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Dakota County Pioneers

Great Grandparents of Bernadette Castor


1. John Hartnett Sr. m. Margaret Fitzpatrick (also used the name “Hartnady”).

Listed in Warner’s history of Dakota county New as “A Pioneer of Pioneers”
       - born 1815, Limerick Ireland.
    - Immigrated on the bark Montgomery, port of New Orleans, 1849.
    - 1850 IL  census as railroad worker.
    -  married Margaret Fitzpatrick, (1830-1864) 5 Oct 1852, Alton IL
    - Migrated to Dakota County, NE spring 1857. Settled in St. Johns, Pigeon Creek.
    - bounty grants land 1857-1860., By 1885 owned 2000 acres in Dakota county.
       - died 5 Oct 1893 when killed 1 mile east of Hubbard, NE by Chicago Illinois train.         
    I have a copy of the newspaper article describing the accident.
        - buried in St. Johns cemetery (historical site), Jackson NE.
Mary Hartnett McGee b 1853 Il - 1939; Daniel Hartnett b 1856 MO; James Hartnett b 1860 NE;
John Jr. “Jack” Hartnett, b 1860 NE (my grandfather); Thomas Hartnett, b 1861 NE; William Hartnett b 1864, NE.


2. Peter McShane m. Bridget Donelly
   - born 1829, Armaugh Ireland,
    - died 1911 in NE. Listed in “Warner's History of Dakota County” as a Settler.
    - immigrated in 1852, Live in NH.
    - married Bridget Donelly, 1858, in Dover NH, (born 1831, Ireland, died 1915, NE.)
    - Migrated to NE in 1871 to Dakota county, NE., Land owner.  

    - buried in cemetery, St. Mary’s, Hubbard, NE. 

Mary McShane-Duggan, 1859, NH; James, 1861, NH; Margaret McShane-Hartnett, 1864 (my grandmother);
Alice McShane-Meyers 1867; NH; Bridgit McShane, 1869, NH;  Delia McShane- O'Donnell, 1871, MA.


3.  Henry Ostmeyer (Ostmeier) m. Augusta Brinkman-Ostmeyer

Listed in “Warner’s History of Dakota County” as a settler.
    - born 1841, Germany
• m. Augusta Brinkman 1867, Germany
• immigrated in 1871 to Dakota county NE
   - landowner
    - died 1918, buried in Taylor cemetery, Homer NE

Henrietta,1869, Ger; Fredericka Ostmeyer-Bartels, b 1871 Ger; Charles, 1873, NE; William, 1876 NE;
Lena, 1883, NE; Ameila-Ostmeyer-Chaillie 1880, NE; Harry 1892, NE.
   - Fredericka Ostmeyer, b 1871 Germany m. Fred Bartels (my grandparents)

4. Johanna Ostmeier, (mother of Henry) immigrated with Henry, b 1808 Ger,
Died 1885, NE buried in Taylor cemetery, Homer NE.


5. Henry Bartels m. Wilhelmina Herman-Bartels
   - b 1831, Wenden, Hanover Province Germany
    - immigrated with six children in 1881, 3 more children born in NE.
    - land owner, Dakota county, NE
    -  died 1911, buried in Taylor cemetery, Homer NE 

Henry, 1863, Ger; Frederick, 1867. Ger (my grandfather); William, 1879, Ger; Adolph, 1873, Ger;

August, 1874, Ger; Ernest, 1880, Ger; Anna, 1891, NE; Minnie, 1883, NE; Charles, 1886, NE.


Notes: I grew up in Hubbard, Dakota county, NE.

Railroads - Hubbard was named after Judge A. W Hubbard, first president of the Covington Columbus and Black Hills railroad.  The Chicago, St Paul & Omaha railroad purchased the Covington Columbus and Black Hills railroad in 1880, and built the new line through Hubbard. My great grandfather John Hartnett Sr. was killed while walking home on the tracks in 1893. The story was written up in the Dakota County Eagle Newspaper.
Hubbard  NE was featured in Colliers Magazine 1947 when the Clyde Beatty Circus train had a wreck in town and the circus animals were running wild.

Submitted June 2006 by

Bernadette Castor



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