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** Nebraska City Biographical Sketches **

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Syracuse:  Education | Religion | Societies | Railroad Interests
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Syracuse (cont.):  Biographical Sketches (cont.)
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Palmyra:  Education | Societies | Religion | Business
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Dunbar:  Events and Items | Education | Religion | Societies
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Unadilla:  Religion | Societies | The Press | Events and Items
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Wyoming | Camp Creek | Other Towns
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List of Illustrations in Otoe County Chapter

Part 14


CHARLES W. SEYMOUR, attorney-at-law, came to Nebraska City, November 14, 1861. He read law with Hon. A. G. Thurman, of Ohio, and continued his study after he came here, being admitted to the special session of the District Court in 1862. Since then he has been engaged in practice here. He was elected to the Legislature in 1862; re-elected in 1863, and served in the House in the winter of 1863-64. He was Master in Chancery of the District Court for six or seven years, and served several months as Prosecuting Attorney for Otoe County. In 1863 he was appointed Captain of the Union Guards, and was commissioned Major of the militia regiment. He has been a Notary Public since he came here, and has been an U. S. Commissioner for the last ten years. He was born at Hartford, Licking Co., Ohio, June 4, 1838. That was his home until 1859. He then lived at Columbus, Ohio, for two years, until he came here. He was educated at the Ohio Wesleyan University, at Delaware, graduating as A. B. in 1860, and received the degree of A. M. a few years later. He has been admitted to practice in all the States of U. S. courts and in the U. S. Supreme Court on motion of Hon. A. G. Thurman. He was married at Nebraska City July 4, 1863, to Catharine E. Holly, eldest daughter of Judge C. F. Holly, now of Stamford, Conn., but at that time U. S. Judge of Colorado. They have four children; William F., Hugh Augustus, Howard Simeon, and Catherine E. Mr. S. belongs to the A., F. & A. M.; is Dictator of K. of H., and Vestryman of St. Mary's Episcopal Church; also Knight Templar and Chairman of the State Republican Central Committee in 1874.

E. SEYMOUR, proprietor of the Grand Central Hotel, under present management since August 16, 1881. The hotel is of brick, 96 x 120 feet, three stories, and contains forty-nine rooms. Mr. Seymour was born in Onondaga County, N. Y., September 27, 1823. Removed to Huron County, Ohio, with his mother, where he finished his education. He then engaged in mercantile business, studying law at the same time, and engaging in large mercantile and manufacturing enterprises, built up the town of Fairfield, Ohio. Was at one time engaged with his brother in the manufacture of surgical instruments, etc., at Seneca Falls, N. Y. He returned to Ohio, and after holding the position of railroad director of the Clinton Air Line for a time, he bought out two stores at Newark, Ohio, removing the goods to Toledo. Ohio, where from 1861 to 1866 he was engaged in business. In the latter year he bought the Bates House, Indianapolis, Ind., which he managed during the years 1866, 1867 and 1868. In the latter year, his health failing, he sold out and removed to St. Paul, Minn. He there engaged in disastrous mining operations, put up a tin stamp mill in Northern Minnesota, which proved a dead loss. He then sold his property in St. Paul, and accepted the general agency in Indiana of the Globe Mutual Life Insurance Co. Shortly after was appointed secretary and treasurer of the La Porte Chair Manufacturing Co. He then moved to Clinton, Iowa, where he established a large chair manufacturing company. The company afterward was made a joint stock company. Shortly after Mr. S. moved to Chicago and bought the Cornell Watch Co. property; sold out for a large bonus in a few months, and went to Milan, Rock Island Co., Ill., where he established a chair factory, afterward selling out to Taylor & Conon; receiving in partial exchange the St. Charles Hotel, at St. Joseph, Mich. This property he did not retain long. Then located in Chicago for six years, and recently in Nebraska City, Neb. Mr. S. was married in Huron County, N. Y., to Miss Polly Ann, second daughter of Rev. John I. Whitman, a prominent Baptist minister. They have three children; Otto L. Lillie M. (now Mrs. Keim, of Sioux City, Iowa), and Annie. Mr. S. is a member of the Baptist Church, of the I. O. O. F., and is a Royal Arch Mason.

C. W. SHERFEY, nursery and gardening, Nebraska City, Neb., was born in Washington County, Md., July, 1829. In 1837 his parents removed to Burlington, Iowa. He is a graduate of Asbury University, Greencastle, Ind., and also of the law school of Harvard University. In 1857 he came to Plattsmouth, Neb., where he published the Platte Valley Times. Removing to Nebraska City, he established the People's Press, the forerunner of the present Nebraska Press. He was married in Nebraska City, to Miss Irene Spurlock, in 1862. They have three children living, Charles Emory, Irene Belle, and Eulalia. Carrie Rand was the name of the oldest, who died.

H. N. SHEWELL, cashier of the James Sweet National Bank, came to Nebraska in September, 1860. He has been engaged in banking since November, 1865, and for the last ten years has been with the above named bank and its predecessors. He was born in Rootstown, Portage Co., Ohio, and came thence to Nebraska, where he has been engaged continuously in banking except one and one-half years spent as Deputy County Clerk. He was married at Charleston, S. C., in October, 1877, to Jennie T. Taylor, a native of Charleston. They have two children, James T. and Hattie T.

DUKE W. SIMPSON, dealer in farm machinery.

WILLIAM B. SLOAN, druggist, came to Nebraska City in 1874, as agent of the K. C., St. J. & C. B. R. R., but is now engaged in the drug business in company with Samuel Bacon.

WILLIAM T. SLOAN, dealer in agricultural implements, first came to Nebraska City in 1858, and spent part of one season here. He then returned to West Port, Mo., where he lived until he came here permanently in October 1863. In the spring of 1864 he engaged in freighting and continued at it until 1868, going principally to Denver and Salt Lake. In the spring of 1869 he engaged in mercantile trade and continued it for two years, since which time he has been in present business. He has been Precinct and City Assessor for three years, and was in the City Council two years and is now a County Commissioner. He was born in Lebanon Township, Cooper Co., Mo., May 11, 1834, and lived there until eighteen years of age. He then lived in Cass County until 1858, when he came here. From 1858 to 1868, he engaged in freighting. He was married in Shelby County, Ky., July 2, 1862, to Martha Berkley, a native of that county. They have two children, Willie Maud and James R. Mr. Sloan is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, K. of H., Royal Arcanum and Temple of Honor.

[Portrait of Geo. W. Sroat.]

GEORGE W. SROAT, dealer in real estate, came to Nebraska City September 17, 1855, and engaged in building operations until the fall of 1859. In 1860 he was elected Sheriff and served until 1866, then being Deputy for two years. He commenced farming in 1855, and began dealing in real estate. He entered one of the first quarter sections south of the Platte, March 30, 1857, on the southwest one-quarter Section 20, Town 8, Range 14. He served two terms in the Territorial Legislature, prior to the organization of the State. He has been Alderman, Justice of the Peace, City Marshal, etc. Since 1868 he has been engaged exclusively in real estate. He was born near Fisherville, twelve miles east of Louisville, Ky., August 3, 1828. He lived there until seventeen years old and then went to Henry County, Tenn., where he remained three years; then back to Kentucky, until he came here. He was married at Nebraska City October 21, 1860, to Georgenia L. North, a native of Liverpool, England, who came to America when fourteen years old, her parents settling in Nebraska City in 1854. Mr. Sroat has seven children; George N., job printer and publisher of the Phunny Phellow; Grace E., Paul H., Irving H., Bertha E., Edith and Alice. Two died: Arthur and Frederick, both in infancy. Mr. Sroat is a member of A. F. & A. M., and T. of H. He belongs to the first Baptist Church which he helped to organize.

J. R. SOUSLEY, superintendent Nebraska City Transfer Company, was born in Jefferson County, Ky., May 26, 1830. Went to St. Louis in 1843, from there to Booneville, same State, where he learned bricklaying, remaining three years, then returned to St. Louis, engaging in steamboating, his first position being second clerk, from that to carpenter, of another boat, the inducement being better wages, staying in that position two years, on the St. Joseph, Capt. W. W. Baker, and during the same time learned the Missouri river. The first boat he stood watch on was the Cataract, in 1852, continuing for the season. Next season was pilot of the Robert Campbell, on the same river. In 1854 was on the J. M. Converse and Polar Star and on the Polar Star in 1855-56. In 1857-58 he was captain of the Skylark; then captain of Belle Memphis, St. Louis & Memphis Packet lines, about three years. In 1864, had charge of the C. E. Hilman, in the same trade. In 1865 he bought an interest in the Marcella and made a trip to the mountains with her. Next year he had charge of the St. John, and the following year Walter C. Dance, of Fort Benton, and in the summer of 1868 piloted the Ben Johnson, plying between St. Louis and St. Joseph, and in the fall of the same year came to Nebraska City and bought a quarter interest in the company he is still connected with. In 1873 built the James F. Joy, at Madison, Ind., and run it eight years, when it was sold to the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad, in Nebraska. He was married first in Howard County, Mo., 1853, and the second time at Lexington, Mo., in 1858. They have three children living; Belle, Gertrude and Mattie. Mr. Sousley is a member of five different lodges; A., F. & A. M., K. of P., K. of H., Royal Arcanum and I. O. O. F., St. Louis, No. 5.

C. W. STAHLHUT, grocer and grain dealer, came to Nebraska City in the spring of 1869, and was engaged for a year at carpenter work, and for four years at clerking. He commenced the grocery business for himself in 1875. In 1876 he built a grain warehouse, and since 1876 he has dealt in grain. Fred Stahlhut (a milkman) is interested in his business. He was born in Buckeburg, Westphalia, November 26, 1841, and came to America in 1868, locating at Bloomingdale, Ill. He lived there a year, and then came to Nebraska. He was married at Nebraska City in November, 1876, to Anna Wille, a native of Brooklyn, N. Y. They have two children; Emily and Clara. His business amounts to $20,000 a year.

JOHN W. STEINHART, acting cashier of the Nebraska City national Bank; was born in Brunswick, Mo., May 9, 1861, and came to Nebraska City, August 10, 1865. He was a student at the city schools and at Nebraska College, until 1878. In November of that year he entered the Nebraska City National Bank as book-keeper and messenger; and since July, 1881, he has been acting cashier.

J. STEINHART, merchant tailor, came to Nebraska City August 10, 1865, and has been in his present business ever since. When he came here he employed but one man, where he now has five. His business extends to Denver and Colorado Springs, and to Hebron, Neb., Charlton, Mo., and Essex, Iowa. He was born in Germany, October 28, 1832, and came to America in 1853. He first located at Newark, N. J., and then worked in New York City for eighteen months. After that he was in Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans, for a year. During the war he went to Lincoln, Ill., and was there a year, and then came here. He was married at St. Louis, in July, 1858, to Anna Danner, a native of Switzerland. They have four children: Anna Virginia, now Mrs. Stephen Hale, of Nebraska city; John W.; Mary, and Robert E. Lee. Mr. Steinhart is a member of the K. of H. and Royal Arcanum. He is a charter member of the latter and has since been treasurer thereof.

S. J. STEVENSON, attorney, Justice of the Peace and police judge, came to Nebraska City in the spring of 1871, and has practiced here since. He is now serving his second term as Justice of the Peace. He was born in Jefferson County, N. Y., November 4, 1838, and lived there two and one-half years and in Oswego County three years. Then he was in Massachusetts ten years and from 1864 to 1871 in Broome County, N. Y. He was married at Binghamton, N. Y., to Julia F. Stephens. They have two children: Fannie and Emma. Mr. Stevenson is a member of the K. of P.

THOMAS B. STEVENSON, attorney, came to Nebraska City April 2, 1863. He was born in Jefferson county, N. Y., July 28, 1835, and lived there four years; then moved to Canada until he was seventeen, and afterward lived in Green and Miami counties, Ohio. He enlisted August, 1864, in company A., Second Nebraska Battalion, and was captain of that company, serving six months. He commenced practice in the spring of 1865. In 1868 he was a delegate to the Chicago Republican convention, and was elected to the State Senate in 1869-70. He has served five terms in succession as Mayor of Nebraska City. He was married at Sidney, Iowa, March, 1858, to Anna C. Nisewhander, a native of Tazewell, Va. They have five children; Olla; Thomas; John; Nellie, and Harry. Three died. Mr. Stevenson and Judge Mason were partners from the fall of 1863 to June 1867.

JAMES SWEET, president of the James Sweet National Bank, came to Nebraska City May 22, 1857, and engaged in law practice. In September, 1857, he commenced banking under the firm name of Cheever, Sweet & Co., the firm consisting of John H. Cheever, James Sweet, and John W. Kirk. This partnership expired by limitation in three years, when the firm of James Sweet & Co., was organized, composed of Mr. Sweet and Rollin M. Rolfe. This firm lasted two years, the name being then changed to James Sweet & Co. In 1871 J. T. Thompson and H. N. Shewell became partners. Thompson retired in 1874 and the firm then continued as James Sweet & Co., until June 30, 1881, when the present bank was formed, with a capital of $50,000. James Sweet was born at Milford, Ostego Co., N. Y., July 11, 1828. He was educated at Wyoming Seminary, at Kingston, Pa., for three years. After completing his course he returned home and read law for two years. After spending a year at Clarksville, Ostego Co., N. Y., he was admitted to the bar in 1853. He then clerked in a law office and practiced until he came to Nebraska. In 1855 he was married at Utica, N. Y., to Ellen Wood, who died thirteen months later, leaving a son, Everett W. He afterward died in Nebraska at the age of twenty-one. Mr. Sweet was again married at Springville, Erie Co., N. Y., June 1859, to Clementine P. Emmons, a native of that town. They have five children; Carlos E., James, Jr., Arthur C., Will F. and Stella. Mr. Sweet established the banking house of James Sweet & Brock, at Lincoln, in 1868. He was Collector of Internal Revenue from July, 1862, to August, 1867, and served as State Treasurer, from January, 1869, to January, 1871.

ALBERT O. SWIFT, Deputy Postmaster, came to Nebraska City, May 8, 1868, and engaged in farming in Four Mile Precinct. Farmed for two years, since which he has held his present position. He was born in Mercer, Mercer Co., Pa., December 12, 1848, and went to Galena, Ill., in 1858. September 26, 1864, he enlisted in Company D., Forty-fifth Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out June 3, 1865. On leaving the army he went to Franklin, Pa., where he lived until he came to Nebraska. He has been prominent in the Republican party in this State and has frequently served as delegate to conventions. He was married at Franklin, Pa., July 30, 1871, to Caroline Jackson, a native of Venango County, Pa. They have three children; Amos H., John Richard and Albert Bird. They lost two. Mr. Swift is a member of K. of H.

C. F. S. TEMPLIN, of the firm of N. S. Harding & Co., booksellers and stationers, came to Nebraska City, November 29, 1862, and engaged in the book and stationery business, having been in partnership with Mr. Harding since June 1, 1881. He entered Mr. Harding's store, December 25, 1862, and has been with him most of the time since. He was absent from Nebraska City for a few months on account of ill health, and was in the employ of the Western News Company, of Chicago for a short time in 1871. He was born in Lancaster, Fairfield, Co., Ohio, September 17, 1847, and his parents moved with their family, when he was an infant, to Columbia City, Ind. There remained four years and went then to North Wabash, Ind., where he resided until he came to Nebraska City, excepting sixteen months spent on a farm in Kosciusko County, Ind., in 1856-57-58.

J. M. TAYLOR, plumber and gasfitter, came to Nebraska City in August, 1868, having first located at Omaha March 25, 1860. He staid there a year and went back to Muscatine, Iowa, where he enlisted April, 1861, in Company C, First Iowa Volunteer Infantry, assisting in raising the company. September 9, 1861, he re-enlisted in Company A, Eleventh Iowa, serving three years. On April 10, 1865, he re-enlisted at St. Louis, in Company H, Ninth United States Veteran Volunteer Infantry, being finally mustered out at Indianapolis, Ind., April 9, 1866. After prospecting a few months in Minnesota and Wisconsin he came to Omaha in October, 1866, where he ran a stationary engine for two years. In January, 1874, he commenced plumbing and gasfitting, having been engaged in construction of gasworks before that. His business now is plumbing and dealing in pumps, engines, windmills, gas pipes and fitting. He was born at Vienna, Champaign Co., Ohio, February 3, 1835, and was married at Keokuk, Iowa, September 23, 1866, to Susan M. Davis, a native of Kentucky. They have two children: Katie I., and Belle E. Mr. Taylor is a foreman of the Hook and Ladder Company, having held that position since January 4, 1875. He is now Assessor of Nebraska City Precinct. He belongs to the K. of P., and the Northwestern Firemen's Association.

E. W. TERRY, vice president, James Sweet National Bank, came to Nebraska City in 1862, and was in mercantile business in partnership with William Fulton for eight months. Then he engaged in the wholesale grocery business with R. M. Rolfe, doing a large mountain and ranch trade. They sold out in 1867 to Lorton & Bennett. He then went to New Orleans in 1868 and remained five years in the cotton commission and coffee business with his brother, L. H. Terry. On his return he and Mr. Rolfe bought out Lorton's wholesale grocery in 1875 and discontinued in 1879. July 1, 1880, he became a member of the banking firm of James Sweet & Co., and July 1, 1881, the national bank was formed, and Mr. Terry was elected vice president. He was born at Hartford Conn., February 3, 1835. From 1856 until he came here he lived at Muscatine, being a partner in three wholesale stores, viz: groceries, clothing and boots and shoes. In 1859 Mr. Terry disposed of his interests at Muscatine. He was married at Janesville, Wis., in May, 1878, to Elmina Prentice, a native of that place. They have lost one daughter. Mr. Terry is a member of the Episcopal Church and of the K. of H.

JOHN H. TOMLIN, dealer in stock and grain, came to Nebraska City in February, 1866, and engaged in freighting to Denver that season. In 1867 he engaged in the grain business and has since continued in it. The business is carried on under the firm name of Tomlin, Duff & Co. They have elevators at Nebraska City, Dunbar, Syracuse and Unadilla. They handled 1800 car loads of grain and live stock in 1880. Mr. Tomlin was born in Prince George County, Md., January 19, 1836. In the fall of 1855 he moved to Missouri and lived there until he came to Nebraska, having spent two years mining in Montana, meanwhile. He was married near Brunswick, Mo., January 10, 1863, to Roberta S. Jones, a native of Virginia. They have five children living; Henry Lacy, Walter Moore, Margaret E., Robert Perry and an adopted daughter, Mosella Hutchinson. They lost one daughter in infancy. Mr. Tomlin has been a member of the Board of Education, was Alderman for two years, Mayor for one year and member of the Legislature two years. He belongs to the Southern Methodist Church and the K. of H.

DR. W. S. TOWNSEND, druggist and physician, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, May 31, 1846. His parents moved to Athens and Washington counties. He was brought up in these counties, educated in select schools, and commenced the study of medicine in Keokuk, Iowa, and under Dr. Baxter, of Wilton, Iowa; then attended lectures at Keokuk and finished his education in the medical department of the Iowa University in 1874-75. He then engaged in practice in Iowa until November, 1881, when he settled in Nebraska City, Neb. He bought out the drug store of P. Heminger and the following month brought out his family. He was married in West Liberty, Iowa, May 23, 1877, to Miss Maggie Null, of West Liberty. They have three children: Charles, Elsie and an infant unnamed.

FRANK M. TURNER, Deputy County Treasurer, came to Otoe County in April, 1863, and located in Four Mile Precinct. Until February, 1881, he was engaged in farming, being then appointed Deputy Treasurer. He was born at Stockbridge, Madison Co., N. Y., August 1, 1846, and lived there ten years. Then moved to Chenango County, where he resided until 1863. He was married at Unadilla, Ostego Co., N. Y. in September, 1868, to Frances E. Thompson, native of that town. They have five children: M. Jennie, Charles Frederick, William F., Bettie, and John Munson.

[Portrait of E. F. Warren]

EDWIN F. WARREN, attorney-at-law, came to Nebraska in November, 1868, and has practiced here since. He was admitted to the bar at Buffalo, in May, 1868. He was born in Jamestown, Chautauqua Co. N. Y., September 3, 1841. When four years old he moved to Sinclairville in the same county, and lived there ten years, then he moved to Fredonia, where he lived until he came West. He entered Tuft's College in 1860, and was there two years; going then to Yale College, where he graduated in 1864. Filled the chair of mathematics and natural sciences at Caldwell Institute, Danville, Ky., for one year in 1864-65. In October, 1865, he went to New Orleans as an officer of the Freedmen's Bureau, where he soon became Director of the colored schools of New Orleans and adjacent parishes. Resigning this, he returned to Fredonia and studied law. He was married at Fredonia, September 28, 1869, to Martha A. Wygant, a native of Perry, Wyoming Co., N. Y. They have one child, Gertrude S. Mr. W. is a member of A., F. & A. M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery and Scottish Rite.

AUGUSTUS WADDINGTON came to Nebraska in the fall of 1870, and located in Palmyra, where he remained until 1873, being employed on a farm. In 1873 he came to Nebraska City and entered the County Clerk's office as clerk. He was soon appointed Deputy, and has held the office over eight years. He was born in Usk, Monmouthshire, England, November 15, 1840, and came to America in 1870, coming straight to Nebraska. He was married at Palmyra, December 17, 1873 to Mary H. Garnet, who was born at Colmar, McDonough Co., Ill. They have three children; Maud P., Ella F., and Irma A. Mr. W. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., Blue Lodge, Chapter and Commandery. He was secretary of the Chapter two or three years.

J. W. WALDSMITH & SON, dealers in groceries and provisions. Business established in 1871 by J. W. Waldsmith, January, 1872, he took into partnership his son Leslie. They carry a stock of from $4,000 to $5,000. J. W. Waldsmith was born in Mifflintown, Juniata Co., Pa., April 20, 1835. Was educated in his native county and remained there until about 1851, when he moved to Indiana. In 1857 he located in Otoe County, Neb., locating a farm under the pre-emption law. He continued on his farm until 1869, when he moved into Nebraska City. He was married in Otoe County, Neb., April 5, 1860 to Miss Elizabeth Faunce, of Otoe County. They have three children: Leslie, Irene and Amy. Mr. W. is now President of the City Council, and has been for two terms. He is now a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints; also of the K. of H. and K. of P. societies.

JOHN WALE, proprietor Nebraska City Iron Works, was born at Joliet, Ill., April 10, 1848. Learned his business in Chicago with Sherwood, Walker & Co., and remained there until coming to Nebraska City, December 25, 1870, engaging in the foundry business corner Fifth and Ferry streets; continuing in that place until 1877 when he removed to his present location, Sixth and Otoe streets. Was married in Nebraska City, in March, 1873. They have two children, Effel and an infant not yet named.

HARRY WALES, architect, contractor and builder. Business established in 1874 by Mr. Wales. He is doing the leading business in town, and has constructed most of our prominent business blocks, residences, etc.

JOHN C. WATSON, District Attorney, came to Nebraska City in May, 1873, and has been engaged in practice ever since. He has been District Attorney for the Second Judicial District since January, 1879, being elected in 1878 and 1880. He was born in Memphis, Tenn., September 20, 1850. When a youth he went to Miami County, Ohio, and lived there several years. He then returned to Tennessee, and remained two or three years. He went to Ann Arbor, Mich., and spent two years in the university, graduating in 1869; then spent a year in the medical department, and two years in the law department, graduating in 1873. He commenced practice at Nebraska City, having been admitted to the bar at Detroit, Mich., in 1873.

JACOB WESNER, superintendent iron department Nebraska City Manufacturing Company, was born in the kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany, October 17, 1835. Came direct to Buffalo, N. Y., from the old country, at the age of fifteen; learned his trade there, and remained five years, then came west; located at Elgin, Ill., and followed his trade there for two years and a half, leaving then for Lewistown, Minn., where he carried on blacksmithing, etc., for three years; then went to Northfield, same State, staying one year, when he went to Colorado, remaining until July 1865, a term of five years, when he came to Nebraska City, following blacksmithing and machine work for three years; then started plow works of his own. After running the business alone for about three years, he took in a partner, and business increasing so rapidly, compelled them to enlarge their factory, and also to form a larger company; and after continuing for a term of about three years, had the misfortune of being burned out, losing in the neighborhood of $30,000. After the fire the company dissolved. Bur Mr. W. built a shop and started for himself once more alone, and after a period of two years, removed most of his stock to Red Cloud, Neb., and not meeting with the success expected, returned to Nebraska City. After being there about two years, at which time he bought out J. W. Patrick, and carried on the business for one year, then started up a stock company, which is now called the Nebraska City Manufacturing Company, where he holds his present interest. He was married in Colorado, January 28, 1861, to Miss Mary E. Harbaugh. They have nine children-Jennie, Mary, Willie, Katie, Freddie, Birdie, Georgie, Fannie, and Joy.

LEWIS WESSEL, dry goods dealer, came to Nebraska City about 1862, and engaged in mercantile business when he first located here. In 1878, he removed to New York, becoming resident buyer for the house of L. Wessel & Co., of which he is senior partner. He is a native of Bohemia. He has seven children, Julius, Alexander, Josephine, Edgar, Walter, Harry and an infant son.

E. ROSS WHITE, Deputy Clerk of the District Court, came to Nebraska City in December, 1863 and entered the County Clerk's office as Deputy at once. A month later he went to St. Joseph and was clerk in the postoffice at that point until late in 1864. Then he entered the County Clerk's office and served twelve or fourteen years as Deputy. In 1865 he was Deputy Clerk of the Territorial District Court for about a year and Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court for a year. For the last four years he has held his present position. He was born in Louisville, Ky., January 6, 1840 and lived there about five years, going thence to Philadelphia with his parents. Lived there a year and moved to Pittsburgh and from there to Indianapolis where he was employed seven years in the postoffice. Since then he served in the postal department at Dubuque, Chicago, Cairo, and Pittsburg. Altogether he was sixteen years in the Government mail service.

E. M. WHITTEN, M. D., physician and surgeon, came to Nebraska in July, 1876, and remained here one year, on account of his health. He then returned East for a year, and in 1878, finally located at Nebraska City, where he has since resided. He was born at West Bath, Me., June 13, 1837, and lived in Maine and Massachusetts until he came here. He was educated at Bowdoin College, in the literary department, and at Harvard Medical College. After graduating from Bowdoin, he spent a year in the hospitals at `Boston. He commenced practice at Westport, Me., where he remained three years. His wife was Miss Lizzie L. Day, a native of Brunswick, Me. The doctor is a member of the Otoe County Medical Society, the Omaha Pathological Society, the Nebraska State Society, and the American Medical Association. He has been President of the State and County Medical societies, and has held other offices in these societies. He is a member of the K. of H.

THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, proprietor of blacksmith shop, was born near Huntington, England, July 8, 1821, his parents removing to Wales in his infancy; lived there until 1852, when he came to America, first locating in Aurora, Ill. He worked on the first engine ever run on the C., B. & Q. R. R., and forged the first irons to open the cylinder cocks from the cab, on that road; remained in Aurora sixteen years, and was in the employ of the above road for about eleven years. Then came to Cheney, Neb., ten miles east of Lincoln, where he was engaged in blacksmithing and farming for about ten years; afterward resided in Plattsmouth; engaged for one year in making springs for the B. & M. R. R.; then assisted in the construction of the steel railroad bridge over the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, and watched the same for a period of eighteen months. In the Spring of 1881, he came to Nebraska City, where he has since carried on his present business, and is extensively engaged in furnishing work for the government. Mr. W. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. He was married in Wales to Frances Jones, in April, 1843. They have one child, J. S.; he was selected to enter the Naval Academy at Newport, R. I. Owing to his superior qualifications his teacher at Aurora, Ill., recommended him for the appointment.

G. A. WILCOX, proprietor of the Barnum House. The house has been under present management since 1874, with slight exception. It contains forty rooms, and can accommodate 150 guests. Mr. Wilcox was born in St. Louis, Mo., November 27, 1832. In 1852, he settled in Independence, Mo., where he followed the trade of brick mason. Returning to St. Louis for a time, he from there removed to Nebraska; in 1865, settled in Nebraska City, and engaged in contracting and building, and in the manufacture of brick. He has built a number of business houses, among them the Barnum, etc. Was superintendent of construction on the gas works; was engaged in this business some years. Was then for a time in the provision and grocery business, leaving that to take the hotel. He was married in Independence, Mo., in 1856, to Miss Mary E. Roswell, of that city. they have two children living--Ella and Fanny.

J. F. WILHELMY, hardware merchant, came to Nebraska City, July 1, 1869, and was engaged in the agricultural implement business for about three months. He was then employed in a hardware store until he began business for himself in September, 1871. He was born in New Bremen, Auglaize Co., Ohio, December 3, 1846. That was his home until he was nineteen years old, when he removed to McGregor, Iowa. There he lived until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Nebraska City, March 6, 1873, to Minnie Mohrmann, a native of Garnovillo, Iowa. They have four children--Clarissa, Mary, Winifred and Arthur.

WILLIAM L. WILSON, president Nebraska City National Bank, came to Nebraska City in May, 1872, and became cashier of above bank. He served in this capacity until 1877, and since January of that year, has been president of the bank. He was born at Berwick, Pa., March 4, 1840, and lived there until 1856, when he moved to Scranton, and lived there two or three years. In September, 1862, he entered the army, having been appointed Adjutant of the One Hundred and Forty-second Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and served in that capacity about three months. He was then made Assistant Adjutant General First Brigade, Third Division, First Army Corps, and served until the spring of 1864. he was then appointed cashier to the firm of Meylert & Co., in New York City, and was there one and one-half years. Then he became cashier of the First National Bank in Plymouth, Pa., staying there until he came to Nebraska. He was married at Scranton, Pa., October, 1864, to Josephine C. Doud, a native of Madison, New haven Co., Conn. they have three children--Henry D., Mary S., Allen B. They lost one son--Barclay Fuller, born December 4, 1879, and died February 17, 1882.

HERBERT R. WODEHOUSE, attorney, came to Nebraska in the spring of 1873, and has lived at Nebraska City most of the time since. The last three years he has practiced law in partnership with J. C. Watson. He was born in Hertford, England, December 15, 1850, and came to America in 1873. He was educated at Eton and Oxford, graduating from the latter institution in 1872. He was married at Nebraska City, in December, 1877, to Sarah Rivett, a native of Bedfordshire, England. Mr. W. is a member of I. O. O. F., K. of H., and Royal Arcanum.

THOMAS WYMOND, proprietor hotel and bakery, was born in New York City, March 1, 1842. His parents came west when he was but a child, locating at Aurora, Ind., in which place he learned the cooper trade, following it until leaving there for Nebraska City, in April, 1856. He had worked as journeyman, notwithstanding the fact that he was quite young, not being much over fourteen years old. After arriving here, he engaged in farming about six years, when he was elected City Marshal, in 1863. Serving a term of one year, then left the city, and was on the plains from here to Idaho, remaining away four years, then returned to Nebraska City, and commenced the pursuit of farming again, for the space of three years, after which time he started his present business. Mr. W. also held the position of jailor one year. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. Was married to Mary C. Wright in Nebraska City, February, 1863. They have two children--Mary and William.

A. ZIMMERER, of the firm of Bischof & Zimmerer, was born in the Kingdom of Wurtemberg, Germany, September 15, 1832. Came to this country in December, 1853, first locating in Madison, Ind., from there to Cincinnati, and after a short stay, came to Nebraska City, April 22, 1857, and engaged in the tailoring business, and carried it on successfully for ten years. In 1868, formed a partnership with Mr. Bischof, in the hardware business, which they have continued ever since. He was a member of the Legislature in 1869. He is also a member of the I. O. O. F. Was elected Grand Master of that order, and held it for one year, filling the office with credit, both to the lodge and himself. In 1876, he was elected , almost unanimously, to represent the order in the Grand Lodge of the United States for two years. The faithful companion of Mr. Zimmerer, is Emma Zeph, former of Pontiac, Ill. They are blessed with a number of bright children.

L. ZIMMERS & BRO., contractors and builders. Business established in 1879. For examples of their work, we may speak of James Wood's residence, Otoe County, and the residence of John Youtz. L. Zimmers was born in Bedford County, Pa., September 18, 1844. He learned his trade partially there and finished it in Bloomington, Ill. In 1861, he enlisted in Company F. Second Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, and served until mustered out in 1864, participating in all the marches and engagements of his regiment. He returned to Pennsylvania, removed to Bloomington, Ill., and from there moved to Nebraska City, Neb., in 1870. He remained there until 1872 and then returned to Fairbury, Ill., engaged in planing mill and carpentering. In 1879, he returned to Nebraska City, with his brother and established present business. He was married in Bloomington, Ill., December 18, 1868, to Miss Blair, of Bloomington. They have five children--Samuel, Anna Eliza, Mary, George and Alice. Mr. Z. is a member of the A., F. & A. M., and the I. O. O. F.  P. D. Zimmers, of the above firm , was born in Bedford County, Pa., October 3, 1855. In 1865, he removed with his parents to Bloomington, Ill. He learned his trade with his brother, in Fairbury, Ill. where he lived from 1876 to 1879, in the later year removing to Nebraska City, Neb. Mr. Z. is a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and of the A., F. & A. M., Western Star No. 2.


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