game preserve of 4,000 A in Washington Co; past mbr U of N orchestra & U of N symphony orchestra; Comm Club; Omaha Athletic Club; UCT, past mbr exec com at McCook; AF&AM; hobbies, fishing, hunting, dogs, has imported 4 Deutsch-Drahthaar all-purpose hunting dogs, owns Bella Vom Coesfeld who besides English knows & minds 13 German hunting commands; off & res Herman.

   HEDELUND, GEORGE T: Bank Cashier; b Blair, Neb Jan 1, 1895; s of J S Hedelund-Dorothea Johansen; ed Blair HS; Dana Coll; m Vera E McCracken Sept 12, 1917 Blair; d Jeanette; 1913-15 tchr, Blair HS; 1915-16 with Lyman Sand Co of Omaha; 1916-18, Jan-May 1919, asst cash, Citizens State Bank of Blair; July-Dec 1918 in USN; May 1919-1930 cash, Washington State Bank; 1930 Washington State Bank consolidated with Kennard State Bank of which he was cash until 1933; 1933 Kennard State Bank was moved to Blair & became Washington Co Bank of which he is cash; pres C of C; Rotary, VP; IOOF; Danish Luth Ch; Rep; res 202 E South, Blair.

   HEMPHILL, WILLIAM FRANK: Dentist; b Litchfield, Ill Aug 7, 1892; s of Theodore Hemphill-Clara ___; ed Belleville Kas HS; Creighton U, DDS; Delta Sigma Delta; m Lola Ethel Taylor June 20, 1917 Blue Springs; s Robert Frederick; d Janet Lydia; 1916- prac in Blair; during World War commd 1st lt dental corps; Omaha Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; AF&AM; RAM; KT; Congl Ch: hobby, golf; res Omaha Road & Butler Ave, Blair.

   HOWARD, C D: Physician; b Nemaha Co, Neb Dec 1, 1904; s of A W Howard-Mabel E Dennis; ed Guide Rock HS; Cotner Coll; U of N, BSc, MD; Phi Chi; m Beatrice Foley Sept 11, 1937 Blair; 1928-29 sch tchr in Crete; 1934 interne in Douglas Co Hosp; 1935- prac, Blair: pres Washington Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; dir Rotary; Chris Ch; hobbies, golf, hunting; off Home Theater Bldg; res 4,00 W Front, Blair.

   HUNDAHL, KARL P: Manager Publishing House; b Denmark, Mar 14, 1872; s of J J Hundahl-Kathrine Dahl; ed Denmark; Ia; m Mary Paulsen Aug 10, 1894 Blair; s David J, Raymond A (dec); d Ernest, Pearl B; came to US in 1888, settled at Turin Ia; 1888-91 worked on farm & att sch; 1891-1911 teleg opr & station agt for C&NW RR in northern Iowa & Sioux City divs; 1911-17 farmed 3 years in Iowa, 3 years in Washington Co; 1917-19 in ins & real est bus, Blair; 1919-21 bkkpr for Danish Luth Publishing House in Blair, 1921- mgr; 5 terms mbr city coun; C of C; MWA; First Luth Ch, past treas, past trustee; Rep; off 200 5th, res 61 West, Blair.

   KOLTERMAN, CARL F: Merchant; b Millard, Neb Sept 24, 1882; s of John Carl Frederick Kolterman- Anna G ___; ed Blair; Dana Coll; m Christina Von Lanken Jan 28, 1906 Blair; s Carl G F, Frederick H, Herbert W; 1901-05 with father in milling bus, Blair; 1905 with Crowell Lbr & Grain Co; 1905- 08 with Blair Clothing Co; 1908-17 mgr Crowell Lbr & Grain Co, Scribner; 1917-34 owned & oprd Blair Racket Store; 1937- opr Kolterman 5c to $1 Store; Fedn of Neb Retailers; C of C; Rotary; treas of Luth Ch; hobbies, travel, golf; res 607 W Lincoln, Blair.

   KRAUSE, CLIFFORD E: WPA Area Engineer; b West Point, Neb Dec 26, 1890; s of Eugene F Krause-Rose Carter; ed Blair HS; m Minnie A Struve Jan 7, 1913 Blair; 1910-13 with Bell Tele Co Lead S D, Sioux City Ia & Blair; 1913-14 in groc bus, Lusk Wyo; 1914-16 in flour & feed bus, Blair; 1916-32 lineman for light & water dept; 1927-32 commr for light & water dept; 1932-33 emp by C St P M & 0 RR; 1933- WPA area engineer in charge of Washington, Dodge, Burt & Cuming Cos; 6 years Blair city clk; mbr baseball team; AF&AM 21; RAM; KT; Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, baseball; off Courthouse; res Blair.

   LUND, N T: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Denmark, Dec 13, 1874; s of T J Lund-Dorothea Dahm; ed Minn HS; Fremont Normal, BSc, BA; m Marie I Hansen Aug 12, 1903 Hampton; s Ray, Russell; d Una, Lona, Ruth, Norma, Dorothy; 1903-04 tchr Luther Coll, Racine Wis; 1905-15 head of dept of history Dana Coll, Blair; 1915-21 Washington Co supt of schs; 1921- ins & real est agt; secy bd of trustees Dana Collpast mbr sch bd; ch mbr Rotary; C of C; Neb St Hist Soc; Luth Ch; hobbies, travel, poultry; res Blair.

   McDONALD, WILLIAM D: County Sheriff; b Blair, Neb Jan 10, 1897; s of George McDonald-Jessie Beals: ed Washington Co; HS at Fort Calhoun & Blair; m Cecil G Snyder July 18, 1920 Fremont; s George L; d Janet Jane (Mrs Russell Mundorf); 1915-20 farmed in Washington Co; 1918 during winter with C&NW RR; 1921-33 with Washington Co highway dept; 1923-24 with Aronson Chevrolet Co, Blair; 1924-27 with Arndt-Snyder Motor Co: 1927-32 agt for Sinclair Refining Co; 1933-Jan 1939 owner & mgr W D McDonald Transport Co; 1939- sheriff of Washington Co; Blair Golf Club; Dem; hobby, sports; grandfather, Thomas McDonald came from Scotland to Amer; father & mother born in Washington Co, their parents were among first settlers; Mrs McDonald's father came from England; off Courthouse; res S Walker Ave, Blair.

   MARSHALL, CHESTER G: Nurseryman; b Arlington, Neb Apr 27, 1883; s of Benjamin A Marshall-Mary Marquart; ed Arlington HS; U of N; m Margaret Brenizer Nov 26, 1912 Bennet; d F Elizabeth, Frances M; 1904-13 with Marshall Bros Nursery, Arlington; 1913-15 with Eastern Neb Fruit Growers Assn, Nebraska City; 1915- secy & sales mgr of Marshall Nursery, Arlington; pres & past secy Neb St Horticultural Soc; 1st pres Neb Nursery Assn; past pres Retail Nurserymens Assn of US; pres Western Assn of Nurserymen; pres Amer Assn of Nurserymen; secy of Neb Assn of Fair Mgrs; Washington Co Agrl Soc; secy of N E Neb Fair Circuit; mbr village bd 20 years; Comm Club; past master AV &AM; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; off & res Arlington.

   MARSHALL, GEORGE A: Nurseryman; b Hancock Co, O Dec 20, 1864; s of B C Marshall-Catherine Nonnamaker: ed Ohio & Neb; Fremont Bus Coll; m Dora B Goltry June 1893 Tabor Ia; s Vernon V, Ralph, Maurice; d Catherine (Mrs Ed Baker), Ruth (Mrs E J Renard); 1887- with brothers owner, opr & pres Marshall Bros Nursery; past pres Neb Nursery Assn; Ill, Minn, Kas Nurserymens Assns; past pres Western Assn of Nurserymen; Northern Retail Assn of Nurserymen; past mbr Retail Nurserymens Assn of U S; Amer Nurserymens Assn; chmn Neb Horticultural Nomenclature 20 years; life mbr, past pres Neb St Horticultural Soc; life mbr S D & Ia St Horticultural Socs; ch mbr Neb Hall of Agrl Achievement; Washington Co Agrl Soc; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Omaha; IOOF; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off & res Arlington.

   MATTHIESEN, ED: Secretary & Treasurer Building & Loan Association; b Blair, Neb Sept 123, 1878; s of F H Matthiesen-Emma Rohwer; ed Blair HS; Omaha Comml Coll; m Rose Jahnel June 29, 1910 Blair; d Louise (Mrs William Grimm), Fredricka (Mrs William Wilson); 1895-1902 owner Ed Mathiesen Clothing Store, sold 1920; 1920-37 land owner & mgr in S D & N D, still owns farms; 1937- secy, treas Blair B & L Assn; Rotary; C of C; chmn exec com Neb St Vol Firemens Assn; Neb Childrens Home Soc; AF&AM; RAM; KT; Rep; off Walker & Washington; res 311 W Grant, Blair.

   MEAD, CHARLES R: Dentist; b Marengo, Ia June 16, 1869; s of James H Mead-Ellen E Kepner; ed Ia; Blair HS; Central Coll; Chicago Coll of Dental Surgery; Psi Omega; m Eda Jones Aug 11, 1900 Blair; s James A, Robert, Paul J; d Elizabeth (Mrs Wesley Hatter); 1889-92 with W D Haller, druggist; 1892 became registered pharm; 1893-1904 pharm in Herman; 1894-95 pharm in Harvard;


in Nebraska


1898- prac dentistry in Blair; 1904-19 mbr sch bd; 1908 mayor Blair; Omaha Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; past chmn Young Business Mens Club; AF&AM, past master; past high priest RAM; KP, mbr 40 years; Meth Ch, SS supt several years; Rep; hobby, hunting; off Mayle Bldg; res 109 E Grant, Blair.

   MONTGOMERY, IVIL J: Superintendent of Schools; b St Francis, Kas Sept 10, 1894; s of W C Montgomery-Carrie Dell Moody; ed Pilger HS; WSTC; U of N, BA 1916, MA 1929; U of Wash, grad asst in ednl statistics, completed residence requirements for PhD; Phi Delta Kappa, pres; m Ethel Clayton July 4, 1917 Homer; s Neil Clayton; d Jean Carol, Chloe Marian; 1916, 1919 supt of schs, Johnson; 1920-22 supt of schs, DeWitt; 1922-32 supt of schs, Wilber; 1932-39 supt of schs, Blair; U of N, summer sch instr 3 sessions; editor Quarterly Review Questions for Rural Tchr's 1935-39; Neb Schoolmasters Club; pres dist 2, NSTA; during World War enl in U S navy Sept 1917, disch May 1919, served on USS Kemah; Amer Leg; Rotary; AF&AM; hobbies, golf, scouting; res 303 East Colfax, Blair.

   MORRIS, HARRY L: Municipal Utilities Commissioner; b Woodville, Miss June 1, 1890; s of M I Morris-Anna Foster; ed Morganza La; Poydras Acad, New Roads La; Lincoln HS; U of N; m Louise Eller Jan 16, 1916 Lincoln; d Eloise; 1911-14 with Lincoln Traction Co; 1914-15 supt Neb Gas & Elec Co plant at Blair; 1916-20 supt of new municipal plant, supervisor of construction; 1920 supt of Blair Canning Co; 1932- light commr; dir Blair B & L Assn; C of C; ch mbr Rotary; mbr sch bd 6 years, in chg of bldg com for new HS; pres vol fire dept; past master AF&AM; trustee Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off City Hall; res 600 W Grant, Blair.

   MURDOCH, LOUIS R: Assistant Bank Cashier; b Blair, Neb June 11, 1906; s of Russell J Murdoch-Bess Bonine; ed Blair HS; U of Omaha 1927; Theta Phi Delta; m Frances Koopman June 4, 1932 Blair; s Lee; 1927-31 with Citizens State Bank of Blair; 1931-35 Washington Co dep treas; 1935- with Washington Co Bank at Blair, 1938- asst cash; 1936- city treas, treas of sch bd; mbr vol fire dept; C of C; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res 61 West Grant, Blair.

   NIELSEN, JOHN P: President Theological Seminary; b Denmark, Dec 18, 1877; s of Peter Nielsen-Caroline Petersen; ed Ia; Dana Coll; Luth Seminary, Maywood Ill, ED, STM 1923; Webster U, Atlanta Ga BA 1928, ThD 1934; Trinity Theological Seminary; Mount Airy Seminary, Philadelphia; m Anna Nielsen Apr 7, 1905 Philadelphia, Penn (dec Sept 30, 1928); m Gertrude Jensen Dec 18, 1929 Royal Ia; s Carl Clemen; 1879 came with parents to Amer; 1905-07 pastor St Johns Luth Ch, Philadelphia; 1908-09 prin Kenmare N D HS; 1909-27 missionary to Japan, 10 years Evang missionary, 8 years tchr of theology in Japan Luth Seminary; 1927- pres Trinity Theological Seminary in Blair; United Luth Ch, foreign mission bd; hobby, gardening; res College Hill, Blair.

   O'HANLON, CLARK: Attorney; b Desoto, Neb Feb 24, 1869; s of Richard O'Hanlon-Sarah Jane Joy; ed Washington Co; Herman HS; Shenandoah Ia Bus Coll; Western Normal Coll, Shenandoah Ia; m Bertie J Reed Sept 1, 1892 Blair; s Reed, Phillip, Luther; d Frances; 1891 adm to Neb bar; 1891-93 with Osborn-Farnsworth law firm in Blair; 1893-97 mbr of firm Osborn-O'Hanlon, Blair; 1897-1916 prac indep; 1916-20 with William J Maher in O'Hanlon & Maher; 1920-26 with firm of O'Hanlon, Maher & O'Hanlon; 1926- firm in bus as O'Hanlon & O'Hanlon, one of oldest law firms in Neb; past mayor of Blair; past Washington Co atty; past Washington Co judge; pres Neb Oil Co of Blair; past dir Blair B & L Assn; past dir, VP & gen counsel of Commonwealth & N Amer Natl Life Ins Cos; pres Washington Co Bar Assn since orgn; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; Rotary; past mbr Omaha Athletic Club; past master AF&AM; past noble grand IOOF; pres bd of trustees, Congl Ch; Dem, chmn Washington Co Central Com 40 years; hobby, fishing; off 100 E Washington; res 305 W Grand, Blair.

   O'HANLON, PHILIP: Attorney; b Blair, Neb June 17, 1905; s of Clark O'Hanlon-Bertie J Reed: ed Blair HS; U of N, BA; U of Mich, LLB; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta. m Lozein M Rhoades Sept 21, 1928 Blair; s James Philip; d Sara Jane; 1927 passed Neb bar & became assoc with father & brother Reed in prac, Blair; Washington Co & Neb St Bar Assns; dir C of C; ch mbr & past pres Rotary; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; off 100 E Washington; res 203 E South, Blair.

   O'HANLON, REED: Attorney; b Blair, Neb Aug 17, 1893; s of Clark O'Hanlon-Bertie J Reed; ed Blair HS; U of N, BA 1915; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; m Ruth K Maher Feb 15, 1914 Blair; s Reed Jr; Robert E, Clark Jr; d Ruth Ann; 1915-16 with father in prac; 1916-17 first lt 4th Neb Inf Mexican border service, home 6 weeks, recalled Mar 1917, promoted & served thru World War as major field arty, AEF, retd May 1919; 1919 adm to bar, resumed prac at Blair in firm O'Hanlon & O'Hanlon; 1928- pres Neb-Ia Bridge Corp; city atty 9 years; Washington Co atty 4 yearsWashington Co & Neb St Bar Assns: Rotary; Omaha Athletic Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; AF&AM; RAM; KT; past grand master IOOF; Dem; off Pilot Bldg; res 205 W South, Blair.

   O'HANLON, REED JR: Editor; b Blair, Neb Dec 15, 1915; s of Reed O'Hanlon-Ruth Kathryn Maher; ed Blair HS 1932; Dana Coll; U of N; Alpha Tau Omega; m Blanche Haller Nov 17, 1938, Blair; d Mary Kathleen; began newspaper work in 1931 for late editor Thomas T Osterman of Blair Pilot-Tribune; after coll retd to paper as assoc editor; 1938- editor Pilot-Tribune; NPA; mbr vol fire dept; C of C; St Francis Cath Ch; off & res Blair.

   POUNDS, J L: Merchant; b Missouri Valley, Ia Dec 22, 1878; s of Samuel P Pounds-Ellen Nichols; ed Arlington HS; Blair Bus Coll; m Margaret M Schmidt Oct 23, 1901 Blair; s James W; d Margaret M; came to Neb 1883; 1894-1902 groc, Blair; 1902-04 timekeeper, C&NW RR;1904-20 with Ed Matthiesen, clothier; 1920- owner & mgr J L Pounds Clothing Store; past mbr city coun 2 terms; 1896-1911 mbr vol fire dept; secy & treas Blair Cemetery Assn since 1919; Rotary, treas; C of C; 1907- treas IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, flowers, gardening; father with C&NW RR; off 207 S Walker Ave; res 506 W Lincoln, Blair.

   RHEA, HOWARD: Farmer; b Washington Co, Neb June 30, 1908; s of J P Rhea-Martha L McCall; ed Arlington HS; WSTC; 1926- with father J P Rhea in farming & stockraising; secy Washington Co Fair Assn; 4-H Club; AF&AM; Meth Ch; chmn dist 2 Y D Club of Neb, past pres; hobby, reading; res Blair.

   RHEA, J P: Farmer; b Washington Co, Neb June 11, 1873; s of James Rhea-Ruth Ann Wright; ed Washington Co; Fremont Normal; m Martha L McCall June 18, 1895 Inavale; s Roscoe, J C, Don, Howard, Hugh; d Vivian, Irene (Mrs Fred Lawsen); 1894- farmer, raiser of purebred horses, Shorthorn cattle, Washington Co; past mbr sch bd; past dir Washington Co Farm Bur; ch mbr bd of dirs, Washington Co Agrl Soc; past pres Washington Co Fair Assn; Neb Hampshire Breeders Assn; Percheron Soc of Amer; AF&AM; Blair IOOF; Meth Ch; res Arlington.

   RHOADES, J HILTON: Editor; b Blair, Neb Aug 30, 1908; s of John A Rhoades-Blanche L Hilton; ed Blair HS; Dana Coll; U of N; m E Lucille Jensen Jan 16, 1929 Plattsmouth; s Kenneth Hilton; d Charlotte Elaine; spent 10 years in newspaper work; participated in installation of first automatic press equipment in Washington Co printing plants; only photo-engraver in Washington Co; sch tchr 2 years; dir Rotary; past dir C of C; chmn publicity com Washington Co Fair Assn; Congl Ch, treas; hobbies, photography, color printing; off E Washington; res 401 W Colfax, Blair.

   RHOADES, JOHN A: Editor; b Harrison Co, Ia Nov 20, 1873; s of D M Rhoades-Mildred Bovee; ed Blair HS; Fremont Normal; m Blanche L Hilton San 6, 1905 Blair; s J Hilton; d Lozein (Mrs Philip O'Hanlon), Priscilla (Mrs Fred Lind); 12 1/2 years sch tchr; Washington Co supt of schs 10 years; editor Tribune 3 years, Enterprise 21 years; introduced present 8th grade examination system for Neb schs; author of book on history of Blair; C of C, past pres; AF&AM; OES; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, running newspaper; off Enterprise; res 400 W South, Blair.

   SAS, WILLIAM J: Merchant; b Magnolia, Ia Feb 4, 1884; s of Rudolph Sas-Minnie Michael; ed Blair HS; Dana Coll, 1904; m Della Henderson June 15, 1910 St Joseph Me; d Marie Helen (Mrs Einer Jensen), Kathryn Miriam; 1891 came to Blair; 1904-10 emp in Sas Bros Mdse Store at Blair, 1910-21 ptr in store after father's death; 1921- owner & mgr W J Sas Gen Mdse Store; C of C; hobbies, fishing, golf; off 201-203 W Washington; res S Walker Ave, Blair.

   SICK, ALFREDO: Postmaster; b Fontanelle, Neb Oct 27, 1902; s of Rev Christian Sick-Mary Sprick; ed



Who's Who

U of S D, LLB; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; m Gussie M Scheffler June 26, 1930 Blair; s Gordon Alan, Thomas Alfred; 1938- P M, Blair; owner Pilot-Tribune, Blair & Herman Record at Herman; Rotary; 4 years pres C of C; secy vol fire dept; past Elkhorn Valley league ball player, mbr league appeal bd 4 years; hobbies, sports, study of highway traffic, prominent in development of highway system in Washington Co; off 61 Washington; res 610 W Lincoln, Blair.

   SIERSBECK, LAWRENCE: College President; b Silkeborg, Denmark Aug 18, 1901; s of Jens Christian Siersbeck-Petrea Hedegaard; ed Manual Training HS, Indianapolis Ind; Dana Acad; Dana Coll; U of N, BA 1925; Luth Theological Seminary, Philadelphia 1928; m Cornelia Johnson June 2, 1928 Brooklyn N Y; d Marilyn, Mildred, Sylvia; 1928 ordained at Racine Wis United Danish Luth Ch; 1928-36 pastor St Paul's Luth Ch, Atlantic Ia; 1936-38 pastor Kingo Luth Ch, Milwaukee Wis; 1938- pres Dana Coll, Blair; IV32-66 editor young people's section of The Ansgar Lutheran; 1930-32 pres Ia dist Luther League; Natl Luth Ednl Assn; mbr commission on higher edn, Amer Luth conf; Rotary; hobbies, travel & handball; off Dana Coll; res College Hill, Blair.

   SIEVERS, WILLIAM: Merchant & Undertaker; b Howard Co, Neb Oct 26, 1874; s of Theodore Sievers- Catherine Sierk; ed Howard Co; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Anna M Sierk May 2, 1900 Fort Calhoun; s Richard T, Walter William; d Dorothy M; 1892-1903 with Grand Island Groc Co, Grand Island; 1895-96 with Peter Goose, Knox Hotel; 1896-1903 with Carl Feldhusen Gen Mdse, Fort Calhoun; 1903- owner & opr FeIdhusen Gen Mdse Store, Fort Calhoun; 1906- in undertaking bus, Schroeder & Sievers; past mbr city coun; past city blk; past mayor; past mbr sch bd; Fedn of Neb Retailers; AF&AM; OES, past worthy patron; Presby Ch; Dem; res, Fort Calhoun.

   SORENSEN, P C: Mayor; b Denmark, Oct 20, 1874; s of Hans Sorensen-Karen Petersen; ed Denmark; Dana Coll; m Dema Svendsen Dec 27, 1898 Staplehurst; d Esther (Mrs Martin Kuhr), Eleanora (Mrs S S Nielsen); 1893 came to U S, settled at Staplehurst; 1893-1906 farmed, Seward Co; 1906-10 owner half int in Marysville Mill, Seward Co; 1910 moved to Blair; 1911-14 owner & opr groc & meat market, Blair; 1914- owner & opr Blair Flour Mill; owner farms in Monona Co, Ia & Wheeler Co; owner bus property, Stapleburst; mayor, Blair; mbr city coun 12 years; mbr sch bd 3 years; trustee of Dana Coll; Neb Millers Assn; Rotary; C of C; Danish Luth Ch, pres bd of trustees; Rep; hobby, reading; res 600 W Park, Blair.

   TRUHLSEN, HENRY: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Washington Co, Neb Apr 20, 1891; s of Niels Truhlsen-Margaretha Hansen; ed Blair HS; Blair Comml Coll; m Lola M Marshall Nov 26, 1919 Lincoln; s Stanley M; d Marian L, Joan; 1908-10 with Arlington State Bank; 1910-34 with father & brother in Truhlsen & Son Hdw, Furn & Undertaking at Herman, 1934- owner & opr of bus; lic embalmer, funeral dir; 1932-38 secy-treas, 1938- asst secy-treas Natl Farm Loan Assn of Burt & Washington Cos; Washington Co commr 4 years; chmn village bd; mbr sch bd; during World War in USN Feb 13, 1918-Feb 22, 1919; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; AF&AM, RAM; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Herman.

   TYSON, NED: Oil Dealer; b Washington Co, Neb Jan 3, 1905; s of George W Tyson-Abbie Sheets; ed Herman HS; m Irma C Barge Apr 17, 1931 Papillion; s George W; d Susan D; 1924- owner & opr truck line, first oprd locally, 1926 consolidated with bus of L D Long, now opr of lines from oil refineries in Kas to Chicago, Waterloo Ia, Mo line Ill; 1931 firm became Tyson-Long, Inc, VP since; 1929- dlr for John Deere impls; 1931- handles oil products for Burt Co Co-op Oil Co, with bulk plants in Blair & Herman; owner 480 A Washington Co land; farms, feeds & raises stock; breeds Berkshire hogs, exhibited at fairs; mbr town bd; Omaha Athletic Club; Comml Club; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, travel; res Herman.

   VINCKEL, J ROLAND: Superintendent of Schools; b Ashton, Ia May 15 1902; s of J J Vinckel-Mary Ann Dwyer; ed Randolph HS; PSTC, winner of Morgan Cup; participated in football, basketball, baseball, track; Creighton U, BA 1928; U of N, MA 1937, mbr football team 1927; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Mary Gladys Knapp Mar 24, 1928 Lyons; 1920-21 coach & tchr, Lyons; 1921-26 supt of Lyons schs; 1928-39 supt Arlington schs; 1939- supt Blair schs: 1935 adm to bar; chmn dist 2 visual edn dept NSTA; NEA, dept of supts & prins; Neb St Bar Assn; Washington Co Fair Assn, advertising mgr & mbr program com several years; Arlington Comm Club, chmn current events & legislation; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting, athletics; res Blair;

   WALDRON, WALTER T: Banker; b Cass Co, Neb July 9, 1880; s of Harvey R Waldron-Charlette Russell; ed Cass Co; Fremont Normal; m Louise Johnson Aug 23, 1904 Waterloo; s Wendell H, G Kenneth; d Zylpha (Mrs Joseph S Eaton), Marian A; 1901-04 bkkpr Citizens State Bank, Waterloo; 1904-11 cash & mgr Security State Bank, Washington; 1911-16 cash & mgr Knox Co Bank, Verdigre; 1917-25 pres, bank at Stamford; 1919-31 lived in Omaha, did relief work for owners of distressed Neb banks besides duties in own bank; 1922-30 pres Farmers State Bank, Elkhorn; 1931- VP & mgr Arlington State Bank; Comm Club; AF&AM; hobby, reading; parents pioneers in Cass Co, farmed 1867-1906; res Arlington.




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