Common Latin Terms
As you search through old documents, especially church and probate records, you will probably see Latin terms used. Here are some of those most commonly found.

Latin Terms
ab nepos a great-great-grandson
ab neptis a great-great-granddaughter
Anno Domini (A.D.) in the year of our Lord
circa, circiter (c., ca., circ.) about
connubium marriage
decem ten
de jure lawfully
eodem to the same place/person/day
episcopus bishop
et and, both
et alii (et al.) and others
et cetera (etc., c.) and so forth
familia household
filiam daughter
filium son
impositum the name bestowed
infantem child
inprimis in the first place
inqus repeat, maintain
ipsius in person, of own accord
item also, likewise
loco to place, establish, give in marriage
locus a place
mater mother
materfamilias (female) head of household
mensis (menses) month(s)
mortis (mortem) death
natum birth
nepos grandson (Also meant "nephew" in some records)
neptis granddaughter (Also meant "niece" in some records)
nota bene (N.B.) take note
nuber huc adventis recently arrived here
ob before, in front of, because of, on account of
obit (he or she) died
obit sine prole (o.s.p.) (he or she) died without offspring
pater father
requiescat in pace (R.I.P.) rest in peace
sic so, thus
testes witnesses
ultimo (ult.) last
uxor (ux, vx) wife
Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.) minister of the word of God
videlicet (viz, vizt) namely

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