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Joseph G. Alden

LetterHE early history of York County is inseparably connected with "The Old Freight Road" that in 1860 started at Nebraska City and joined the Oregon Trail at old Fort Kearny. Some settlements were made as early as 1861. But it was not until the freight road, later better known as the Nebraska City-Denver cut-off, began bringing adventurous travelers into this section that settlement began in earnest. Five ranches or stations were located along the trail which followed the south bank of Beaver creek where there was wood and water. At the ranches travelers could find shelter and food for themselves and rest and feed for their animals.
   The oldest of these ranches or stage stations was Porcupine ranch, situated at Porcupine Bluffs, near the west line of the county. It was located in 1863 by Benjamin F. Lushbaugh, United States Indian agent for the Pawnees and had Samuel Kearney as host. It was also a relay station of the Overland stage coach. The following year, 1864, Lushbaugh established the Jack Smith ranch and named a Mr. Chapin the first manager. After six months Jack Smith acquired the property and remained in charge until the freighting teams, along with the ranch, disappeared from the trail.
   The McDonald ranch also was established in 1864, and was located a few miles east of Porcupine ranch. In the fall of 1865 it was purchased by a Mr. Baker who remained in charge until freighting ceased. Antelope ranch, situated a few miles east of McDonald's, was established in November, 1865, by James T. Mathewson. The Jack Stone ranch, opened in August, 1865, by George Chapman, was taken over after six months by John McClellan, also known as Jack Stone, who remained until the new era in transportation succeeded ox and mule team travel.
   The first permanent settlement was made in February 1865, on the West Blue river by John Anderson and his son, William. Other settlers soon joined the Andersons, and Nerva Fouse, Elias Gilmore, George Stubblefield, Henry Chatterton, William Taylor and David Buzzard are remembered as settlers along the Blue. In the northwestern part of the county J. W. Kingston and Philando Church selected homesteads along the North Blue in 1870. In 1868 David Doan, James H. Stewart, Newton Hyett, and John A. Mercer located in the northeast part of the county, along Lincoln creek. C. C. Smith and a Mr. Coon had settled here the year before.
   In 1870 John Kora, Julius Frost, Henry Nichols, William Sweet and Christian Bristol settled in the central part of the county along the Beaver. The year before, further west along the Beaver, Thomas Bassett and Marion Shackleford had staked out their claims.
   Settlers in the southern and southwestern parts of the county included Fernando McFadden who located on the West Blue in 1866, Levi Woodruff who settled in 1868, and the Hendersons, for whom the town of Henderson was later named.
   The county was organized in April, 1870. The United States census of that year showed a population here of 640 persons, half of whom had located the preceding spring and summer. The land owned by Elias Gilmore and occupied in 1939 by his son, Sebastian Gilmore, bore the only frame house in the county in that year. The one lone school in all York County, taught in a sod building, was also on the West Blue.
   The first postoffice, established in July, 1867, was called McFadden. It was located on the West Blue on the road between York and Fairmont. It was named for Fernando McFadden, York County's first postmaster. The mail arrived and departed once a week, depending on the reliability of the equine transportation.
   The nearest mill was in Seward County. The bulk of trading was done in Lincoln, although lumber was hauled from Plattsmouth or Nebraska City.
   The first officers for the new county were: Edward Bates, clerk; Julius Frost, treasurer; George Mock, sheriff; D. F. Moore, probate judge; W. H. Armstrong, superintendent of schools; Frank Manning, surveyor; Dr. S. V. Moore, David Buzzard and Capt. L. F. Wyman, commissioners.
   The site of York, the county seat, was originally a pre-emption claim taken by Messrs. Ghost and Sherwood for the South Platte Land Company in 1869. In October 1869 the town was surveyed and platted. In the spring of 1870 the buildings in the county seat consisted of one sod house and a frame building called the pre-emption house. In 1870 the first store was opened by Elwood Bros. From then on development was slow but certain. The first courthouse was erected in 1872.

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   York County now has a government that is different from any other county government in the state. The township form of government is used here but instead of supervisors being chosen from districts composed of several townships, each township and each ward of the city of York has a representative on the county board, making twenty members in all. During the years since county government was established, both commissioner and supervisor forms of government have been tried. The present system has been in vogue since 1909. In the election of 1932 a proposal to reduce the number of supervisors to five carried and a five-man board began serving in 1933. The courts held the election invalid because of improper wording of the question on the ballot. The twenty-man board was then reinstated and has served since.
   The event that was to change the appearance and spur the settlement of the county occurred in August 1877, when the first train of the Burlington & Missouri railroad arrived in York. Now development began in earnest, and the towns of Waco and Bradshaw sprang up along the right-of-way.
   The Kansas City & Omaha was the second railroad to extend its right-of-way into the county and along its rails in 1888 Benedict, McCool Junction and Lushton came into being.
   Still another railroad was to arrive in 1899, the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley. With it came the birth of the market towns of Gresham, Thayer, Houston, Charleston and Henderson. Another thriving village, Arborville, sat impatiently on the prairie in the northwest corner of the county, waiting for the arrival of a promised railroad that never came. Arborville, Houston and Charleston have lost their identity as commercial centers but the other towns here named still serve the mercantile and social needs of the people.
   An order-loving and religious-minded people settled York County. Schools and churches were demanded and realized. The first public school in the county was held in West Blue, as already noted. The first school in the western half of the county was held in a dugout on Lincoln creek in 1872 with Miss Linsley as teacher. The first school of higher learning was the Congregational Academy which opened in York in about 1872. It closed when the denomination centered its educational interests in Doane College at Crete. The Methodist Episcopal college was established in York in 1879 and flourished until the Methodists decided to focus their interest in higher education at University Place. Then the York school closed. The United Brethren had been seeking a better location for their growing college at Gibbon, and when the Methodists vacated the York field the Brethren decided to occupy it, and established a school in 1890. Their school has grown to be an important educational institution. In 1940 it will celebrate the golden anniversary of its establishment in York. With the departure of the Methodist school, the nuns of the Ursuline order purchased the grounds and buildings of the removed institution and founded St. Ursula's Academy which is still in active and successful operation.
   Religion kept pace with education as the county progressed in settlement. Spires of town, Village and country churches matched roofs of growing schoolhouses. Methodists, Baptists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, United Brethren, Disciples of Christ, Episcopalians, Mennonites and Catholics set up places of worship, and fostered a reign of godliness, sobriety, law and order. The influence of these early strongholds of Christianity on the prosperity and well being of the succeeding generations cannot be overestimated.
   Three score and eight years have passed since the Indians, buffalo and antelope went into retreat before the advance of civilization in York County. A commonwealth of 18,000 people now live on the fertile acres which the plows of the pioneers first scarred. The ruts of the old freight road are still visible in parts of the county, but gone are the first citizens and their tedious and primitive ways of living. Yet in the hearts of the children and grandchildren of these trail-blazers burns the golden fire, born of the heroic and invincible faith of the pioneers and kept alive by the example they bequeathed to their progeny, to the end that the toil they gave and the sacrifices they endured shall long continue to be the precious possession of those who come after.

   ALDEN, JOSEPH G: Editor & Publisher; b Minneapolis, Minn Sept 7, 1876; s of William H Alden-Mary Lightfoote; ed Aurora HS 1892; m Eloise Shean Aug 29, 1899 Aurora; s Joe M; d Marjorie (Mrs Gerald Hamilton); 1891-92 with Aurora Republican; 1892-93 with Hamilton Co Register, Aurora; 1893 with Grant Co Tribune at Hyannis 6 mos, with Ord Quiz 4 mos; 1894-95 with The Lincoln Courier, Lincoln; 1895-99 with Aurora Republican, 1899-1908 owner; 1904-16 Aurora P M; 1917- owner York Republican; 1929-31 dir Neb St dept of publicity; 1930 supvr of fed census 4 mos; 1931-38 mbr Chris Sci com on publications for Neb; past pres NPA; Natl Edit Assn; dir & past pres Rotary; past pres C of C; pres York Fine Arts Soc; Rep; hobby, travel; off York Republican; res 427 Blackburn Ave, York.

   AMADON, CHARLES H: Professor of Music; b Eastham, Mass Feb 3, 1882; s of Arthur Amadon-Harriet Doyl; ed Boston Mass HS 1900; New England Conservatory of Music, 1906; grad work Music Coll of Chicago; m Goldye Queen Sept 6, 1908 Boston; s Arthur; d Virginia; 1906-08 priv music tchr, Boston; 1908 tchr voice & violin in Campbell Coll, Holton Kas; tchr Atchison Kas short time; 1914 prof of voice & dean of conservatory, York Coll; Neb Music Educators Assn; past pres, Neb Voice Tchrs Assn; hon mbr Rotary; past mbr C of C; KC; hobbies, walking, motoring, fishing; off York Coll; res York.

   BACHMAN, WALTER EUGENE: Dean of College; b Farmersville, Penn May 30, 1890; s of Monroe Eugene Bachman-Clara Weidman; ed Leander Clark Acad, Toledo Ia 1910; Drake U, Des Moines Ia, BSc 1914: Chicago U; Boston U, MRE 1920, DRE 1923; Philomath Coll, Ore, hon



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DD 1920; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Psi Omega; m Lucille Williams Sept 1, 1916 Granger Ia; 1915-21 head of Bible & religious edn dept, Fargo Coll, N D; 1923-26 prof of religious edn, Biblical Seminary New York City, 1926-32 prof & dean; 1932-36 head of dept of religion & prof of religious edn, Butler U, Indianapolis Ind; 1936- dean of York Coll, prof of philosophy & religious edn; during World War 1918-19 in camp comm service; past mbr N D Coun of Religious Edn; NEA; Internatl Coun of Religious Edn; Natl Assn of Biblical Instrs; past mbr Ind Philosophical Assn; secy Neb Assn of Church Colls; past dir N Y St bd of religious edn; past mbr N Y Com of Religious Edn; York Country Club; U B Ch; hobbies, athletics & dramatics; off & res York Coll, York.

   BEAVER, COMMODORE N: Retired; b Lincoln, Ill Sept 11, 1862; s of M H Beaver-Sarah Ann Pence; ed HS in Ill 1877; Lincoln Ill Coll, 1879; m Fannie Sparks Mar 9, 1887 Logan Co Ill; s Michael H (dec 1917), Samuel J; d Sarah W (Mrs E A Bishop); prior to 1887 farmed in Ill; 1887-1907 farmed in York Co; dir 10 years, 1919-34 pres, City Natl Bank, York; 1934- ret; pres City Trust Co; 1935-37 mayor; past mbr city coun; mbr rural sch bd 4 years; past pres C of C; past mbr Rotary; BPOE, chmn bd of trustees 1931-39; treas KP; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, livestock; off City National Bank; res 770 E 6th, York.

   BECKLEY, HARRY ALAN: Cafe Owner; b Shelbina, Mo June 29, 1899; s of Connie Beckley-Elizabeth Grossman; ed Shelbina Mo HS; York HS; m Lena Marie Behling Nov 24, 1923 Lincoln, s Harry Alan Jr; d Marcia Jane; 1917-32 with York Daily News Times, 1924-32 advertising mgr; 1932- opr The Olympia Cafe, renamed The President Cafe; 1921 enl as priv in NNG, 2nd lt 1924, 1st lt 1926, capt 1932 in command of service co & regimental band 134th inf, 1937 representative at special service sch, Fort Benning Ga, grad; supervised construction of York municipal swimming pool; mbr city coun; C of C; pres York Country Club; BPOE; KP; AF&AM; Episc Ch; Dem; hobbies, NNG work, fishing; off 624 Lincoln Ave; res 815 Iowa Ave, York.

   BECKORD, ROBERT: Mayor; b Germany Nov 9, 1864; s of Henry Beckord-___; ed Germany; Utica; m Adolphine Sigenhagan Nov 13, 1887 York Co; s Henry George (dec), Edward R, Donald C, Leo V; d Ella E (Mrs F Propst), Esta A (Mrs R Harry); 1878 came to Amer; while in sch emp by brother in lbr yard, Utica; 1880-82 farmed; 1882-83 emp by brother in lbr yard, Utica; 1883-98 mgr lbr yard, Waco; 1898-1923 estab & oprd grain elevator; 1923-37 owner & opr drug store, Waco, now oprd by son Henry; 1937- ret; 1924- mayor; 25 years mbr village bd; 20 years mbr sch bd; BPOE; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, farming, stock raising; res Waco.

   BELL, HUBERT O: Physician & Surgeon; b Aurora, Neb June 8, 1886; s of James H Bell-Ida May Stewart; ed York HS 1905; U of N, BA 1909; Northwestern U, MD 1914; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Rho Sigma; m Ethel B Hite; s Ned E; d Nance A; 1914-15 interne St Louis City Hosp; 1915- prac med with brother Dr James S; 1937- Dr Karrer assoc with the firm; staff mbr Luth Hosp; York Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; BPOE; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing: off City National Bank Bldg; res 316 W 11th, York.

   BELL, JAMES STEWART: Physician & Surgeon; b Aurora, Neb June 24, 1889; s of James H Bell-Ida May Stewart; ed York HS 1908; U of N; Northwestern U, MD 1913; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Rho Sigma; m Kathlyn Kiley Mar 16, 1916 Chicago; s James D, Richard K; d Jane Stewart; 1913-15 interne Cook Co Hosp, Chicago; 1915- prac med with brother Hubert in York, 1937- Dr Karrer assoc with firm; staff pres, Luth Hosp; during World War enl 1917 at Omaha, O/S one year, with British army 6 mos, disch 1918 at Hoboken, capt med corps; York Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; AF&AM; past mbr Sesostris Shrine; BPOE; KP; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off City National Bank Bldg; res 905 York Ave, York.

   BEMIS, MRS ADA GRAY: Homemaker; b Marion, Ia Dec 16, 1848; d of H W Gray-Ann Smith; ed Marion Ia HS 1864; Young Woman's Female Seminary, Marion Ia 1867; m George W Bemis Jan 1, 1868 Marion la; s Hosea W (dec 1870), Lucian A (dec 1887), George W Jr, Eugene H, Gray, Wendell Phillips; d Anna Gray; 1871 came to Clay Co; 1868- homemaker, 1868-71 Cedar Rapids Ia, 1871-75 on homestead near Sutton, 1875-86 Sutton; 1886- York; author articles & essays for various socs; Mayflower Soc; ch mbr DAR; ch mbr Neb WCTU; Amateur Musical Club of Neb, org 1894; ch mbr Amer Leg aux; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, music, patriotic socs; husband prac law Cedar Rapids Ia 1868-71, homesteaded near Sutton 1871-75, prac law 1875-86, 1886 came to York, was city atty, mayor & police commr; res 22 W 10th, York.

   BEMIS, EUGENE H: Managing Editor; b Sutton, Neb July 4, 1883; s of George Whitfield Bemis-Ada Gray; ed York HS; m Katie Houston Jan 18, 1912 York; 1899-1906 with York Democrat; 1906-11 with various newspapers in Neb; 1908-09 managing editor Lincoln Trade Review; 1911- managing editor The New Teller, York; past pres Rotary; C of C; YMCA, mbr bus club; Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; off 209 E 6th; res 809 York Ave, York.

   BISSET, CHARLES: Professor; b Marysville, Cal Oct 27, 1871; s of Lawrence Bisset-Elizabeth Finn; ed Bangor Cal HS; San Joaquin Valley Coll, PhB 1894; Bonebrake Theological Seminary Dayton O, ED 1898; U of Kas, MA 1909; York Coll, hon DD 1933; m Ella Lemmerman Oct 4, 1898 Cleveland O; s John Clifford; d Janet (Mrs T W, Hoffman); 1899 pastor, Bucyrus O; 1899-1903 tchr, Lecompton Kas; 1903-13 instr Campbell Coll, Holton Kas; 1913- instr York Coll; 1939 completed 40 years teaching in church schs; Neb Schoolmasters Club; Midwest Sociological Soc; Rotary; AF&AM, past master; RAM, past high priest; U B Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; off York Coll; res 325 Thompson Ave, York.

   BRADWELL, CHARLES E: Pharmacist; b Fairfield, Neb Nov 18, 1891; s of Elijah Bradwell-Mary Ellen Martin; ed York HS 1910; 1910-12 studied pharm under Elroy Davis, York; 1912 became registered pharm, Neb: m Alice Priss Apr 14, 1919 York; d Dorothy Nelle, Phyllis Jean; 1912-36 mgr Bradwell Drug Co; 1935 helped org C of C, 1936- secy, past chmn retail trade com, past mbr York Jr Fair com; 1920- mbr city coun; secy York Co relief com; during World War enl in Omaha Dec 1917 med dept, sent to Kelly Field Tex, disch Dec 1919; past comm Amer Leg; Exchange Club; past mbr BPOE; past mbr KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, comm work; off C of C; res 125 W 9th, York.

   BROCK. LYLE M: Sheriff; b Madison Co, Ia July 14, 1896: s of James Robert Lyle Brock-Eva Irene Litton; ed York; York Coll; m Catherine Keefe Sept 3, 1924 Belleville Kas; 1923-28 farmed in York Co; 1928-32 with Sinclair Oil Co, York; 1932-33 with Firestone Rubber Co; 1933- mbr police force, 1937-39 chief of police; 1939- York Co sheriff; during World War enl in US army at York May 18, 1918, disch Jan 19,19; Amer Leg; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; C of C; BPOE; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, sports; off Courthouse; res 208 West 10th, York.

   CALDWELL, ROBERT EARL: Insurance Agent: b Swanton, Neb Oct 26, 1885; s of Schuyler C Caldwell-Elizabeth M Neiswanger; ed Swanton HS 1900; York Coll, BA 1906: m Edyth M Ellinger June 12, 1907 Pickrell; s Ivan C, Avery E; d Nita (Mrs C M Hock), Jane K; 1906-07 HS tchr & supt of schs, Cortland; 1907-19 cash Bank of Swanton; 1919-21 adjuster, Western Adjustment & Inspection Co; 1921 with Springfield Fire & Marine Co; 1921-28 with Globe & Rutgers; 1928-30 indep adjuster; 1930-31 special agt for Natl Union Fire Ins Co; 1932-35 in local agcy work; 1933-35 part time secy C of C; 1936- special agt for rain & hail ins bur; 1930-31 mbr city coun; 1928-34 trustee York Coll; past mbr Country Club; AF&AM; RAM; U B Ch, 1927-32 trustee; Rep; hobbies, metal & wood work, home workshop, music; off 602 Grant Ave; res 1004 McKaig Ave, York.

   CALKINS, CHARLES A: Dentist; b Stromsburg, Neb Dec 25, 1880; s of Kirkland J Calkins-Lorilla Williams; ed York HS; U of N, DDS 1903; York Coll; grad work Mayo Clinic & Bosworth Inst, Chicago; studied under Dr Arthur Smith in Los Angeles; m Olga Wigg (dec 1929); m Violette Taylor July 26, 1934 Bartlett; s Kirkland Jack; d Ardyth M (Mrs D W Feaster); 1903-04 traveling dentist; 1904 dentist, York; past mbr city coun; during World War capt Co A 1st Neb, now 138th inf; Central Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; York Country Club; AF&AM; RAM; IOOF; past mbr BPOE; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off & res 121 1/2 E 6th, York.

   CHAMBERS, OREMILL M: Photographer; b Mound City, Mo Mar 1, 1878: s of William W Chambers-Mary L Hartwell; ed Johnson Co;


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Smith Center Kas, learned photography 1902-03; m Amy B Arnell Nov 24, 1904 Fairbury; d Lucretia (Mrs R R Morgan); 1900-01 blacksmith, Bellaire Kas; 1903-08 owner & opr Chambers Studio, Smith Center Kas; 1908- photographer, owner & opr Chambers Studio, York; Neb St Photographers Assn; past mbr Photographers Assn of Amer; C of C; Meth Ch, bd mbr; Rep; hobby, woodwork toys; off 503 Lincoln Ave; res 1108 Iowa Ave, York.

   CHILCOTE, GEORGE E: Retired; b Madison, Wis Aug 12, 1860; s of John H Chilcote-Elizabeth Zimmerman: ed Washington Ia HS 1877; m Margaret Leffler Sept 23, 1893 Burlington Ia; s John Daniel; 1878-81 with Hott & Chilcote Hdw Co, estab by father; 1881-83 with retail groc, Washington Ia; 1883 with father estab Chilcote & Co, groc at York, 1883-1926 mgr; 1926- ret; 1925-31 mbr sch bd; 1927-33 mayor; 1911-18 mbr city coun; past mbr C of C; AF&AM, mbr 50 years, worshipful master 1891-93; RAM, mbr 50 years treas 44 years; Scot Rite, treas 44 years; KT, eminent comm 1891-92, treas 44 years; org DeMolay 1923, Dad 16 years; past mbr BPOE; Chris Sci Ch; Rep; hobbies, boys work, gardening; res 605 E 6th, York.

   COONLEY, J DALE: Superintendent of Schools; b Beatrice, Neb Jan 1, 1910; s of John W Coonley-Dora Strough; ed Beatrice HS 1928; Neb Wes, BA 1932; grad work U of Ia; Phi Kappa Tau; Theta Alpha Phi; m Zelma Frushour Aug 31, 1934 Beatrice; assisted father in groc store while in sch at Beatrice; 1932-33 with father in groc bus; 1933-35 asst dir, work div, Gage & Johnson Cos, WPA; 1935-36 tchr Hickman, 1936-37 HS prin; 1938 HS prin, McCool Junction, 1939- supt of schs; 1st sgt 1932-37, with Co C, NNG in Beatrice 10 years; NSTA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, woodwork, reading; res McCool Junction.

   COONLEY, MRS ZELMA F: Homemaker; b July 1, 1909 Filley, Neb; d of Earle Frushour-Olive Williams; ed Filley HS 1925; Neb Wes, BFA in expression 1932; Plainsmen Players; Psychology Journal Club; Girls Glee Club; pres Willard; Theta Alpha Phi; m J Dale Coonley Aug 31, 1934 Beatrice; 1927 kindergarten & first grade tchr, Walton; 1928-30 tchr, Waverly; 1932-33 English tchr & prin Jr HS, Ord, 1933-34 HS prin & dean of girls; 1934-35 English tchr Jr HS, Beatrice; 1935-37 homemaker, Hickman; 1937- McCool Junction; English tchr McCool Junction HS; author of verse appearing in Crown Anthology of Verse, Christmas Lyrics of 1936, Worlds Fair Anthology; pres Womans Club; NFWC, York Co VP; hobby, oral interpretation of literature; res MeCool Junction.

   COPSEY, ROBERT R: Banker; b York Co, Neb Sept 20, 1872; s of Edward D Copsey-Jennie Henderson; ed York Co; Fremont Normal 1890; m Bertha Wangerien Oct 20, 1897 Vining Kas; d Ruth (Mrs J R Smith), Marian (Mrs J L Winn); 1892-95 bkkpr Neb Natl Bank, York; 1895-99 an org & asst cash City Natl Bank; 1999-1903 York Co dep treas, 1903-07 treas; 1907 real est agt; 1907- VP First Natl Bank; VP First Trust Co; pres Blue River Bank, McCool Junction; pres Bank of Lushton; dir First Natl Banks, Bradshaw & Benedict; past mbr city coun & past supvr, York; past mbr Izaak Walton; C of C; York Country Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite; KP; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off First National Bank; res 518 Thompson Ave, York.

   COUNTER, THEODORE R: Feed Manufacturer; b Oberlin, Kas Jan 15, 1910; s of Henry E Counter-Letitia Ann Montgomery; ed Oberlin Kas HS 1927; U of Kas 1930; m Lila P Banta Jan 21, 1933 Oberlin Kas: s Duane N; d Diane J; 1927-30 farmed 810 A; 1931-32 farmed in Kas; 1932-35 with Oberlin Kas Milling Co; 1935- with ptr H Q Banta owner & opr York Milling & Elevator Co, mfg Yorka Feeds; Neb Grain Dlrs Assn, dir, 2nd VP; Assoc Industries of Neb; Rotary; C of C, dir 1938-39; Jr C of C; YMCA; IOOF, noble grand 1937; Presby Ch; non-partisan; hobbies, hunting, fishing, developing feeds & animal nutrition; res York.

   COX, CHARLES M: Dentist; b York, Neb Sept 8, 1896; s of Lincoln Cox-Lillie Moore; ed York HS 1915; York Coll; U of N, BSc, DDS 1925; Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Omega; 1925- dentist, York; mbr city coun; past physical dir YMCA; during World War enl in US army 1917 in York, Co B 314th supply train 89th div, sgt, served 15 mos O/S with AEF disch Camp Dodge 1919; Amer Leg; Central Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; C of C; Natl Exchange Club; York Fine Arts Soc; York Country Club; exalted ruler BPOE; AF&AM, Scot Rite, 32o; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, sports, fishing; off 604 1/2 Grant; res 323 W 6th, York.

   COX, F HERMAN: Bank Cashier; b Kendall Co, Ill Aug 30, 1877; s of James M Cox-Sarah J Tyler; ed Hampton; m Cora B Powers Dec 16, 1903 Hamilton Co; s James M; d Doris V; prior to 1919 with father on farm also in grain & cattle feeding bus; 1919-25 farmer & livestock raiser; 1925-30 with Amer State Bank of York; 1930- cash First Natl Bank of Hampton; past mbr bd of edn; past mbr city coun many years; past sr warden AF&AM 245; hobby, farming; father (dec 1929) came to Hamilton Co when B&M RR terminal was at York, helped estab Hampton, mbr Neb sen 2 terms; off First National Bank, Hampton; res 915 Blackburn Ave, York.

   CURTIS, LEWIS FRANKLIN: Physician; b Pulaski, Ill Dec 27, 1878; s of Samuel Thomas Curtis-Arminda Ellen Scroggin; ed Mt Pulaski Ill HS 1895; U of Ill, MD 1902; m Frances Kennedy Jan 8, 1905 Chicago Ill; s Thomas F; d Margaret E (Mrs R Robison); 1902-03 interne Cook Co Hosp, Chicago; 1903-04 prac med, Yankton S D; 1924-30 prac med, Omaha; 1930- prac med, Bradshaw; York Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, outdoor sports; born in 2 story log house built in 1819 & still owned by family; res Bradshaw.

   DAVIS, JOHN LEROY: Treasurer Trust Co; b York, Neb July 30, 1887; s of John F Davis-Louise R Bean; ed York Co; York Bus Coll 1905; m Sarah M Pence Dec 24, 1908 York; s Glenn M; d Margaret E; 1907-15 with Herman Belding Clothing Store, York; 1915-18 register of deeds, York Co; 1919-20 with First Trust Co, York; 1920 in real est bus 6 mos, Arlington Colo; 1920-24 various occupations, Pueblo Colo; 1924- treas First Trust Co, York; mbr city coun; acting mayor; C of C; Bapt Ch; Rep; off First Trust Co; res 928 E 6th, York.

   DAVIS, LEONARD H: Hotel Manager; b Huron, S D May 15, 1894; s of W S Davis-Hattie Hadley: ed Huron S D HS 1912; Huron S D Coll; U of Ill, BSc 1917; Delta Tau Delta; m Ethlyn Medberg Nov 4, 1917 Huron S D; s Don M, Leonard H Jr; 1917 during World War in US army, O/S with motor truck Co 414, 1st lt in MTC, disch 1919; 1919 4 mos with First Natl Bank, Huron S D; 1920 6 mos with A C Frost & Co, New York City; 1920-22 with Huron Furnace Co, Huron S D; 1922-23 auditor Standard Oil Co of Ind; 1923 with First Natl Bank; 1924-30 asst mgr & auditor Marvin Hughitt Hotel; 1930-36 in ins bus; 1936- mgr McCloud Hotel, York; Neb Hotel Assn; Northwestern & Amer Hotel Assns; past mbr Hotel Greeters of Amer; Amer Leg; past mbr Country Club; past master AF&AM; RAM, past high priest; KP; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, athletics, farming; off & res McCloud Hotel, York.

   DEAN, EARL J: Merchant; b York, Neb July 29, 1889; s of Nathaniel A Dean-Belinda Heller; ed York HS 1909; U of N 1909-10; m Mary Ophelia Barnes Aug 21, 1918 Auburn; s Delbert William; 1911 with Olds-Workman & King Dept Store, Portland Ore; 1912- in motion picture bus at York, oprd Jollo Theater & built Dean Theater, one of builders York Theater, 1913- org & opr Dean & Co; secy & treas York Burial Vault Co: pres Neb Retail Hdw Assn; dir Natl Retail Hdw Assn; Natl Furn Club of Amer; C of C; KP; York Country Club; hobby, golf; off 707-09 Lincoln Ave; res 426 E 6th, York.

   DEAN, WILLIAM HOWARD: Merchant; b York Co, Neb Jan 7, 1873; s of Nathaniel A Dean-Belinda Heller; ed York HS 1892; York Bus Coll 1893-94; m Minerva A Kingsley June 19, 1895 York; 1895-96 with Adams Express Co, York; 1896-1922 with Neb Tele Co at York, 1896-98 installer, 1898-99 in auditing dept Omaha, 1899-1910 dist mgr Crete, later dist mgr Beatrice; 1910-20 mgr Northwestern Bell Tele Co Duluth Minn, 1920-22 mgr Grand Island; 1922- with Dean & Co, York; past mbr Crete city coun; past mbr vol fire dept; C of C; York Country Club; AF&AM; IOOF; KP; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, home life, hunting; father one of founders of York Coll; off 709 Lincoln Ave, res 525 Thompson Ave, York.

   DEEVER, AZELL LAWRENCE: Clergyman; b Lecompton, Kas June 25, 1885; s of John B Deever-Jennie B Etherington; ed Topeka Kas HS 1906; Campbell Coll, Holton Kas, BA 1910; Bonebrake Theological Seminary, Dayton O, BD 1914; m Ida Grace Banks June 7, 1914 Kansas City Mo; s Marion Lawrence, Paul



Who's Who

Stanley; d Gladys Marguerite, Florence Lillian; summer 1907 representative for Southwest Book Co; 1907-08 pastor U B Ch, Tonganoxie Kas & Big Spring; 1910-12 pastor, North Bend; 1914-15 pastor, Telescope Memorial, Kansas City Mo: 1915-18 pastor, Hutchinson Kas; 1918-23 pastor, Winfield Kas, instrumental in constructing new church bldg; 1923-28 pastor, Wichita Kas; 1928-30 pastor, Pittsburg Kas; 1930-34 pastor, Independence Kas; 1934- pastor York Coll Church, York; hobby, gardening; off & res 613 E 8th, York.

   DETRICK, MRS MARY A: City Treasurer; b York, Neb Mar 31, 1878; d of A J Newman-Rebecca M Gwartney; ed York HS 1896; U of N, Sch of Music 1897-98; York Bus Coll 1926-27; m Hiram E Detrick June 10, 1903 York; s Judson Newman, Otis Horton; 1898-1900 priv instr of piano, York; 1900-03 bkkpr in father's gen mdse store; 1903-18 homemaker, York; 1918-26 mgr music dept Tout & Detrick Drug Store; 1927- city treas; PEO, past pres, VP, treas & chaplain; B&PW; past mbr NFWC; financial secy Meth Ch, treas WHMS; hobby, music; res 522 College Ave, York.

   DIERS, HERBERT KENNETH: Merchant; b Gresham, Neb Apr 7, 1896; s of Herman Diers-Martha Barnes; ed Gresham HS 1914; U of N 1915; m Fay C Bond June 15, 1918 Gresham; s Harry Stanton, Richard Herman; 1915 with Gresham State Bank, 1919-23 asst cash; 1917 asst cash First Natl Bank, Gresham; 1917 bkkpr City Natl Bank, York; 1924-26 asst cash Bank of Gretna; 1926- ptr of brother in gen store, Gresham; ret mbr vol fire dept: past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; during World War 1918-19 with 56th machine gun batt, Camp Grant; Amer Leg, 1923-28 adjt, 1930-35 service ofcr; AF&AM, 1929 master; Presby Ch, chmn bd of trustees since 1937; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Gresham.

   DIERS, WILLIAM HENRY: Merchant; b Ulysses, Neb May 27, 1890; s of Herman Diers-Martha S Barnes; ed Gresham; York HS 1909; U of N, 1909-11; Delta Tau Delta; m Marjorie Berryhill Nov 29, 1916 Gresham; s Bill James, Robert; 1911-19 with father in merc store, Gresham; 1919-21 in real est & ins bus; 1921-22 mgr Farmers Union Store, Gresham, 1923-26 owner & opr, 1926- ptr of brother H K; 1932- representative Neb legislature, 1936- mbr from 24th dist, speaker 1939 session; mbr twp, town & sch bds; active in BSA work; life mbr Fedn of Neb Retailers; IOOF; AF&AM; trustee Presby Ch, SS tchr 1930-38; hobby, travel; off Diers Brothers Store; res Gresham.

   DOUGHERTY, JOHN E: Attorney; b York, Neb Feb 11, 1899; s of John Dougherty-Julia Hays; ed St Ursula's Acad, York; St Mary's Coll, St Marys Kas; Creighton U, LLB 1927; Alpha Sigma Tau; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Louise Hastings July 9, 1933 Grant; d Kathleen E; 1927- prac law at York, 1929-37 mbr law firm Kirkpatrick, Good & Dougherty, 1937- mbr law firm Kirkpatrick & Dougherty; during World War in SATC, disch 1918 Kas; Amer Leg; York Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Rotary; BPOE; Cath Ch; Dem; off First National Bank Bldg; res 743 E 7th, York.

   DUNSMORE, J A: Merchant; b Corryton, Tenn May 27, 1877; s of Franklin R Dunsmore-Martha Gibbs; ed Corryton Tenn HS 1894; m Alice M Henahan Sept 23, 1903 York; s Thomas (dec); 1894-96 farmed; 1896-98 teleg opr Southern RR, Johnson City Tenn; 1898-1900 teleg opr Va & Southwestern RR, Duffield Va; 1900-01 agt for StJ&GI RR, Exeter & David City; 1920- owner & opr gen mdse store, McCool Junction; past mbr Fedn of Neb Retailers; KP; Rep; hobbies, gardening, raising flowers; res McCool Junction.

   FERGUSON, EMMA LOUISE: Merchant; b Hebron, Neb; d of Morris Strong Ferguson-Jennie Elizabeth Cannell; ed Hebron HS; PSTC, life certificate; U of N; Greeley Colo St Tchrs Coll; tchr Harvard, Hebron & Meridian Ida schs; tchr 3rd & 4th grades, York; 1936- with sister, Mrs LeRoy, owner & opr The New Vogue, ladies ready-to-wear shop, York; past com chmn B&PW; mbr retail com C of C; Womans Club; past mbr NSTA: ARC; YMCA aux; Chris Sci Ch, past bd mbr & past 2nd reader, treas; hobby, travel; off New Vogue; res 201 W 7th, York.

   FOSTER, LESLIE E: Owner Cleaning Establishment; b Giltner, Neb Jan 17, 1888; s of John A Foster-Annie Powell; ed Glenvil; York HS 1907; York Coll 1908-09; asst secy YMCA; m Margaret Lemon June 7, 1913 Lincoln; s Arthur Hubert, Robert Gayle; d Dorothy Maxine; 1909-11 relief opr & agt CStPM&O RR out of Omaha, agt, Thurston 8 mos; 1911-14 farmer, York Co; 1914- owner & opr Foster's Dry Cleaners, York; author Secrets of Dry Cleaning, 1918 & The Cleaning & Dyeing of Celanese & Rayon, 1929, both out of print, still receive orders; contributor to trade & floral magazines, during winter conducts column York & Things for York Republican; author spotting labels used by US & foreign cleaners; mbr park bd; mbr city coun 2 years; mbr YMCA bd 6 years; Neb Assn of Cleaners & Dyers; Natl Assn of Dyers & Cleaners; Amer Peony Soc; C of C; KP; past mbr Rotary, editor The Little Rotarian; past mbr York Country Club; IOOF; BPOE; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, collecting & growing peonies, has more than 700 varieties, said to have largest amateur collection in US, has 2 gardens of approximately 1 A each; hobby, chess, mbr correspondence Chess Club; off 610 Lincoln Ave; res 207 College Ave, York.

   FREEMAN, RICHARD A: Foundry Manager; b Swedeburg, Neb Feb 25, 1894; s of Andrew P Freeman-Kate Pierson; ed Stromsburg HS 1913; Grand Island Coll 1915; m Lena M Hassler Jan 24, 1932 Lincoln; s Don R; 1915-16 with Firestone Tire & Rubber Co, Omaha; 1916-18 with Rystrom Co, impl dlrs, Stromsburg, 1919-23 sales mgr 4 stores; 1923-25 secy C of C, York; 1925-28 with York Foundry & Engine Works, 1928- mgr & dir; past com mbr White Spot campaign of Neb; mbr unemployment compensation appeals tribunal of Neb, representative of Neb employers; during World War 1918-19 with US army 334th field arty Camp Dodge, OTS Camp Zachary Taylor, commd Oct 1918, disch Dec 1918; past comm Amer Leg; dir C of C, past pres; past pres Assoc Industries of Neb, mbr exec bd; York Country Club; trustee Presby Ch; hobbies, golf, fishing, off 912 Grant Ave; res 623 Blackburn, York.

   FRIESEN, GEORGE W: Retired; b South Russia, govt of Traurida Aug 21, 1870; s of John Friesen-Marie Klassen; ed Hamilton Co, Fremont Normal 1893-95; m Hannah Stark Nov 30, 1900 Lincoln (dec); m Anne M Koss Apr 16, 1917 Omaha; s George A, Donald, Paul Leo; 1875 with parents came to US, homesteaded in Hamilton Co; 1896-1900 Hamilton Co dep clk; 1900-18 cash Bank of Henderson, 1918-33 pres of bank until liquidation; Mennonite Ch chmn of bd several terms; Progressive; hobbies, reading, study of Shakespeare & Goethe, nature study; father owner & pres Bank of Henderson 1900 until his death 1918; res Henderson.

   GALE, ROBERT G: Photographer; b Beatrice, Neb Nov 17, 1871; s of Charles Fremont Gale-Aldula Garrison; ed Beatrice HS 1912; m Pearl L Monismith Aug 31, 1912 Lincoln; s Robert O; d Evelyn M (Mrs Jack McFarland); 1912-15 with brother C W in Gale Studio, Beatrice: 1916-owner & opr That Man Gale Studio York; 1927- owner & opr studio, Aurora; pres Neb St Photographers Assn; past pres Master Photo Finishers of Neb, secy & treas; Photographers Assn of Amer; C of C; past mbr York Country Club; KP; IOOF; past mbr BPOE; Meth Ch; Rep; off 103 1/2 E 6th; res 649 E 6th, York.

   GILMORE, ODEN S: Attorney; b in log house, Blue Valley, Neb May 4, 1878; s of Sebastian Gilmore-Lura Randall; ed Blue Valley; Cotner U Acad 1896-97; U of N, LLB 1911; Delta Chi; m Helen Conant Sept 12, 1912 Edgar; s Wilson C, Robert R; d Doris Evelyn; 1898-99 sch tchr; 1900-02 tchr & HS prin Blue Valley & McCool Junction; 1902-08 life ins salesman, also with credit co, St Joseph Mo; 1911 prac law, Clay Co, later traveled for West Publishing Co of O; 1914-21 York Co atty, priv prac 3 years, 1920-21 city atty, York; 1921-25 prac law, Fla; 1926- prac law, York; secy York Co Farmers Mutual Ins Co; York Co & Neb St Bar Assns; secy & treas Neb Assn of Mutual Ins Cos; dir Natl Assn of Mutual Ins Cos; C of C; pres York Co Hist Soc; AF&AM; KP; past mbr BPOE; Dem, chmn York Co Central Com; Chris Ch; off First National Bank Bldg; res 1100 Burlington, York.

   GOODBAN, ARTHUR JAY: Machinist; b Gage Co, Neb Sept 25, 1884: s of John Stephen Goodban-Emma Jane Mosher; ed Cortland; m Lulu Ellen Darnell Apr 11, 1906 Lincoln; s Everett Harold, Glenn L; d Edith Blanche; 1902-10 farmed near Cortland, oprd small machine shop on farm, also oprd threshing machine near Cortland; 1912-18 owner & opr machine shop, Cortland; 1918-19 emp in ship yards, Standifer Construction Co, Vancouver Wash; 1919-25 owner A J Goodban Machine & Motor Works, Firth; 1925-30 owner & opr machine shop, York; past mbr town bd, Cortland; an org Cortland


in Nebraska


Electric Co 1916; C of C; IOOF; Presby ch; Rep; hobbies, tools, bldg engines; off 415 Platte Ave; res 808 East Ave, York.

   GREEN, WILLIAM: Lumber & Implement Dealer; b Waco, Neb Mar 26, 1889; s of Martin Green-Ellen ___; ed York Co; m Jessie I Schall Oct 31, 1923 Council Bluffs Ia; s William Dean; d Betty Jean; 1906-13 farmed south of York; 1913-21 emp near Bradshaw; 1921-22 emp on state park highway Black Hills, S D; 1922-35 with Bradshaw Lbr & Impl Store, 1933-35 mgr; 1935- opr Green Lbr & Impl Store, Bradshaw; mbr city coun; mbr town bd; pres vol fire dept; during World War in Co 11 163rd depot brigade; Amer Leg; Businessmens Club; Cath Ch: hobbies, hunting, fishing; off & res Bradshaw.

   GROSSHANS, ANDREW: Implement Dealer; b Sutton, Neb Nov 4, 1882; s of August Grosshans-Magdalene Freitschel; ed Flagler Colo; m Ida M Coats May 10, 1903 Aurora; s Maynard M, Donald A; 1902-08 with Henry Grosshans Impl Co, Stockham; 1908-10 mgr & buyer for Updike Grain Co, Stockham; 1910- ptr of brother August in Grosshans Bros, impls & garage, Stockham; 1914-17 cash, Farmers State Bank; 1923- mgr, secy-treas York Impl Co; 1933-39 mbr city coun; 1939- mayor; C of C; BPOE; past mbr IOOF & KP; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; off 414 Grant Ave; res 211 Thompson Ave, York.

   GROSSHANS, MAYNARD M: County Attorney,, b Stockham, Neb Oct 10, 1909; s of Andrew Grosshans-Ida Coats; ed Stockham; York HS 1926; York Coll 1926-27; U of N, BA, LLB 1932; Phi Kappa Psi; m Nell Gallant May 15, 1938 York; 1933 6 mos with Internatl Harvester Co, Fairbury; 1934 prac law, York; 1934- York Co atty; York Co & Neb St Bar Assns; pres Neb Assn of Co Attys; C of C; past pres York HS Alumni Assn; pres U of N Alumni Assn; past pres Natl Exchange Club; Uni Club, Lincoln; exalted ruler BPOE; hobby, music; off Courthouse; res 207 Thompson, York.

   HAGGARD, ADA OLIVE: Librarian; b Saunders Co, Neb; d of Chappell Green Haggard-Sarah Eyer; ed York HS; York Coll 1903-04; U of N 1905-08; U of Ill, BA 1910; Kappa Alpha Theta; 1917-18 asst librarian York City lib, 1918- librarian; Neb Lib Assn: DAR; PEO; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, flower raising, reading; res 633 E 10th, York.

   HAINES, JOHN RANDOLPH: Miller; b Monument, Kas Apr 8, 1888; s of P E Haines-Rosa May Parker; ed Thayer HS; York Coll 1906-07; ICS electrical engineering course; m Alice Geraldine Afflerbach June 20, 1920 Omaha; 1908 emp in mill, David City also with C&NW RR; 1909-13 emp on farm near Thayer; 1913-14 emp in sales barn, Fremont; 1914-15 & 1917 with Golden Rod Creamery, Fremont; 1915-17 with Brown Mills later with Fremont Mills; 1919- with ptr A A Tharp owner Thayer Mills, estab in 1879 by Evan A Thomas; past chmn sch bd; mbr town bd; past mayor; during World War 1917-19 in Co A 355th inf, tsfrd to cooks & bakers sch, commd 1st cook; 2nd vice-comm Amer Leg; vice-grand IOOF; counsel MWA; Presby Ch, treas; hobbies, woodworking, gardening; off & res Thayer.

   HANNIS, FRANK A: Optometrist; b Chicago, Ill Apr 29, 1865; s of George W Hannis-Delarah Chessman; ed Hayes HS, Chicago 1884; Souders Bus Coll 1885; Dr Tarbox Sch of Optometry, Omaha 1917; Northern Ill Coll of Optometry 1933; m Genevra Grippen Sept 26, 1889 York; s Harold Spencer, Charles Irvin; 1885-86 with Dr F A Bowles, Chicago; 1886-88 with uncle George P Chessman, York; 1888- owner & opr F A Hannis Jewelry Store, 1889 added optical dept; 1902-04 owner & opr branch store, Falls City; past mbr Neb St bd of examiners in optometry; 1905 mbr bldg & entertainment coms YMCA; ch mbr & an org Neb Assn of Optometrists, past pres & secy; an org & past secy, Neb St Jewelers Assn; C of C; Royal Highlanders; AF&AM; KT; RAM; past mbr AOUW; Congl Ch, usher 56 years; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 101 6th; res 614 E 7th, York.

   HARRY, ROBERT EDWARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Stamford, Neb July 22, 1900; s of J M Harry-Edna M Davis; ed Stamford; Orleans HS 1917; Hastings Coll, BSc 1922; U of N, MD 1927; Alpha Kappa Kappa; m Esther Beckord June 30, 1930 Waco; s Robert Dexter; d Kathryn Ann; 1918-19 tchr, Stamford; 1922-23 tchr, Hastings HS; 1927 interne Omaha Meth Hosp, Omaha; 1927- prac med with Dr King, York; dir York Mutual B & L Assn; mbr city sch bd; during World War ent US army, SATC Oct 1918, disch Dec 1918; past comm Amer Leg; past pres York Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; dir C of C; 1934-35 pres Rotary dir; York Country Club; mbr YMCA bd; past master AF&AM; KP; hobbies, woodworking, amateur movies & color photography; off York Clinic; res 521 Iowa, York.

   HESLER, PETER J: Owner Cleaning Establishment; b Norka, Russia Apr 4, 1885; s of John Hesler-Kathrine Glanz; ed York HS; m Verna Rossiter Nov 11, 1919 Osceola; 1901-02 with Ittner's Brick Yard, York; 1902-05 learned tailor trade; 1906-15 owner & opr Hesler Cleaning Works, York; 1917-29 ptr of F C Wilkens, 1992- owner & opr Heslers Cleaning Works; Neb Assn of Cleaners & Dyers; Natl Assn of Dyers & Cleaners; C of C; AF&AM; RAM; BPOE; KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, raising flowers; off 114 W 6th; res 809 E 7th, York.

   HOLDEMAN, GEORGE H: Banker; b Lebanon Co, Penn Dec 12, 1868; s of Thomas Holdeman-Sarah Hedrick; ed Putnam Co Ill; Kas St Coll, 1886; Fremont Normal 1891; m Margaret Jean Butler Apr 19, 1921 Alexandria; d Rachel Jean, Mary Margaret; 1887 came with mother from Ill to York; 1887-89 worked on farms; 1889 sch tchr; 1891-94 HS prin, McCool Junction; 1894-98 supt of schs, York Co; 1900-06 owner & opr merc bus; 1906-34 asst P M, York; 1934- with First Natl Bank, dir since 1908, 1936- VP; 1936- pres First Trust Co; during Sp-Amer War 1898-1900 capt Co A, served in Philippine Insurrection, maj NNG; 1916-17 served in Mexican border trouble; during World War in US army, maj 127th field arty, maj ORC; Amer Leg; C of C; Rotary; York Country Club; AF&AM; Luth Ch; Rep; off First National Bank; res 305 College Ave, York.

   HOLDEMAN, MRS JEAN B: Homemaker; b Winfield, Ia July 13, 1887; d of James Bailie Butter-Anna R Gambell; ed Philipsburg Mont HS; Mont St Normal Coll, PhB; U of Grenoble France; U of Berlin, Germany; U of N; Creighton U; Kappa Zeta Nu; m George H Holdeman Apr 19, 1921, Alexandria; d Rachel Jean, Mary Margaret; 1910-17 German tchr, York HS; 1917-18 German tchr, Hastings HS; during Worldd (sic) War in ARC work, social service work in France 1918, Palestine Commission at Jerusalem & Sidon, Syria 1919; Women's O/S Service League, natl speaker for near east relief 1920-21; 1921- homemaker; DAR, regent 1933-39, state registrar, state secy, state vice-regent 1933-39, 1939- state regent; supvr & grand ofcr OES: Mayflower Soc; res 305 College Ave, York.

   HOLM, MYRON L: County Superintendent of Schools; b Orchard, Neb Sept 22, 1903; s of John F Holm-Grace Richardson; ed York HS 1921; York Coll, BA 1925; U of Colo; U of N; m Laura Reed June 15, 1929 York; s John, Richard, James; 1923-24 tchr, Lushton; 1925-26 tchr, MeCool Junction; 1926-28 HS prin, Osceola; 1928-31 science tchr, Fullerton; 1931-33 supt of schs, Bradshaw; 1933-39 prin Lincoln elementary sch, York; 1939- York Co supt of schs; Neb St Assn of Co Supts; Natl Assn of Elementary Sch Prins; NEA, Comml Club; C of C; IOOF; hobbies, hunting, fine arts; off Courthouse; res 403 E 19th, York.

   HOPMANN, HERMAN H: Clergyman: b Hill Co, Tex Mar 10, 1896; s of Herman Hopmann-Christiana Hartman; ed Franklin Co; HS & Jr Coll of Concordia Tchrs Coll, Seward; Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield Ill 1921; m Selma Ollenburg Aug 11, 1921 Bloomfield; s Roland, Robert; d Eunice; 1914-15 German tchr in St James sch, Scottsbluff; 1921-26 pastor Lovell Wyo, also Powell & Cody Wyo; 1926-37 org & pastor Grace Luth Ch, Wayne; 1937- pastor Emmanuel Luth Ch, York; during World War drafted from Franklin Co June 1918, stationed Fort Riley, Kas 3 weeks, tsfrd to Camp Greenleaf Ga, disch Camp Funston Kas Jan 1919; York Country Club; hobbies, fishing, baseball; father was pastor in Franklin Co & recd training in St John's Luth Sch, Franklin Co; off & res 215 W 9th, York.

   JOHNSON, SVEN VICTOR S: Merchant; b Smaland, Sweden June 30, 1862; s of Johanes Johnson-Carrie Jones; ed HS Smaland Sweden; m Lena Anderson June 15, 1892 Lincoln (dec 1931); s Victor L, Dr Robert B; d Martha (Mrs Art Radke), Rachel (Mrs E Koast), Elizabeth, Margaret (Mrs C Pike); 1879 came with parents to Ill; 1880-89 shoemaker, Aledo Ill; 1889-1901 owner & opr Johnson Bros, shoes & music, Chadron; 1901-33 owner & opr Johnson Bros, shoes & music, York; 1933- with Courtwright Music House, York; C of C, past mbr; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; off 527 Lincoln Ave; res 717 Iowa Ave, York.



Who's Who

   JONES, DAVID C: Retired; b St Louis Co, Mo Sept 7, 1866: s of Evan Jones-Jamima Perkins; ed York Co; m Alpharetta Gilmore Nov 11, 1889 McCool Junction; d Ina Floy (Mrs Orlo Masters); 1889-1932 owner & opr farm, York Co; 1900-20 farmer & mgr farm for sister, Mrs Sarah Holcock; 1923 moved to York, farmed until 1937; 1937- ret, mgr farm ints; owner farm pur by father 1877; treas McFadden twp many years; mbr bd of edn 23 years; 1935-39 York Co supvr; U B Ch; Rep; hobby, baseball; parents came from Wales to US 1858, married in Rockford Ill 1860, came from St Louis Co Mo to Neb 1878; res 818 Neb Ave, York.

   JONES, ORVILLE O: Insurance Agent; b Knox Co, Ill Apr 18, 1872; s of Oscar A Jones-Rocetha Cottrell; ed York HS; m Chloe Leach 1912 (dec 1936); d Rocetha (Mrs R M Clithero), Ruth (Mrs Ed Keefe); m Lena Pratt Jan 16, 1938 York; 1882 came with parents to York Co, 1882-92 assisted father on farm; 1892-1900 farmed, raised Poland China hogs, Plymouth Rock chickens, Shorthorn cattle, York; 1920-25 with Fisher-Perry Co, ins; 1925- ins agt & ptr in Jones-Perry Co, 1927 added abstract bus; past York Co supvr; mbr cemetery bd, supt of grounds; secy park bd; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; past dir C of C; YMCA; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, trees, flowers; off 602 Grant Ave; res 620 E 7th, York.

   KAHM, EMANUEL: Watchmaker; b Grafton, Neb Apr 23, 1874; s of John Kahm-Marie Kalbing; ed Grafton; m Josephine Bergstrand Nov 27, 1902 Fairmont; d Vera Marie; 1889-90 published Grafton Weekly Bee; 1890-93 oprd watch repair shop in home; 1893-1902 with J E Menzie Hdw & Impl Store, Grafton; 1902-05 ptr of J A Miller in Miller & Kahm, Adams; 1905-23 with brother John owner & opr novelty shop, Friend, also in garage bus, 1907 built his first auto; 1925- owner & opr shop E Kahm, Watchmaker; past mbr Neb St Jewelers Assn; C of C; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, making miniature motors & engines, made smallest motor in the world; off 623 Lincoln Ave; res 2004 Lincoln Ave, York.

   KALIFF, RUDOLPH LADWIG: Farmer & Stockman; b York Co, Neb May 16, 1889; s of August Kaliff-Ida Louise Johnson; ed York Co; York Coll, 1906-08; U of N 1908-09; m Myrtle Naomi Seng Aug 31, 1911 MeCool Junction; s William Joyce; d Kathryn Mae, Mildred Louise; prior to 1911 with father farmer & cattle feeder, York Co; 1911-13 farmer York Co; 1913-18 farmer, McCool Junction; 1918 owner & opr farm S of York has fed & marketed 3,200 head of cattle & 1,500 head of hogs in single season; averages weekly trip to Omaha, Chicago, St Joseph or Kansas City markets; past mbr IOOF; Rep; hobby, home life; res RFD 3, York.

   KARRER, FRED WILLIAM: Physician & Surgeon; b Seward, Neb Mar 31, 1879; s of Joseph Karrer-Mary Behl; ed Osceola HS 1896; U of Ia 1900; U of N, MD 1904; Phi Rho Sigma; m Zena M Pyle Nov 25, 1902 Plattsmouth; s Dr Fredrick Merrill, Max Raymond, Dr Robert Eugene, Dr Rush William; 1896-97 sch tchr, Polk Co; 1904-05 prac med, Garrison; 1905- prac med, Benedict; an org Benedict Lbr & Fuel Co; past mbr sch bd; during Sp-Amer War 1898-99 with 1st Neb inf in Philippine Islands; York Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Uni Club, Lincoln; WOW; past mbr BPOE & IOOF; Rep; hobbies, gardening, fishing, hunting, golf; off Benedict.

   KILGORE, WILLIAM SHERWOOD: Physician & Surgeon; b York, Neb Feb 19, 1904; s of Joe Mark Kilgore-Gertrude May George; ed York HS 1922; U of N, BA 1927, BSc 1928; Northwestern U, BM 1932; Chicago Med Sch, MD 1933; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Rho Sigma; 1933-35 interne Kings Co Hosp at Brooklyn N Y, 1935-36 surgical resident phys; 1937- prac med, York; C of C; Natl Exchange Club; First Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, agriculture, hunting, fishing; off 605 1/2 Lincoln Ave; res 724 E 5th, York.

   KING, D DEXTER: Physician & Surgeon; b York Co, Neb Sept 19, 1894; s of Burnard King-Lillie Frances Clark; ed York HS 1904; U of N, MD 1914; Phi Rho Sigma; m Mary Anderson June 1906 St Joseph Mo; s Boyd G, Thomas A; interne 8 mos Ia Meth Hosp Des Moines; 1915-17 prac med, Waco; 1917- with York Clinic; 1919- phys at IOOF State Home; during World War capt US army med corps base hosp 19, Rochester N Y; councilor Neb St Med Assn; AMA; Rotary; KP; AF&AM; Shrine; hobby, football; off 109 W 7th; res 709 Burlington Ave, York.

   KIRKPATRICK, LOGAN W: Attorney; b Waterman, Ill Oct 26, 1867; s of Smiley Kirkpatrick-___; ed Waterman Ill; Aurora Ill HS 1887; U of Tenn, LLB 1895; Phi Kappa Phi; m Elizabeth Digeiger Oct 30, 1901 Plattsmouth; s John; d Martha (Mrs Herminghaus); 1887-92 farmer; 1896- prac law, York; 1909-11 mayor of York; pres York Co Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Farm Bur; C of C; Rotary; Uni Club, Lincoln; York Country Club; KP; AF&AM 32o; hobbies, farming, fishing, hunting; res York.

   KLIEWER, HENRY B: Superintendent of Schools; b Henderson, Neb Sept 1, 1904; s of Peter J Kliewer-Susanna Buller; ed Henderson HS; York Coll Acad 1927; York Coll, BA 1931; U of N, MA 1939; Phi Delta Kappa; m Eva Peters Aug 18, 1927 Henderson; s Marion Waller, Lowell Joyce; 1923-24 sch tchr in York Co, 1924-27 Keith Co, 1927-29 Hamilton Co; 1931-36 tchr Henderson HS, 1936-39 HS prin; 1939- supt of schs, Henderson; dir Henderson Co-op Credit Assn; York Co Peace Coun; NSTA, VP mathematics section dist 1; NEA; Neb Coun of Math Tchrs; hon mbr Comml Club; past asst minister, mbr bd of ministers & deacons Mennonite Brethren Ch, secy Neb All-Mennonite SS conv; Rep; hobby, farming; res Henderson.

   LANCASTER, EDITH: Register of Deeds; b Adams Co, Ill Mar 4, 1880; s (sic) of Edward A Lancaster-Miranda A Barlow; ed Waco & Gresham HSs; 1905-09 with York Blank Book Co, York; 1909-17 with Daily News; 1917-19 saleswoman, Middlebrooks Dry Goods Store; 1919-23 bkkpr, reporter Daily News-Times; 1923- register of deeds, York; Rebekah; BPO Does; RNA; WCTU; B&PW; aux YMCA; Patriarchs Militant aux, past state pres; secy Neb bd of trustees IOOF; Ch of Christ; hobbies, fancywork, humorous readings; off Courthouse; res 720 Nebraska, York.

   LAUBER, HERBERT EARL: Seed Dealer & Farmer; b Saline Co, Neb Oct 19, 1898; s of George W Lauber-Jennie Dainton; ed Fillmore Co HS 1916; m Elva L Fogle Mar 1, 1924 Geneva; s Clayton H, Wendall W; 1918 tchr, Fillmore Co; 1919-20 with Orchard & Wilhelm also Metropolitan Electric Co, Omaha; 1921- farmer, Fillmore Co; 1931- seed dlr, estab seed bus on farm; 1936- owner & opr seed store, York; 1938- mgr 690 A farm, raiser of Holstein & Guernsey cattle; Rotary; York Country Club; IOOF; AF&AM; BPOE; Meth Ch; Non-partisan; hobbies, travel, amateur movies; off 510 Platte; res 641 E 6th, York.

   LAURIE, JOHN STERLING SR: Store Manager; b Stockham, Neb June 11, 1895; s of Robert Lamont Laurie-Josephine Woods; ed Aurora HS 1914; m Mary VanBerg Sept 15, 1919 Aurora; s John S Jr; d Beulah Jean; during World War enl 1917 in US army at Aurora, Co H 134th inf 34th div, disch Camp Dodge Ia 1919; 1920-27 with Aurora Elevator Co; 1927-32 with Farmers Grain Co, Stromsburg; 1932 in groc bus short time, Garland; 1932-35 various occupations, Columbus; 1935- mgr Farmers Union Co-op, McCool Junction; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Meth ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res McCool Junction.

   LeMAR, CLAIR LEONE: Physician; b Mercer Co, Ill Nov 20, 1872; s of Irvin V LeMar-Sarah E Diehl; ed Mercer Co Ill; HS in Saunders Co 1893; Neb Wes 1894-96; U of N, MD 1903; N Y Post Grad Med Sch 1917; grad work Chicago Lying-In Hosp, Chicago 1929; m Helen Dewey Dec 27, 1905 Des Moines Ia (dec 1927); s Dr John D, Richard B; d Carol E (Mrs N Bahr); m Edith Gray July 22, 1936 Osceola; 1903 prac med 3 mos, S D; 1904-35 prac med, Osceola; 1935- prac med, Bradshaw; 12 years mbr Osceola sch bd; during World War 1917-19 mbr Polk Co advisory bd; Businessmens Club; 1922 worshipful master AF&AM; MWA; Osceola Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, collecting old weapons; res Bradshaw.

   LeROY, MRS ESTELLE: Merchant; b Hebron, Neb; d of Morris Strong Ferguson-Jennie Elizabeth Cannell; ed Hebron HS; PSTC; York Coll 1928; U of N, 1928-36 summer sch; m A Albion LeRoy, Hebron (dec 1926); rural sch tchr 3 years; tchr 5 years, Hebron; 1929-36 tchr, York; 1936- with sister owner & opr The New Vogue, ladies ready-to-wear shop; C of C, mbr retail com 1938; B&PW, pres, past VP, past chmn Internatl relations com; Womans Club; ARC; YWCA; 1928-36 mbr NSTA; Chris Sci Ch; 1922 clk & librarian, 1924-27 reader, 1928-35 bd mbr, 1933-35 pres; Rep; hobbies, reading, travel; off The New Vogue; res 201 W 7th, York.

   LIGGETT, WILBUR G: Retired; b Fremont Co, Ia Dec 14, 1880; s of Manley Liggett-Lena A Sligar; ed


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