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Nebraska Research Exchange

The Nebraska Research Exchange is a way for researchers to exchange their time in helping others with their research. If you are able to volunteer to do research in the area where you live in exchange for research done in Nebraska, you may participate. If you agree to participate, you may ask for reimbursement for your expenses, such as copying and postage, but please do not ask for a fee beyond expenses. We have a Professional Researcher's page for such listings.

Although we are providing this service, the NEGenWeb Project is not responsible for any agreement that you might make with another researcher. These researchers do not have an affiliation with the NEGenWeb Project and the NEGenWeb Project cannot be responsible for their work. You must make any arrangements directly with them. If you have a complaint about any researcher, please contact us, so that the name can be removed from the list.

Submit your own Research Exchange

Please include the following information:
Your Name:
Your email address:
Where you will do research:
Where you would like research done in Nebraska (include county, if known):
Please limit your request to one or two counties in Nebraska.
Send your request to David Gochenour

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