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** Nebraska City Biographical Sketches **

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Syracuse:  Education | Religion | Societies | Railroad Interests
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Syracuse (cont.):  Biographical Sketches (cont.)
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Palmyra:  Education | Societies | Religion | Business
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Dunbar:  Events and Items | Education | Religion | Societies
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List of Illustrations in Otoe County Chapter

Part 10


ISAAC N. DRAKE, came to Nebraska city in February, 1857, and engaged in mason work, which he has continued almost uninterruptedly. From 1862 to 1868 he was in Oregon and Idaho, mining and working on Fort Boise. In June, 1868, he worked on the U. P. R. R., building culverts and kept at this until December, when he returned to Nebraska city. He is also interested in farming, having a farm two miles southwest of the city. He was born twelve miles east of Louisville, Ky., December 14, 1829, and lived there until he came to Nebraska. He has worked on many of the principal buildings here. He is a member of A., F. & A. M., and of the Baptist Church.

ROBERT P. DRAPER, came to Nebraska in October, 1870, located on a farm in Russell Precinct and engaged in farming until 1875, when he began mercantile business at Unadilla, and continued that until 1878, then he represented the Chicago Lumber Company at Unadilla until he was elected County Treasurer, in November, 1879. In November, 1881, he was re-elected. He was born in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Ind., April 1, 1847, and when six or seven years old he went to Dearborn County, Ind., where he lived until he came to Iowa, in 1858, located in Muscatine County, being there until 1870. He was married in Sweetland Township, Muscatine Co., Iowa, December 30, 1869, to Erie D. Farnsworth, a native of Sweetland. They have two children, Morris and Eda; two, Nellie and Louie, died in April, 1876. Mr. Draper is a member of the I. O. O. F., K. of H., and Royal Arcanum. He served in the Rebellion, having enlisted May 9, 1863, in Company B, Forty-fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and served until September 20, 1863, when he was mustered out on account of expiration of his time of service.

J. DRISCOLL, of the firm of Driscoll, Prue & Co., contractors, builders and brick manufacturers, was born at Syracuse, N. Y., September 1, 1838. He learned the trade of bricklaying there and followed it, more or less, until coming to Nebraska City in 1863. He at once engaged in building and continued until two years ago, at which time he formed a partnership with L. A. Prue in their present business and the following year H. K. Schmidt was added to the firm. He was married at Syracuse, N. Y., in 1864. They have four children, Charles E., sixteen years; Ernest, ten years; Mary, six years and Eugene, three years.

LEWIS DUNN, County Clerk, came to McWilliams Precinct, Otoe Co., in April, 1869, where he engaged in farming until he was elected County Clerk in 1879. In 1881 he was re-elected. He was born in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., Ind., June 23, 1844, and that was his home until he came to this State. He enlisted August 1, 1862, in Company G, Eighty-third Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served until June 12, 1865, having been in all the battles with his command. He was married in Lawrenceburg to Miss Carrie Suter, a native of that place. They have five children, Lillie, Henry W., Charles, Maggie, and an infant son. Mr. Dunn is a member of the A., F. & A., K. of H. and K. of P.

FOSTER EDWARDS, dealer in fast horses, was born in new York State, April 21, 1821, and aside from his native State, has lived in Ohio and Illinois. He came West and located at Omaha for about eight months, in 1860, then removed to Council Bluffs where he remained two years, and from there he next went to Sidney, Iowa, for a time, then came to Nebraska City in 1863, engaging in buying horses of all kinds. Mr. Edwards is also connected with a wood-yard. He was married in New York State in 1843, and having the misfortune of losing his wife, was re-married a short time ago in Nebraska City. They have four children, Acina, Lily May, William Gilbert and Guides Adorne.

G. W. EISER, proprietor meat market 199 Main street, was born in Germany, January 31, 1845. Went at butchering there, and emigrated to America; first locating in Dunkirk, N. Y., where he finished his trade. From there he went to Peoria, Ill., staying about eighteen months; then to Omaha in the fall 1864, and followed his trade for about six months. From there he went to North Platte, remaining, about eight months; then back to Illinois again, where he was engaged in the shipment of cattle and the butchering business, and continued until coming to Nebraska City, in the fall of 1872, when he started his present business. Took a trip to Europe in 1874, remaining away six months. While there, was married to Line Spengler, at Nidda, in June, 1874. They have three children living, George, Hattie and John. Was elected in 1881 as Alderman of the Second Ward for a term of two years. Mr. E. is a member of I. O. O. F. and K. of P.

M. EMMARANA, O. S. B., Mother Superior of the Convent of the Annunciation, is a native of Germany, where she took the vail. In 1854 she came to the United States and established a convent in New York City, remaining about three years. After spending a short time in Erie, Pa., she then became connected with the Convent of St. Joseph, at St. Mary, Pa., and from there came to the Convent of the Annunciation, with M. Beatrix, in 1864, and took charge of the Institution in October, 1878.

SYLVESTER J. FARIS (son of Dr. Eli Faris), furniture dealer and undertaker, came to Nebraska City December 2, 1864: was first employed as a clerk in a grocery. He then worked at the carpenter trade, and afterward started a soda water factory, which he ran for three or four years, it being still operated by other parties. He again worked as a carpenter a few years and on April 26, 1875, began his present business. He has served for the last two years as Alderman of the Second Ward, and is chairman of the finance committee. He was born in Newmarket, Highland Co., Ohio, May 1, 1836, and lived there until 1854, when he moved to Niantic, Macon Co., Ill. That was his home until he came here. He was married at Nebraska City, March 14, 1867, to Rosilla C. Rector, a native of Circleville, Ohio. They have two children, Mary Estelle, and Ralph. They lost three in infancy. Mr. F. is a member of the Christian Church; A., F. & A. M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and K. of H.

FELTHAUSER & HAUBER, dealers in groceries and provisions. Business established in 1880 by F. & Faustman. Present firm organized in 1882. Valentine Felthauser was born in Allegheny City, Pa., June 28, 1851. He came to Nebraska with his parents about 1863, and located in Otoe County. He remained at home on the farm until 1869, when he moved into Nebraska City and engaged in clerking in the grocery business until 1880, when he went into business for himself.

T. JAMES FITCHIE, father of Thomas J. Fitchie, was born in County Down, Ireland, May 3, 1808. He was married to Eliza Douglas, in Comber, October 29, 1833, by Rev. John Wance, a Presbyterian minister. He and his wife set sail for America May 19, 1834, and landed in New York July 4 of the same year. They settled in Newburgh, Orange Co., N. Y., where two children were born to them. In 1837 they moved to Allegheny City, Pa. They lived here and in Pittsburgh fifteen years, and six children were in this time added to their family. They moved in 1852 to Muscatine Iowa, and here their youngest son was born. In 1855 Mr. Fitchie came to Nebraska, reaching Omaha in the later part of June. From there he went to the city of Tekamah, then composed of two tents and a log cabin covered with bark. From here he went on to Nebraska City, and there took passage on a flatboat to look at the land of Otoe (then Pierce) County. He could get land within two miles of Nebraska City, but this had little timber on it. He finally took a well-timbered claim on Camp Creek. On the first day of August he started back to Muscatine, Iowa, for his family, walking all the way. After making all necessary arrangements he started for Nebraska City with his family, arriving there October 10, 1855. He engaged in carpenter and joiner work until January, 1857, when he moved on a farm nine miles south of town, in Otoe Precinct. He lived there until 1875, since when he has lived mostly with his son-in-law, Mr. William Campbell, near the city. Mr. and Mrs. Fitchie have eight living children: Martha, now Mrs. J. K. Gilman, of Nebraska City; Maggie, now Mrs. S. B. Davis, of New Castle, Cal.; Samuel D., now at Weeping Water, Neb.; Lizzie, now Mrs. J. C. Gilman, in Belmont Precinct, Otoe Co.; Jennie, now Mrs. William Campbell of Wyoming Precinct, Otoe Co.; Thomas J., now with F. W. Petring, and J. Taylor, at New Castle, Cal. One son, William Nelson, was killed by a fall from a horse, at the Ferry Landing, August 25, 1859, at the age of nineteen years, five months and twenty-four days. They have twenty-four living grandchildren. Mr. F. and his wife are both of Scotch descent, and are members of the United Presbyterian Church.

THOMAS J. FITCHIE, was born in Allegheny City, Pa., January 1, 1849, and moved to Muscatine, Iowa, with his parents when he was an infant. There he lived until he came to Nebraska City, October 10, 1855. he was married in Lincoln, January 7, 1879, to Jennie E. Ashton, daughter of P. L. T. and Eliza Ashton, and a native of Illinois. They have one child, Florence E. Mr. Fitchie is a member of the K. of H., Good Templars, T. of H., and Equitable Aid Union. He also belongs to the First Presbyterian Church, and to the Old Settlers' Society of Otoe County; his father, James Fitchie, being president thereof.

HENRY FROSH, harness and saddle manufacturer, was born in Chicago, April 3, 1858. Went at his trade there in November, 1871; served three years, and worked at it until going to Des Moines, Iowa; in which town he remained about eight months; then coming from there direct to Nebraska City in December, 1875; working as a journeyman until August 1881, when he went into business for himself. Was married in Nebraska City, February 15, 1881, to Miss Mary Kahoe. They have one child, Harry.

SPENCER L. GANT, physician and surgeon, was born in Orange County, N. C., in 1818; came to Missouri in the fall of 1838; entered the medical department of the St. Louis University in 1846, from which institution he graduated in March, 1848. Commenced the practice of medicine in Barry, Clay Co., Mo., in the same year. From there he moved to Savannah, Andrew Co., in the same State, in the year 1851. Left there ins 1862, and went to Denver, Colo., where he remained until coming to Nebraska City, in May, 1865. He at once resumed the practice of his profession, in which he has since continued. Dr. Gant is a member of the A., F. & A. M., also of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He was married in Saline County, Mo., April, 1848, to Frances A., daughter of Col. John S. Yancy, of Rockingham County, Va. They have three children living, John Y., Eugenia K. and Thomas S. Gant.

W. H. GIBBS, veterinary surgeon, was born in Livingston County, N. Y., August 22, 1846; was educated there. On leaving home he located for a time in Michigan. From there he moved to Minnesota, and from there to Wisconsin and Iowa, and finally settled in Fremont, Neb., in May, 1877. One year later he located in York, Neb., and from there came to Nebraska City. Has been engaged in the practice of his profession for some eleven years. He was married in York, Neb., December 19, 1880, to Miss Outhwaite. Her parents are now residents of Kansas City, Mo.

PHILIP J. GIRARDET, came to Nebraska City, in October, 1855. In 1859 he assisted in loading the first freighting wagons that left here for the West. For a year he was employed in the store of Kalkman & Wessel, and afterward entered the employ of Jacob Blum, where he stayed ten years, as salesman. In 1872, he went to Salt Lake City and was employed as superintendent of the carpet department of the Mormon Co-operative Department for two years. Then for three years he was partner in the firm of Anderson & Girardet. He then returned to Nebraska City, and was in the furniture trade for three and one-half years, and has since been in his present business. He has served as Alderman of the Third Ward, and is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and of the I. O. O. F. He was born in Havre, France, July 28, 1847, and came to New York City about 1852. There he remained until 1855, when his parents located here. His mother died in 1872, but his father resides in Otoe Precinct. Mr. G. was married at Salt Lake City, September 3, 1873, to Mary E. Cook, a native of Kalamazoo, Mich. They have three children, Philip Lee, Lucy May, and Sterling Clelland. Phillip J. Girardet & Co., dealers in watches, clocks, jewelry and silverware, succeeded the firm of R. S. Ege & Co., of which Mr. Philip Potter was a partner, in October, 1878. The present firm was organized in March, 1881. Their sales are principally retail.

JOHN A. GOODLETT came to Omaha in July, 1855. Was a clerk in the Kanesville (now Council Bluffs) land office, and was on a Government land survey in Nebraska, in 1855 and 1856. In 1857 he came to Nebraska City and has lived here ever since. The first fall and winter he was employed in the land office here, and then engaged in surveying. In the winter of 1858-59, he was again in the land office engaged in surveying. In December, 1859, he engaged in the stove and tinware business and continued it until 1867. For two years he served as Clerk of the District Court. In the fall of 1869, he went on his farm, four miles southwest of town and lived there eight years, removing to the city again at the end of that time. He has been a traveling agent in the plow business most of the time since. He was born in New Harmony, Posey Co., Ind., January 1, 1833. When a child he went to New Albany, and lived there several years. He was married at Nebraska City, July 1859, to Jennie H. Gregg, a native of Madison, Ind. They have three children, Edgar N., Nellie S., and Ralph E. They lost a daughter, Hattie, aged eight. Mr. Goodlett was County Treasurer for a while prior to 1867. He belongs to the A., F. & A. M., Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery.

E. S. GRANGE, agent of the farm department of the Phoenix Insurance Company, of Brooklyn, N. Y. was born at Waterville, Lucas Co., Ohio, in May, 1848. Moved to Delphos, Ohio, with his parents when quite small, and remained there until the winter of 1869. Then went to DeKalb County, Ind.; from there to Michigan, and then back to Ohio, staying for five years. From there he went to Auburn, Ind., remaining there two years, coming from there to this State, first locating in Syracuse in the fall of 1878, and after handling the Continental Fire Insurance Agency for two years, came to Nebraska City, where he has been engaged with the present company ever since. He was married in Lenawee County, Mich., to Mary E. Harding, December 26, 1869. They have five children, Evalyn, Clara, William, Ida, and Franklin.

REV. J. B. GREEN, pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Was born in Hart County, Ky., July 11, 1832. In 1849 he entered Hartworth Academy, Williamson County, and in 1857, was ordained at Russellville, Ky. In 1858, was sent by the Board of Missions as a Missionary to Leavenworth, Kan., where he remained until 1862, after being located a short time near Huntsville, Mo., in 1862, he took charge of the parish at Sugar Ridge, Ky., where he remained until 1869, in which year he moved to Nebraska City, and took charge of his present parish. He was married in Shelby County, Ky., in September, 1868, to Miss Mattie Frazure of that county. They have three children; Stella, James and Cora. Mr. Green is a member of the A., F. & A. M. Lodge and Chapter, of the I. O. O. F., K. of H. and of the Royal Arcamun.

JOSEPH T. GREENWOOD, attorney at law, came to Nebraska City, in March, 1864, and lived here until 1868, when he went to Richmond, Ind., and lived there six years. From there he went to Yellow Springs, Ohio, and then returned here. He was born at Halifax, England, June 28, 1834, and came to Canada, when eight years old, when twenty, he moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio, and entered Antioch College, staying there five years. He lived at Yellow Springs and Troy, Ohio, until he came here. He was married at Yellow Springs, in May 1863, to Rhoda S. Armstrong, a native of Warren County, Ohio. They have one child; James. Mr. Greenwood served as District Clerk when he first came here, and afterward as Police Judge and Justice of the Peace. He is a member of A., F. & A. M.

M. M. HAMLIN, general adjuster for the Phenix Fire Insurance Company of Brooklyn, N. Y., for all territory west of the Mississippi River, was born in Crawford County, Ill., June 1, 1845. His parents moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, about 1846, from there to Illinois, remaining in the latter State a short time only, and in 1868, settled in Nebraska City, Neb. He engaged here in the insurance business until 1874, when he was appointed to the present position. He was married in Kenosha, Wis., November 14, 1867, to Miss Josie G. Lincoln of that city They have three children; Lee, Marian and Kate. Mr. H. is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is a Knight Templar in the Masonic fraternity.

N. S. HARDING, bookseller, came to Nebraska City, in November, 1855, he was in the employ of the Platte Valley Bank as bookkeeper and cashier. This was the only bank of issue in Nebraska, that re-redeemed its currency. After serving the bank three years he was engaged in the insurance, book and stationery business. In September, 1857, he wrote the first insurance policy issued and written in Nebraska, he has continued the business down to the present, being also special agent for the Springfield Insurance Company of Massachusetts. In November, 1856, he was elected a member of the first Board of County Commissioners. He was also City Clerk for two years. He was born near Galion, Ohio, February 12, 1831, and lived there until December, 1849, he then went to Cincinnati, where he resided until he came here. He was married at Cincinnati, August 4, 1853, to Mary A. K. Baldwin, a native of Newark, Ohio. They have seven children; Cora B., now Mrs. C. S. Nash of St. Louis, Winona J., Grace H., Edith M., Mary R. and Willard S., three were lost. Mr. H. is a member of the Presbyterian Church, A., F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F. The book and stationery trade done by Mr. Harding is to some extent jobbing. Charles F. S. Templin, is associated with him in this branch of the business. They are doing about fifteen times as much as it amounted to in 1857.

C. J. HARMAN, teamster, etc., Greggsport. Was born in York County, Pa., May 31, 1842, went to Delaware County, Ohio, at the age of ten years and lived there until the war broke out, when he enlisted in the Thirty-first Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, serving nearly four years. Was in almost all the battles of his command. After being mustered out at Louisville, Ky., went to Nodaway County, Mo., and remained there until coming here about three years ago, when he commenced his present business. Was married in Missouri, January, 1866. They have five children, Mary Helen, George Everett, Hannah Myrta, Joseph Elmer and Mona Belle.

SAMUEL E. HARRIS, contractor and builder, was born in Butler County, Pa., July 16, 1832. Served his apprenticeship as carpenter in that State, and at the age of eighteen went to Wisconsin and remained three years, then to Iowa, and then to Nebraska. First locating at Florence, in 1854, where he worked at his trade for two years, from there he went to Omaha and Bellevue, for about one year, when he came to Nebraska City, at which time he commenced his present business. In 1860, left for Denver, and remained there for two years. Returning to this city he enlisted in the Fortieth Iowa, Company B, and served until the close of the war, was in all the battles of his command. After being mustered out went to Grinnell, Iowa, staying one year. From there he came to Nebraska City, resuming his business once more, and has continued ever since. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. Mr. H. was married in Johnson County, Neb., in March, 1860, to Eudora J. Dorsey. They have eight children, Frank W., Kate D., Charles E., Mary L., Dora L., Joe Anna, Clara M. and Juva Grace. Mr. Harris lost his health in the army and never fully recovered. His regiment was the first to cross the bridge at the taking of Little Rock, Ark., under command of Col. Cooper of Grinnell, Iowa.

REV. EMANUEL HARTIG, O. S. B., pastor St. Benedict's Church, was born in Bavaria, Germany, May 1, 1830. He was educated in Munich, and entered St. Vincent's College, Westmoreland County, Pa. Was ordained at Leavenworth, Kan., in September, 1860, by Bishop Miege. Was then appointed to a professorship in the college, and also attended to mission work. In 1861, he came to Nebraska City, built St. Benedict's Church, and continued in charge until 1875, in which year he went to Seneca, Kan., remaining until November, 1881, then returned to Nebraska City. Father Emanuel built a church in Lincoln in 1868, the same year one in Tecumseh, and in 1874, one in Palmyra.

ROBERT HAWKE, born near Waynesburgh, Stark Co., Ohio, January 25, 1826. Lived with his parents in Ohio until May, 1842, when his father moved with his family to Atchison County, Mo., then known as the Platt purchase. His mother died the same year, leaving nine children, of which Robert was the oldest, the youngest being only a babe. The nearest physician to the farm where they had settled was thirty-five miles, and they had to go 110 miles to mill, and thirty-five miles to the nearest store. There was not to exceed fifteen families in Atchison County Mo., in June, 1842. Mr. Hawke and his son Robert found they could not properly raise the younger children without a mother in so sparsely a settled country, so they, by hard work and hard living, got together enough money by the fall of 1843 to pay the expenses of Robert and the four younger children back to Ohio, an uncle taking charge of two of them and an aunt assuming the care of the other two. Robert then started out for himself. He had no education, not having been to school over sixty day all together, and then only a few days at a time, when he could be spared from the farm. In 1848, he went to Himmes Landing, Mo., and went into business. In March 1859, he came to Nebraska City, here he and his two brothers formed partnership, under the firm name of Robert Hawke & Co., which continued until March 1, 1872. During a part of those ten years, they had a very large trade, both wholesale and retail. During 1864-5, their jobbing and outfitting trade, together with their retail, amounted to from $250,000 to $300,000 per annum. As the U. P. R. R. extended into the interior of the State, however the jobbing and outfitting trade was done from the terminus of the road, and as the road was finished by sections of twenty to forty miles, this trade moved with it. After 1866, the house had a local retail trade of about $75,000 yearly up to March 1, 1872. Then Mr. Robert Hawke bought the interest of his two brothers, and has been doing about the same amount of business annually up to this time, that is, from $60,000 to $70,000 per year. His son William has been interested in the business with him for over five years.

E. S. HAWLEY, of E. S. Hawley & Co., dealers in farm machinery, came to Nebraska City in June, 1858. He engaged in the commission business, and as agent of the United States Express Company, established their route from St. Joseph to Omaha. He represented that company and the Western Stage Company, Overland Stage and Express Company, and the St. Joseph Packet Company until 1867. Since February, 1869, he has also sold implements in connection with his other business. He has been engaged in the present business since 1859. He is a director in the Otoe County National Bank, and served a term as County Commissioner. He was born at Deposit, Delaware Co., N., Y., October 10, 1833, and lived there until 1856, when he went to Kansas. He lived in that State and at Kansas City, until he came here. He was married at Deposit, in March, 1859, to Henrietta Sheldon, a native of that place. They have three children living--Florence E., Fannie S. and Henrietta. The firm do a business of from $100,000 to $125,000 yearly. They have branches at Palmyra, Unadilla, Nemaha City, Syracuse, Calvert, Brock, Talmage, Peru, Avoca, Dunbar, Weeping Water and Percival.

D. T. HAYDEN, attorney at law, came to Nebraska in 1865, and located in Rock Creek Precinct, Nemaha County, where he lived until the fall of 1868, then he attended the Normal School at Peru until 1871, graduating in that year. Then he went to McGee College in Missouri for a year, going thence to Chicago University for a year, after that he studied law at the Chicago Law School, and graduated in 1875. He commenced practice here in the fall of 1875, and has kept at it ever since. He was a member of the State Senate, which met in 1879. He was born in Mead County, Ky., December 18, 1846, and was reared from the age of two years in Van Buren County, Iowa, until 1861. Resided in Carroll County, Mo., from that time until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Nebraska City, October 26, 1880, to Alice M. Coons, a native of Wisconsin. They have one child--Ralph. Mr. H. is a member of K. of H.

MONROE L. HAYWARD, attorney at law, came to Nebraska City in October, 1867, and engaged in practice here. He also operates in real estate, and is engaged in farming and stock raising. He has been a member of the School Board, and was a Delegate to the Constitutional convention of 1875; was Chairman of Republican State Convention in 1878-9. He was born in Willsboro, Essex Co., N. Y., December 22, 1840. He enlisted in the spring of 1861, in the Twenty-second New York Infantry, and was transferred to the Fifth New York Cavalry, serving about two years. He was discharged on account of disability, caused by sickness. He was educated at Ft. Edward Institute from 1863 to 1866, and read law one year there and one year at Whitewater, Wis., before coming to Nebraska. He was married at Cold Spring, N. Y., June 14, 1870, to Jennie A. Pelton, a native of that town. They have three children--Edwin Pelton, Mattie A. and William H.

D. W. HERSHEY, M. D., physician and surgeon, located at Nebraska City in April 1868, and has practiced here since. He was born in Williamsville, Erie Co., N. Y., November 8, 1830, and lived in Erie County until he came here. He was educated at the Genesee Wesleyan College, Lima, N. Y., and graduated from the Medical Department of the Buffalo University in 1854. He practiced at Williamsville until he came here. For four months he was surgeon for the Ninety-eighth New York National Guards, during its service in the war of the Rebellion. He was married at Springville, Erie Co., N. Y., July 30, 1862, to Jospehine W., daughter of Dr. Carlos Emmons, of that place. She was a native of Springville. They have four children, Hattie E, John S., Margie G. and Herbert E. The doctor is a member of the State and County Medical Societies. He has been Coroner of Otoe County eight years, consecutively, and is now serving the fifth term. He is at present also a member of the Board of Education of Nebraska City, County Physician and Physician to the State Institution for the blind.

WILLIAM E. HILL, President of the Otoe County National Bank, came to Nebraska City, November 24, 1856, and engaged in work as a carpenter and builder, which he has since continued. He has also manufactured furniture and engaged in farming, etc., to a considerable extent. He has been president of the bank for eight years, has been in the grain business since 1871. He was born near Forestville, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.. December 5, 1826. When he was five or six years old his parents moved to the Western Reserve, and he was reared between Cleveland and Oberlin. He was married at Dayton, Ind., to Miss Mary A. Martin, a native of Nova Scotia. Mr. Hill was one of the commissioners for the re-building of the insane asylum at Lincoln, and was commissioned as one of the managing commissioners of that institution, but declined to accept, preferring private life rather than office.

JOHN HOKE, proprietor of the Denver House, under present management since March, 1882. The house contains fifteen rooms. Mr. Hoke was born in Erie County, N. Y., in 1842, and about 1855 he started West. In 1859 he settled in Cass Co., Neb., and about 1860 came to Otoe County, where he engaged in different occupations, teaming principally. He was married in Nebraska City in 1864 to Mrs. Sarah M. (Terr) Howe, a native of Vermont. They have four children, Mary E., Frank G., Delia and John A.

J. J. HOCHSTETLER, insurance agent, came to Nebraska City April 17, 1857, and engaged in real estate for about a year, he then went into the boot and shoe trade until 1861. April 15, 1861 he was appointed Postmaster and held the position until July 1871, since then he has been engaged in real estate, insurance and cattle dealing, and for a time was connected with the Nebraska City Plow Works, being a half owner of the works. Since January, 1882, he has given his principal attention to fire insurance. He was for three years a County Commissioner, three years an Alderman from the First Ward and two years a member of the School Board. He belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church, I. O. O. F., and A., F. & A. M. He was born in Shanesville, Ohio, September 3, 1827. That was his home until nineteen years of age, when he went to New Bedford, Ohio, where he staid two years, and then to Louisville, Ohio for one year. He returned to New Bedford for two years, being in mercantile business for himself. He moved to Worthington, Ind., for one year, and then to Stockton, Owen County, where he lived until he came here. He was married in New Bedford, Ohio, September 8, 1853, to Lucinda Burgert, a native of that town They have three children, Charles E., in the insurance business at Kansas City; Frank B., partner with Rector, Wilhelmy & Co., of Nebraska City, and Clarence Lee, a salesman with that firm.

F. S. HOWARD, physician and surgeon, came to Nebraska City in August, 1864, and has practiced here ever since. He was born near Arrow Rock, Saline Co., Mo., in December, 1835, and lived there until 1857, he then went to Oregon, Holt Co., Mo., and began practice. He was educated at the Louisville, Ky., University and graduated from the Medical Department in 1857. He came from Oregon to Nebraska City. He is a member of the Otoe County Medical Society.

W. F. N. HOUSER, Clerk of the District Court and Mayor of Nebraska City, came to this place May 22, 1868, and has resided here ever since, with the exception of about one year. In June, 1868, he went into the employ of Lamkin, Ware & Co., wholesale grain dealers, as book-keeper, and remained with them until May, 1869. Then he went with Imhoff & McComas, dealers in general merchandise, as salesman and book-keeper, and remained with them until August, 1869. On September 1, 1869, he went into the employ of Lorton & Davenport, wholesale grocers, as book-keeper, and remained with them until March, 1871. In June, 1871, he pre-empted a farm in Gage County, and lived there over a year. July 2, 1872 he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the District Court, and served until November 10, 1873, when he went into the service of Robert Lorton, wholesale grocer, as book-keeper; remained with him until he sold out to Rolfe & Terry, March 1, 1874. He remained with Rolfe & Terry until October 19, 1875, when he was again appointed Deputy Clerk of the District Court, holding that position until June 1, 1877, at which time he was appointed Clerk by the Hon. S. B. Pound, Judge of the Second Judicial District. At the November election, 1879, he was elected to the office he now holds for the term of four years, from January 1, 1880. He was born near Front Royal, Warren Co., Va., February 9, 1842, and lived there until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Nebraska City, December 19, 1872, to Eugenia K., daughter of Dr. S. L. Gant. They have two children, William H. and Fannie K. They lost two children in infancy. Mr. Houser is a member of the A., F. & A. M., K. of H. and Royal Arcanum.

R. ISHMAEL, proprietor Tremont House. Under present management since December 1, 1881. The house contains eight rooms. Mr. I. was born in Indianapolis in 1840. he remained at home until 1861, when he enlisted in Company G. Thirty-ninth Regiment Indiana Volunteers, and served until mustered out at expiration of service in 1864. Returned to Indiana and then moved to Iowa, then to Missouri and engaged in brick making. In July, 1881, he settled in Nebraska City, Neb. He was married in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, August 8, 1869, to Miss Massey, of that city. They have four children, Daniel, George Wesley, Melvina, and Hannah. Mr. I. is a member of the T. of H. and of the Maxwell Post 14 G. A. R. of Iowa.

AUGUST JOHNSON, merchant, came to Nebraska City, June 4, 1865. For over four years after coming here he was employed by D. J. McCann, and afterwards for several years as porter, clerk and manager in hotels. Since 1876, he has been in business for himself in groceries, confectionery, etc. He is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery, and of the Presbyterian Church. He was born in Sweden, November 9, 1841, and came to America when fourteen years old. He located at New Orleans and was there until the war broke out when he was impressed into Confederate Service for six months. He afterward served in the Twenty-sixth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry for three years, being discharged at Washington in June 1864. He was married November 7, 1879, at Nebraska City to Matilda S. Nelson, a native of Sweden. They lost one son, Ralph Edward, who died February 9, 1881, aged three months.

M. T. JOHNSON, ice dealer, steamship agent, etc., came to Nebraska City, April 25, 1856, and engaged in the ice business in 1857, being probably the oldest ice dealer in Nebraska. Four years later he disposed of his ice business and engaged in mercantile trade for five or six years. Then he ran the Johnson House for several years. For the past four years he has been in the ice business again. He has been Alderman of the First Ward for four years and has held other offices. He is agent for the tickets of seventeen steam ship lines and also for the Morris Express Company of New York, which sends consignments to all parts of the world. He also deals extensively in foreign exchange. He was born in Sweden, August 31, 1829, and lived in Germany from his twelfth year until he came to America in 1850. He located at Monmouth, Ill., where he lived until he came here. He was married in Nebraska City, November, 1857, to Charlotte Waterfall, a native of England. They have six children, J. Fred, Richard Henry, Crene, Charles, Nellie and Mones.

JOHN GEORGE KEES, dealer in groceries, fruits and fancy goods, etc., came to Nebraska and was on a farm in Gage County for a short time in 1870 and then returned to the East, coming back to Nebraska in April, 1872. Spent the summer in Gage County and came to Nebraska City in the fall, having lived there since. In October, 1872, he engaged in mercantile business under the firm name of Zimmerer & Kees, which continued for about five years. Since that time he has been alone. He was born in Germany, July 5, 1846, and came to America in 1866, locating at Newark, N. J. where he lived until he came to this State. He was married at Nebraska City, June 14, 1876, to Anna Magers, a native of Missouri. They have two children, Freddie and Adelia. Mr. K. is a member of I. O. O. F.

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