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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Produced by Jeanne Walsh.

Part 4


WILLIAM M. BARGER, dealer in implements, was born in Sangamon County, Ill., June 12, 1844 and was for several years employed as a clerk in the mercantile business. In 1867, he opened a grocery and queensware establishment at Taylorsville, Ill, conducting it until 1870, when he removed to Southern Kansas; was for some time in the employ of the Kansas Stage Company as a messenger, afterward he gave his attention to farming. He came to Nebraska in February, 1872; located in Hebron Precinct, Thayer County, and was for four years engaged in building and carpenter work. He removed into the town of Hebron early in 1876, and, in August, was appointed Deputy County Treasurer, serving until April, 1877; was then for a short time employed in building bridges for the company. In the spring o 1877, he engaged in the implement business in company with W. D. Galworth; the latter retired a few months later, and Mr. B. conducted the business alone until the fall of 1879, when he admitted George Guile, who remained in the business until the fall of 1881. Mr. B. is agent for the best harvesting and mowing machinery and agricultural implements manufactured. He was married at Kansas City, Mo., in the fall of 1879, to Miss Kate Russell.

WINSLOW H. BARGER, fruit grower, was born in Sangamon County, Ill, April 4, 1846, and was reared on a farm in Jefferson County, Wis. He enlisted December 22, 1863 in Company L, First Wisconsin Volunteer Cavalry, was taken prisoner while doing picket duty near Cleveland, Tenn., on the 13th of April, 1864, and confined in Andersonville Prison until exchanged November 19; he was mustered out of the service July 19, 1865. After the war, he studied for about one year at Milton Academy, Wisconsin, and at Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis., for about one year, and was subsequently engaged in teaching school and as a clerk in the mercantile business. He was married April 14, 1870 to Miss Lucy J. Dodge of Neosho, Dodge Co. Wis. The children born to them are Selah D., Gertrude and Lorin W. He came to Nebraska March 25, 1871, and homesteaded 160 acres in this county; farmed the same until the spring of 1876, when he sold out his homestead and purchased his present premises, overlooking the town of Hebron; he has here ten acres, and is quite extensively engaged in the cultivation of fruit trees, etc.; he has about one thousand peach trees, besides numerous apple and cherry trees, grape vines, etc. He came to this State financially bankrupt, and has steadily improved his condition; his home grounds resemble a well-cultivated nursery, and his economical and ever-ready wife deserves a share of the credit for all this. Mr. B. served as County Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1874 and 1875; and, at the close of 1879, was appointed Judge of the County to fill a vacancy, and was elected to the office in November, 1880, serving a two-years term.

BENJAMIN F. BERKEY, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, in December, 1843, and at thirteen years of age removed with parents to Scott County, Iowa. He was reared on a farm, and when he reached the age of manhood followed it as an occupation; subsequently was for several years employed in teaching school, and for three years acted as an insurance agent. He came to Nebraska in the fall of 1869, homesteaded 160 acres in Spring Creek Precinct, Thayer County, where he resided, and was for ten years engaged in farming. In March, 1880, he removed to Hebron, purchased the book and stationery, and boot and shoe business of Thomas J. Thompson, and conducted it until April 6, 1882, when he sold the book and stationery department back to Mr. Thompson, and has since given his attention to his present business. He is also Deputy Postmaster of Hebron, having been appointed in April, 1880. Mr. B. was married in Scott County, Iowa, in February, 1870, to Miss Amelia Stanley. They have two children--Lawrence Everett and Ethel.

BETHSCHEIDER BROS., blacksmith and wagon shop. The firm is composed of Adolph J. and Stephen. They were born in Sauk County, Wis., and came with their father to Nebraska in June, 1872, and for several years assisted him in farming in Thayer County. Both of them are practical workmen, having learned the trade at Hebron, and were both employed at it some years. This business was established in March, 1881. They have a nice shop and do a large trade in their line.

THOMAS D. BRISTOL, physician and surgeon, was born in Harwinton, Conn., in July, 1854, and reared on a farm. He attended the State Normal School, graduating from there in 1873; after which he took a special scientific course of two years at Yale College. He came to Hebron in June, 1875, and for a year practiced dentistry with Dr. Fry, and since then on his own account. In connection with his dental surgery practice, he also read medicine with Dr. S. L. Evans, of this place. In September, 1881, he went to St. Joe, Mo., and took two courses at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, graduating March 23, 1882. He also took two course on the eye and ear, and received two diplomas of proficiency, one from Dr. H. Kimberlin, of Kansas City, and another from Dr. C. G. Hubbell, of St. Joe.

T. L. CADWALLADER. The subject of this sketch was born in New Albany, Ind., in 1854. He is a young man of bright promise, having worked himself to his present position without even the aid of a common school education, by close observation and hard labor. He was for a time proof-reader on the Chicago Tribune and contributor to the New York Christian Observer. He edited the Thayer County Sentinel in 1880 and 1881, when he became a partner with Mr. Correll in the Hebron Journal. He has taken the tide in the affairs of his life that are leading on to fame and fortune.

ALBERT F. CLEMONS, Clerk of Thayer County, was born November 21, 1840, in Hartford, Conn. Removing to Hampden, Mass, at seventeen years of age, he there learned the carpenter's trade, and was engaged as a clerk, etc., up to 1864, at which time he removed to Ottawa, Ill., and for six years was engaged in carpentering at that place and also at Madison, Lake Co., Ohio, which he gave up and emigrated in Nebraska in March, 1870, and took a homestead in Fillmore County. For about two and a half years, he was engaged in the improvement of his homestead and also followed his trade, and on July 15, 1872, began the lumber business at Carleton, Thayer Co., to which, in 1873, he added that of dealing in farm implements, and in 1878 took in A. W. McKinney as a partner. From July, 1877, to the 1st of April, 1880, he was interested in general merchandising, in connection with D. Olds. Besides his homestead, adjoining the town, Mr. Clemons has also a tract of 320 acres of land in the neighborhood, which he cultivates and is engaged in raising cattle and hogs. On November 8, 1881, he was elected County Clerk, still occupying that official position.

NOAH B. COFFMAN was born at Crawfordsville, Ind., April 2, 1857, removing with his parents to Urbana, Champaign County, Ill., when quite young. He began the study of law with Messrs. Sommers & Wright, reading with them two years. He also attended the State University, from which he graduated in June, 1878. Early in 1880, he went to Wellington, Kan., where he was admitted to practice June 17, 1880. He then moved to Ottawa, Kan., where he remained until he came to Hebron, in September, 1880. He was employed as cashier in the Exchange Bank at this place until he became associated with his present partner in the firm of Savage & Coffman.

HON. CHARLES B. COON, was born in Indiana County, Penn., June 18, 1841, and was reared on a farm and also assisted his father in lumbering. He enlisted in April, 1861 in the Eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, three months' service; re-enlisted in September following in the One Hundred and Fifth Pennsylvania Infantry, was elected First Lieutenant of Company G, and resigned the following April on account of ill health; his father and three brothers were also in the service; some time after his resignation, was sutler of his regiment for two years. In 1865, he went to Tennessee and raised a crop of cotton; the following year, he did the same in Mississippi. The next season he returned North and settled in Rock Island County, Ill., and was engaged in farming. He came to Nebraska in March, 1869; took up a homestead in Thayer County and resided on it, securing his title in two years; during six months of this period he served in the State Militia, engaged in Indian warfare. Mr. Coon moved to Hebron in 1872, and was for some time engaged in the livery business. In the fall of 1873, was elected Sheriff of Thayer County, served one term, and in 1875 was elected County Treasurer, re-elected in 1877, and in the fall of 1880 was elected to the State Senate to represent the counties of Thayer, Nuckolls, Adams and Webster. He is a Republican, and went in by a large majority. He was for some three years engaged in dealing quite extensively in real estate. Is now engaged in farming on a large scale, has some 1,250 acres of land.

HON. ERASMUS M. CORRELL was born in Canada August 4, 1846. His parents were citizens of the State of New York, near Buffalo, but were on a visit to that portion of the Queen's dominion, and there the subject of this sketch was born. When young, he removed to Illinois with his parents, from which State in 1852, his parents proceeded to California, returning in 1853 to Rockford, Ill., where he attended a graded school. In 1860, the family again went to California, where he attended the University of the Pacific at Santa Clara. In 1865, returning to Illinois, he attended Eureka College; he studied civil engineering and surveying under Maj. Remington, and assisted in a preliminary survey of Rock River. In the capacity of a Surveyor, he came to Thayer County in 1869. Soon after, he became a member of Company A, First Nebraska State Militia, in which he became Second Lieutenant. Mr. Correll is the father of the press of Thayer County, having started the Hebron Journal in 1871, when there were but three houses in the place. He still edits the paper, the official Republican organ of the county, and one of the most progressive and ably edited weekly publications in Southern Nebraska. He studied law in 1871-72 while Justice of the Peace, and was admitted to the bar in 1873. He also established and edits the Western Woman's Journal, at Lincoln, Neb., which has won a national reputation. It has done much for the woman's sufferage movement. He was elected to the House of Representatives of the State Legislature in the fall of 1881. His ability and talents here were felt and appreciated. He introduced sixteen bills and a number of joint resolutions. Was the author and champion of the bill to submit a woman's suffrage amendment to the Constitution which is to be voted upon in November, 1882. At its annual meeting in October, 1881, at Louisville, KY., the American Woman's Suffrage Association elected him President. Also elected President of the Nebraska Editorial Association at its annual meeting in February, 1881, before which he read a poem that received the compliments of the press throughout the State. Mr. Correll has seen much of the western country, and perhaps has done more for Thayer County than any other man, is a close observer of men, is a gentleman of culture, and has a high order of literary ability, being an excellent writer of poetry as well as prose. He is a pleasant public speaker, both on the stump and on the rostrum, and in the capacity of a public speaker, won many converts to the cause of woman's suffrage by his campaign speeches on the amendment of which he is an earnest, ardent and eloquent advocate. Scarcely yet in his prime of life, he has by merit won an enviable State and a prominent national reputation.

DAVID S. DUSENBERY, Principal of Hebron Graded School, was born in Rochelle, Ill.,, August 4, 1849, and was reared on a farm. He came to Nebraska in May, 1869, and located in Pawnee City, and was for some years engaged in school teaching and farming, and while not so employed, during the period from 1873 to 1876, he attended the National Normal School at Lebanon, Ohio, from which he graduated in August, 1876. While in Pawnee City, he organized and taught two summer normal schools. In July, 1977, he went to Hebron and entered upon his present duties. He has gained quite a wide-spread reputation for ability and originality. Mr. D. was married at Waterville, Kan., to Eva Barrett of New York; they have two daughters--Winona A. and Evelyne E.

RICHARD ELLISON, farmer and stock-raiser, was born in Chautauqua County, N. Y., in 1829, residing on a farm there with parents until sixteen years of age, when he accompanied them to Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years later he returned to New York, and was for six years engaged in lumber business in Cattaraugus County, and for four years in Warren County, Penn. He then followed the same business in Chippewa and Marathon Counties, Wis., until 1863, when he went to Franklin County, Iowa, and farmed for a short time. In May, 1864, he made a trip to Idaho, and engaged in mining and merchandising. Returning to Iowa in October, 1865, he once more turned his attention to farming. Mr. E. came to Nebraska in March, 1868, purchased a quarter-section of land in Saline County, and went into farming and stock-raising. He homesteaded 160 acres in August, 1869, in Thayer County, and moved on to the same in February following. He is now the owner of 1,250 acres of land in this county, and is largely engaged in breeding graded Short-Horn cattle, hogs, etc.

REV. P. J. ERLACH, pastor of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, was born in Austria, April 27, 1839. Studied respectively at the Imperial Gymnasium, Laibach, and at the Archiepiscopal Theological Seminary, Gorizia, both in Austria. He came to America in 1864, and graduated in May, 1865, at the St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis. He came to Nebraska in June, 1865, and on the 27th of that month was ordained a priest by the Right Rev. Bishop O'Gorman, Vicar Apostolic of Nebraska. The subject of this sketch then had charge of the following Catholic Churches; Columbus, Neb., from the 24th of August, 1865, until the 10th of December, 1866; Jackson, Dakota Co., Neb., from 10th of December, 1866, till the 5th of October, 1869; Cheyenne, W. T., from 5th of October, 1869, till the 16th of April, 1871; Rulo, Richardson Co, Neb., from the 16th of April, 1871, till the 30th of January, 1873, Jackson, Dakota Co., Neb., from January 30, 1873, till the 10th of December, 1877; Grand Island, Hall Co., Neb., from December 10 till the 11th of July, 1880; and came to Hebron, July, 1880, to take charge of this church; has also charge of the Catholic Churches in Thayer and Jefferson Counties.

STEPHEN L. EVANS, physician and surgeon, was born in Cambria County, Penn., in 1840. He began business life as a clerk in mercantile business, following it until twenty-one years of age, and during several years of that period also studied medicine under Dr. Lemon, of Evansburg, Penn. In 1862, he went to Philadelphia and attended the Eclectic Medical College, from which he graduated in 1863. He then practiced medicine at Carleton, Penn., for about seven years, after which he farmed in Bloomfield, Iowa, for about four years. The Doctor came to Hebron in July, 1874, and at once opened an office for the practice of his profession at this place.

MORRIS S. FERGUSON, Sheriff of Thayer County, was born at the city of Baltimore, Md., on October 28, 1848; at the age of seven years removed with his parents to Scott County, Iowa, and was reared on a farm. He then went to Linn County, where for some seven years he assisted his father in general merchandise business. He came to Nebraska in the spring of 1871, and homesteaded 160 acres in Chester Precinct, Thayer County, on which he still resides; is the owner of 160 acres of land, and, in connection with his farming, is engaged in raising hogs, making a specialty of the Poland-China breed. He was Moderator of the district school one term, and elected Sheriff of the county in November, 1881 for a term of two years. Mr. F. was married at Hebron, Neb., in October, 1879 to Jennie Cannell, a native of Rochester, N. Y. They have one son--Clifford.

H. E. GARZEE, Deputy Clerk of Thayer County, was born in July, 1843, in Bennington, Vt., and at an early age removed with his parents to Geneseo, N. Y., and again at twelve years of age, to Fayette County, Iowa, where he remained on a farm until in October, 1861, he enlisted in Company C, of the Thirteenth United States Infantry, and served out the three years of enlistment and re-enlisted February 13, 1864, and was mustered out February 13, 1867. After his return from the war, he followed farming, carpentering, and for about six months served as clerk in the Fayette County Auditor's office, and in the fall 1877, came to Nebraska, stopping at Belvidere, Thayer County, and engaged as clerk in the mercantile business at intervals for about two years. On the 29th of May, 1878, took a homestead two and a half miles from the town, and began its improvement until August, 1878, when he received the appointment of Deputy County Clerk, under M. M. Howse, and served one year, and on January 1, 1882, was re-appointed after a brief interval, in which he was engaged in farming.

JACOB HENDERSHOT, of the firm of Hendershot & Son., grocers and butchers, was born in Belmont County, Ohio, July 16, 1820, and followed farming after he reached the age of manhood. In 1846, he engaged in mercantile business, following it for some eighteen years, and during a portion of that period was largely engaged in dealing in leaf tobacco. In 1864, he opened a meat-market in that county and carried it on for some six years. Mr. H. came to Nebraska in April, 1870, and purchased 200 acres of land adjoining the town of Hebron, and six months later homesteaded 160 acres in the same precinct. He was for three years engaged in farming. In 1873, he moved into Hebron, and engaged in business, opening a meat-market. In 1878, he admitted his two sons, O. P. and H. A. Hendershot to a partnership, the latter retired in June, 1881, and the style has since been Hendershot & Son. The stock of groceries was added in 1876, and the firm does a large trade in both lines. Mr. H. was married in Belmont County, Ohio, in June 20, 1844, to Delany Harrison. They have eight children--Flavius J., Daniel W., Angelina, Mary J., Henry A., Omer P., Sherman and Cora May.

JOHN W. HUGHES, contractor and builder, was born in Ebensburg, Penn., August 14, 1845. He enlisted August 8, 1862, in Company I, One Hundred and Thirty-third Pennsylvania Infantry, and served nine months, re-enlisted shortly afterward in Company A, First Pennsylvania Battery, serving for three months and again enlisted in Company I, Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry, serving two years. Subsequently went to Iowa City, Iowa, where he learned the trade of a carpenter, serving as an apprentice some three years, and followed it as an occupation. Mr. H. came to Nebraska in 1870, and was for two years employed at his trade in Omaha. He came to Hebron, September 10, 1872, and at once engaged in business as a contractor and builder, in company with his brother, W. B. Hughes. In 1877, they dissolved, and the subject of our sketch continued the business. Among the prominent buildings which he erected here, are the County Court House, Catholic Church, Central Hotel and Masonic and Odd Fellows Hall. Mr. H. was married at Hebron, November 27, 1873. to Miss Mamie G. Bonner, a native of Memphis, Tenn. They have one son--Louis B.

DAVID M. MOYER, dealer in tinware and stoves, was born in Canada, November 12, 1837; here he learned the trade of tinner, serving as an apprentice some two years; followed it under instruction for four years, and was afterward employed as a journey-man. In 1865, he went to Pennsylvania and was employed at his trade in various parts of that State, then in New York for two and a half years, after which in Iowa and Illinois until he came West. He homesteaded 160 acres in Thayer County, Neb., in the fall of 1870, and resided on it four years, during which period he farmed and worked at his trade, then went to Beatrice, Neb., and followed his trade for two years; came to Hebron in 1877, and worked as a journeyman tinner until the fall of 1880, when he engaged in this business. He is popular in the community and has a good business. Mr. M. was married in Sherman, N. Y. in the spring of 1866, to Hattie Durlin. They have two children -- Luella and Robertson.

EDWARD S. PAST, real estate agent and abstractor, was born in Luzerne County, Penn., June 3, 1841, and with his father followed mill building in Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia and Minnesota. April, 1861, he enlisted for three months, and afterward for three years in the First Minnesota Infantry, and during his service in the war was in the famous battles of Bull Run, Ball's Bluff, siege of Yorktown, West Point, Fair Oaks, siege of Richmond, Peach Orchard, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Charles City Cross Roads, Malvern Hill, Chantilly, South Mountain and Antietam, and at the latter he received a severe wound in the left leg. After being mustered out, in the spring of 1863, he was appointed Enrolling Officer at Minneapolis, Minn., also a Recruiting Officer. Returning to Pennsylvania in the fall of 1863, he became agent for the P. & E. R. R., at Glen Union, and at the same time was engaged in lumbering for other parties. Coming to Nebraska, in 1869, he located in Beatrice, Gage County, where he was engaged in surveying, prospecting and locating lands, removing to Thayer County in the summer of 1870 ; he still follows the same employment. He was appointed Postmaster in 1871; in the fall was elected County Clerk; during 1874-75, he was engaged in the hardware business. At the time of his service as County Clerk, he also edited the Hebron Journal, in company with R. K. Hill, and in 1877 took the Thayer County Sentinel, which he ran for two years, and 1879 entered the Exchange Bank as Cashier, which he left to enter upon the duties of County Clerk, being again elected to that office in November, 1879. Since 1879, he has been Commander of the Grand Army at this place. and also for eleven years served on the School Board in various capacities.

CARLISLE PHEBUS, contractor and builder, was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, November 1, 1837, removing with parents when quite young to Kosciusko County, Ind. He learned the trade of cabinet maker in Elkhart County, and followed it as an occupation for some years. He enlisted November 13, 1861, in Company G, Forty-eighth Indiana Infantry; was wounded in the right knee on May 22, 1864 in the charge of Vicksburg. Mr. P. participated in the engagements of Champion Hills, Missionary Ridge, Jackson, Miss., and many others; he was mustered out January 16, 1865. Subsequently returned to Kosciusko County, and was employed as a carpenter. In May, 1867, he went to Pike County, Ill, where he at once engaged in business as a contractor and builder, following it there until he came to Hebron, in May, 1873, at which time he established himself in this business. His wife also opened a millinery establishment at that time, which she still conducts.

NORMAN RAPALEE, editor and proprietor of the People's Advocate, of Hebron, Neb., was born February 10, 1856, at La Harpe, Hancock Co., Ill. With a common school education he commenced the printer's trade in 1871, and has worked up to the position of editor. Published the National Greenbacker at Rochelle, Ill, in 1877-78. He resigned his position on the editorial staff of the Chicago Sentinel and New York Review, a place he had held for three years to embark in his present enterprise. The Advocate and his prospects for success are exceeding promising.

A. C. RING, drug and groceries, was born in Monroe County, Ohio, May 17, 1849, residing on a farm there until he came to Nebraska, May 25, 1869. He resided in Jefferson County for a few months. Enlisting in the State Militia shortly after his arrival; served until the following November. He then homesteaded and pre-empted 320 acres of land in Hebron Precinct, Thayer County, and resided on the same for some time. July 8, 1871, he engaged in the drug and grocery business at Hebron, in company with F. J. Hendershot. In December, 1873, the style changed to Ferguson & Ring, and in 1876, Mr. Ring took the business and has conducted it since. He has the oldest established business in this line in town, and carries a nice stock of about $2,500. He was a member of the first Board of Trustees of Hebron.

SAVAGE & COFFMAN, attorneys at law. This firm was established here in November, 1881, purchasing the old business of Thompson & Savage.

MANFORD SAVAGE, the first partner in this firm, was born in Macoupin County, Ill., May 24, 1853, and was reared on a farm. He was for several years engaged in teaching school in Gerard, and then went to the State University at Champaign, Ill., and attended there some years, off and on, teaching school in the intervals, and in June, 1878, graduated, after which he entered the law office of Col. J. S. Wolfe, at Champaign. Mr. S. was admitted to the bar at Mt. Vernon, Ill., July 9, 1880, after which he practiced in Champaign. He came to Hebron May 1, 1881, and entered into a law partnership with W. J. Thompson, and in the following November Mr. T. sold out.

DANIEL T. SCOVILLE, Superintendent of Public Instruction of Thayer County, was born in Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio, March 3, 1845, and reared on a farm. He enlisted December 21, 1863, in the Trumbull Guards, and served until discharged, July 1, 1865. After this, he went to Illinois, where he was employed in teaching school in Grundy and Livingston Counties. In 1871, he entered the employ of the I., B. & W. R. R. Company in Indiana, remaining with the company for about a year, after which he was employed in the construction of railroads in Illinois, and was for several years Roadmaster on the C., P. & S. W. R. R., and subsequently farmed and taught school. He came to Nebraska in April, 1877, and located in Hebron Precinct, Thayer Co., since which time he has conducted a farm and taught school. He has 115 acres of land and considerable live stock. Mr. S. was elected Vice President of Thayer County Teachers' Association in January, 1881, and President in 1882. He was appointed County Superintendent in April, 1882.

BENJAMIN R. SMITH, physician and surgeon, was born in Switzerland County, Ind., June 26, 1844, and was reared on a farm. He enlisted in September, 1862, in the Ninety-third Indiana Infantry, and served three years. In 1867, he entered as a student in Starling College, Columbus, Ohio, and graduated March 1, 1870. He then practiced at Evansville, Ind., for eighteen months, at Fairview for eighteen months and in Buchanan County, Mo., eighteen months. He came to Nebraska May 1, 1875. Practiced in Steele City for eight months and also carried on a drug store. Afterward in Belleville, Republic Co., Kan., until February, 1876, when he came to Hebron, since which time he has practiced his profession at this point. He is examining surgeon of several life insurance companies.

THOMAS J. THOMPSON, Postmaster of Hebron, was born in England, September 20, 1823, and learned the shoemaker's trade. He emigrated to America in 1845, and followed his trade in Wisconsin, at several places, and was engaged in manufacturing boots and shoes in Burlington, Wis., for about sixteen years. In September, 1872, he came to Hebron, Neb. Was soon after appointed Assistant Postmaster, and in 1873 was commissioned Postmaster, and began dealing in books, boots and shoes, etc. In March, 1880, the business was disposed of to B. F. Berkey, and in 1882 he bought back the book and stationery business, which he still conducts in connection with his office as Postmaster. He was married in Rochester, Wis., in 1848, to Barbara J. Binks, an English lady. They have now living one son and one daughter--Walter J. and Jessie M.

W. J. THOMPSON, banker, was born at Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wis., January 25, 1853, and was brought up in Burlington, Racine Co., Wis., where he learned the carpenter's trade. Coming to Nebraska in November, 1871, he was engaged in carpentering in Hebron for a few months, and in the spring of 1872 started a real estate office. January 12, 1874, E. B. Appelgate was taken in as a partner, the business being that of real estate and law. In February, 1875, the firm started the Exchange Bank. In August, 1878, Mr. Thompson bought out his partner's interest and disposed of his real estate business to E. S. Past, and the law to Savage & Coffman in the fall of 1881. He also established a bank, in company with James Dinsmore, at Chester, in October, 1880 , and in April, 1881, began the general merchandising business in Hebron with F. B. Udell. In 1881, he built a large bank and also a store building at this place, the material being magnesia limestone. Besides other enterprises, he is engaged extensively in raising fine cattle, horses and hogs, and is largely engaged in real estate, owning about forty-two hundred acres. Mr. T. was appointed the first Deputy Treasurer of Thayer County and drew up the first tax receipt in the county.

WILLIAM L. THOMPSON, general merchant, was born in Clinton, DeWitt County, Ill., in 1852, and reared on a farm. At twenty-two years of age, he began to farm on his own account in that county, and continued it for about two years or more. He came to Nebraska in April, 1876, and was engaged farming in Thayer County for about four years, after which he moved to Hebron, and on January 1. 1880, began business, carrying a small stock of notions, etc., worth about $100. His trade increased rapidly, and he now carries a nice stock of groceries, boots and shoes, etc., worth from $1,500 to $2,000. He was elected Constable of this place in the fall of 1881.

M. H. WEISS, attorney at law, was born in Port Washington, Wis., May 16, 1855, and in May, 1873, removed with his parents to Ossian, Winneshiek Co., Iowa, residing on a farm until 1875, when he went to Chicago and attended Commercial College, graduating in April, 1876; returning to his home in Iowa, he began the study of law with G. L. Faust, and afterward read with M. P. Hathaway, of Decorah, Iowa. He was admitted to practice in May, 1879, and remained with his preceptor until he came to Hebron September 27, the following year, at which time he opened an office for the practice of his profession at this place.

J. ANTON WILLY, musical merchandise, was born in Switzerland December 23, 1836. His father owned a flour and saw mill, and young Willy learned the trade of millwright and machinist with him, and followed the same until he immigrated to Nebraska in October, 1869. He located in Thayer County, and was employed farming about two years. In 1871, in company with his two brothers, erected a saw-mill in which he was engaged in conducting until 1879, and was also for some years engaged in dealing in wines and liquors, and conducting a restaurant at Hebron. Early in 1881, he established his present business; has had twenty-five years' experience in teaching music. Mr. W. was married in Switzerland in 1866, to Mary K. Yeager; they have five children--Joseph A. George, Simon, Kate and Mary B.

WETHERALD BROTHERS, proprietors of Premium Flouring Mills. This firm is composed of Charles M. and Frank M. Their father, H. L. Wetherald, built the mill in early days amid great difficulties, and to-day it is one of Hebron's greatest attractions to the farmer. It is built of stone, and cost some $20,000, has all the latest improvements in the milling machinery, and a capacity of seventy-five barrels per day. Charles M. was born in Boone County, Ind., May 24, 1853, and at ten years of age moved with his parents to Richmond, Ind., and in the fall of 1872, accompanied them to Beatrice, Neb.; he was there engaged in milling with his father under style of Wetherald & Sons, and in the spring of 1876, came to Hebron. He assisted in conducting the mill in the firm of Wetherald, Wood & Co., until 1880, when the style changed to Wetherald Bros, Mr. Wood retiring. Mr. Wetherald was married at Hebron, April 27, 1879; they have two children --Laura and Howard.

WERNER BROTHERS, dealers in hardware, tinware, furniture, etc.; the hardware business was established in 1875, and in September, 1880, the above firm purchased the store and business from Malowney & Wilson. The firm consists of A. D., H. W. and J. J. Werner; since coming here, they have added a fine stock of furniture and undertaker's goods, and are doing a large business in all the departments. Adam D. is the practical business man of the firm, and was formerly for some time engaged in business at Corning, Iowa. Henry W. is a practical harness-maker, and followed it for several years in Illinois, and was for three years Deputy Sheriff of Grundy County, Ill. The third brother, Jacob J., is a practical tinner, and was for several years engaged in that business in Corning, Iowa; he takes the principal management of the tinware and repairing department.

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