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Birth Surname Birth First Name Adopted/Other Surname Adopted? Birth year Town taken to Year taken on the train Person submitting information Other information
Albrecht William Mitchell   1892 Murray 1904 OTR placed by CAS along with brother
Albrecht Henry       Murray 1904 OTR Merrill Mitchell -nephew
Allen Elizabeth T.     1882 Clinton 1921 Mary Lane married name Keyes
Ament Irene Emma Krayenhagen         Shirley M. Adams  
Anderson Alice Anderson Jacobsen?   1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Anderson Agnes B. Ruth Agnes Jensen yes 1912 Forest City 1904 Ruth Hickok OTR  
Anderson Francis       Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Anderson Hilda     1901 Estherville   Norma Sampson  
Anderson Sophia       Estherville   Norma Sampson  
Asher Kathryn Louise Doller no 1885 What Cheer 1890 Ellen Sulser she lived with Jacob and Mary Doller
Astor/Astors Fanny Frances Astors no 1879 Dewitt 1886 Lori Alstott, ggrandaughter of Maggie Connors she lived with Martin and Mary Kilty, along with her foster sister Maggie Connors.Read more
Avery Mervin Doller   1881 Kossuth Co. 1918 Eda Olney lived with the Rice family
Axtel Marietta Hand     Lawler 1888 OTR placed by a Catholic org. in NYC
Bagley Majorie           OTR  
Barke Oscar Voss     Clarksville   M. Joyce Kruse  
Barney Ethel Malone   1897 Dunlap   Robert Staley  
Bauman Alfred Alfred Bernard Pierce   1867 Hopkinton 1903 Joan M. Drahos, daughter  
Baxter Charles H.     1862 Hamburg 1879 R.Hodge, OTR born in Brooklyn, father couldn’t find work
Beaton George     1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette placed with sister Lulu
Beaton George Richard   no 1885 Eagle Grove 1892 Charles N. Beaton, son may have been brother to Louise
Beaton Louise "Lulu"   no 1884 Boone Valley, EG 1891 Charles Beaton Lulu was removed from home and returned to NY
Beatty Charlotte Irene     1910 Charles City 1917   CAS agent Hill placed in Draeger home
Bell Peter J. Buschelman   1887 St. Mary’s 1892    
Benson Irene Higgins   1892 Prescott 1911 Irene Hancock, OTR  
Berger Henry J.     1892 Ackley, Waterloo 1904 Harold Berger, son  
Bird Amy       Marcus   Arlene Bird  
Bolton Bertha Marie   no   Castalia   Estella Eakins, daughter lived with McGaheran family
Bonny Josh     1891 Cedar Rapids 1894 Marilyn Sporleder  
Bourdeaux Helen Margaret E. Bell   1910 Mason City 1922 John Ernest - son lived with Jess and Mary Bell
Brenna Daniel       Benton 1914 Jeanne Edison  
Briggs Leanda Leo Andrew Woods no 1885 Clinton 1905 Mildred W. Larsen, daug. step sister- Rose Dillon
Brunsmead William Sr.     1869   1929 Diane Bagley born in London , placed through CAS
Brown Milly     1873 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge left at Lodging House for Girls
Burton Herbert Montgomery no   Tama     was 5 when placed but ran away later
Byrne Zita O.       Lawler   Jeanne Dahlman, gneice married Hahn
Caffery Eddie Falland   1885 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Caine Harry   yes 1886 Coldwater Twsp   John N. Bergquist heir to an estate from the Caine’s
Calver Frank Calver Derscheid (?)   1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Caroon Harry   yes 1886 Williams   Tom Sheahan adopted by Irish family but allowed to keep his Jewish faith
Casson Pierre Perry Joseph Hoffey   1885 Marengo 1910 Madonna Harms placed by NYFH with Wm & Marg. Hoffey
Chichester Sylvester     1866 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge not an orphan, parents unemployed in Brooklyn
  Clarie           Claire Romine OTR  
Clark Arthur              
Clarkson Frederick       DeWitt   Robert Clarkson parents- Mr and Mrs. Robert Clarkson
Clarkson Robert Ashmond   no 1867 DeWitt   Robert Clarkson was treated badly at first,
Clermont Eleanor       Farley   sr. John Nepomucene lived with the Stratton family, married Ronan
Coffee Helen Frances   no 1907 Dyersville 1909 Peg Stevens lived with the Lappe family
Colowsky Walter Harold R. Beavers   1917 Clarinda 1922 Linda Beavers Carlson lived with Roy and Gerene Beavers
Colowsky Alexander Douthit   1894 Clarinda 1916 Alexander Douthit OTR  
Connors Margaret "Maggie" Marguerite Aloysius Connors no 1880 DeWitt 1886 Lori Alstott, ggrandaughter she lived with Martin and Mary Kilty, along with her foster sister Fannie Astors.Read more
Cooper ? Charles David Davenport   1909 Clear Lake 1913   placed with twin sister b. 12 Jan 1909
Cosgrove James Abraham     1866 Des Moines 1901 Ellen Hathaway brother R.L. also went to Iowa
Craig Rachel Goergen   1886       place by NYFH with Paul Mueller
Crighton Samuel G.     1863 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge father was a sailor
Criswell Charley       Council Bluffs   Cecil Fisher  
Cummins Dugan       Centerville   Janet Cummins, ggniece  
Dawson Walter     1906 Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Delveccio Angelina Anna M.     Carbon 1900   placed by CAS with Bill Steven
Delveccio Marie       Carbon      
Delveccio Viola       Carbon      
Dichting Henry (Harry)   no 1899 New Sharon 1904   placed by CAS with Tom and Rose Gosnell
Dietz Sarah   yes 1887 Parkersburg 1902 Violet Bates adopted by Joe Meester
Dillon Delia Cooke   1864 Vail   Dillon children born in Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland
Dillon Elizabeth Moore   1870 DeWitt 1878 Dillion children  
Dillon Patrick     1874 DeWitt 1878 Dillion children  
Dinkel Marie     1902     Marie Dinkel raised by the Koenig family
Doan Amy       Hopkinton   Earl H. DeShaw, friend  
Dolan William James   no 1884 Lovilla 1888 Bob Betsinger, grandson born on the ship coming from Ireland
Doherty Francis Sylvester Benson yes 1891 Sioux City   Carol Ann Mott, daughter  
Drake Edward Drake     1910 Hardy 1905 Edward Burmeister  
Dunn Douglas Preece yes 1845 Keosauqua 1845-50 Timothy F. Preece, gg son Taken by Sarah and Nancy Montgomery
Dunn William Donald Valline   1888 Dows 1892 Patricia Bearfield, gdau. lived with John and Elizabeth Valline
Eberhardt Alice       Wadena 1912 Lois Samek  
          Des Moines   NP article Haltzman family
Eberhardt Josephine       Wadena   Lois Samek  
          Des Moines 1897 NP article Boleyn family
Eberhardt Pearl       Lima 1912 Lois Samek  
          Des Moines   NP article Hutchinson family
Eddinger Arthur Otto Arthur Seeberger   1883 Andrew 1864 Virginia Baldwin adopted by Louis and Lena Schmitz Seeberger
Erdman Lillian Worstall   1898 Malvern 1900 Lillian Sowers  
Exster John Otto     1888 Center Point 1911 Patti Exster  
Fendel Jacob B.       Griswold 1904 OTR placed by CAS in home of Harry Steinbeck
Field Arthur Smith yes 1917 Clarinda 1922 Arthur Smith placed by CAS with Worley and Lillian Smith
Finlay George Washington     1859 Winterset   Edna Brooks, gdaughter brothers and sisters stayed in New York
Fischer Joseph Langerman yes 1906 Fayette 1912 Lois Samek  
Flynn Victoria A.   yes 1886 Silver City   Connie Bronder , gniece placed with William and Joanna Flynn
George Stahl George   yes 1903 Story City 1908 Kathy Reynolds placed by CAS with Julia Merkel (parents in 1900 census)
Gibson William     1865 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge had 2 older brothers, one younger, and 2 sisters
Gilbert Eadie     1902 Northwood   Gilbert Eadie  
Goldstein Anna Elizabeth     1893 Marengo 1899   placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with Wm. Drummond
Goldstein William Joseph     1895 Marengo 1899   placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with Wm. Drummond
Goodmanson Walter A. Bakken yes 1902 Northwood 1888 Donna M. Rude  
Grameco Carl Alderman   1890 Fairbanks 1901   placed by NY Juvenile Asylum
Grameco Frances Gould yes 1891 Earlville     placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with Charles Gould
Hadaway Gladys       Cumberland 1912 Wilma Symonds  
Hale Augustus Preece yes 1849 Keosauqua 1849 Timothy F. Preece ggs placed with Sarah and Nancy Montgomery
Hanlon John     1892 Tama co. 1900 Lyle Carpenter dau/siblings Fred, Samuel and Jeanette Hanlon
Hempstead Russell     1900 Estherville 1914 OTR placed by CAS
Hempstead Victor Ernest     1906 Estherville 1914 OTR placed by CAS
Hennesy Eddie Hennesy     1885 Stacyville 1900 Sr. Catherine Niess ran away and never found
Hennesy Monica     1888 Stacyville 1900 Sr. Catherine Niess entered the Sisters of St. Francis in La Crosse WI
Hewett Jean Swanson   1912 Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Hile John Sherer   1863 Mason City   Howard D. Sherer Rev. Girly traveled with a group
Hofmeister William Bill Greenlee     Gravity   Wilma Smith  
Horn Adolph       Burlington 1898 OTR placed by NY Juvenile Asylum
Horn Frank L.     1887 Burlington 1898 OTR placed by NY Juvenile Asylum
Howell Isabelle       Marengo   OTR placed by NYFH wiht Wm. and Margaret Hoffey
Hunt Margaret     1896 Sidney 1919 Kathleen Buchanan- gdau  
Hunt Sarah Ann     1896 Sidney 1916 Sarah Maxwell lived with Hutchinson family, sister of Margaret
Huntington Edward Mackey   1871 near Washington 1884 Mrs. Tom Colglazier gdau  
Hynges Joseph       Des Moines 1912 NP article Smock family
Hynges William       Des Moines 1912 NP article Alley family
Isaac Sadie     1889 Fayette Twsp 1892 Vivian Kalton lived with Drayfall family, married Williams
  Jenny       Charlotte 1908 Eileen Murray married name Jennie Blessington
Josephson Viola     1913   1913 Viola Moon OTR brothers Charles and Leo, lived with Maschneyer family
Jones Walter Heine   1888 Clarksville 1907 Ceila Deike, Rudolph Priepke Lived with Henry and Pauline Heine
Jorgenson Ad     1852 Eldora      
Kalnick Edna Ruth Marguerite Squier yes 1912 Spencer   Frances R. Campbell, dau.  
Kane Edna Lucille Mulhollow   1897 Maline 1900 Noreen Pilers married Bentley
Keisel William John Hill   1890 Corning 1900 OTR had a sister Grace
Keller Catherine       Remsen 1900 Lorna Pick lived with Krogman
Keller Katie Kelley     1885 Dougherty   Sally Morris  
Kenny Mary Josephine Josephine Bolland   1890 Sioux City 1910 Mary Josephine Sweeney  
Keough Leona Mae   yes 1910 Waterloo 1922 Lois Bennett adopted by Jim and Hessie Keough, born in Ironwood MI
Ketchum Lucy Kerrigan     1845     Randall Wright  
Kline Thomas Scott     1869 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge father died and mother ran a small store
Kniess Dorothea Emily       Burlington     taken by Charles Feenor
Kramer Rose     1890 Bancroft   Marlin Schiltz  
Krohnemann Gustav     1865 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs German boy who had gone to NY to find uncle Frederick Krohnemann
Krowmeyer Alex Blandahl   1883 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Laehle Frank     1901 Sioux City 1857 Sue Anderson  
Lalor James Joseph     1884 Charlotte 1916 Ann Peterson  
Lamphear Mabel     1907 Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Lande Charles     1870     Constance Porzenheim  
Lande Edward     1871     Constance Porzenheim  
Lashaway Herbert Carlson yes 1911 Waterville 1919 Frances L. Babb biological parents Frederick and Leah Dunlap Lashaway, placed by CAS
Lashaway Ruth Mary Carlson yes 1909 Sumner 1919 Frances L. Babb, dau. five children, Herbert, Leota, Eleanor, Virgil, Ruth Mary
Lashaway Virgil Carlson yes 1910 Sumner 1919 Frances L. Babb  
Lashaway Leota Leota May Lang yes 1915 Sumner 1891 Mrs Leota Adams OTR  
Lawler Ellen     1891 Grand Junction   Dorothy F. Eichorn lived with Phillip and Bridget Lawler
Leahy John Richard     1889 South Amana 1885 Kathleen Jones had 1 sister Mamie, lived with Nelson and Olsen families
Lee Max Kuhn Wasem ?   1875 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Lennon John     1864 Hamburg 1879 R. Hodge born in Atlanta GA but moved after the war. had brother in Ohio
Long Laura Leach     Spencer 1913 OTR placed by CAS
Long Ruth Naomi       Spencer 1913 OTR placed by CAS
Lyons William Gilbert   1886 Van Buren co 1897 John Bell had a brother Joseph Lyons, lived with Clinton Wesley Gilbert
Lyucco Louis       New Sharon 1895 Jean Denhart lived with L.F. Heath family
Mack James     1905 Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Madden Annie Moos   1885 Granville 1889 Doris Swanson  
Marquaid Marie       Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Martin Elmer Hansen   1909 Swaledale 1913 Lorna Hansen lived with the Clarence Hansen family
Mason Clara     1884   1895 R.B. Kuchenreuther  
Maxwell Robert James     1902 Osage 1912 Robert Lee Maxwell 5 siblings, William, Elmer, Alice, Thomas, Harry
May Casper John       Mason City   Sharon Nabedin  
McChesney William Henry     1868 Afton   Evan. W. McChesney 2 siblings, Charls B and Mary Ella
McDowell Estelle       Randalia 1912 NP article, Johnson family
McDowell John       Randalia 1912 NP article Johnson family
Mellinger Jacob. W.     1857 Greencastle   Walter T. Mellinger lived with Oliver T. and Susie Bowen
Merkle Charles       Clarion 1892 Palimpsett, Fall 1988  
Merkle Lizzie       Clarion 1892 Palimpsett, Fall 1988  
Merkle Mary       Clarion 1892 Palimpsett, Fall 1988  
Merkle Minnie       Clarion 1892 Paliimpsett, Fall 1988  
Merkle? Minnie?       Galt 1910 Florence Frye an agent "Aldrich" was traveling with them. Married Ketchum?
Mijerus Lizzie   yes   Staceyville   Lucy Adams  
Miller Louise Ziegler   1907 Osage 1915 Wayne Zeigler  
Moore Viola Joals?   1911 Des Moines 1919 Jerry Armstrong, son  
Moore Sydney     1864 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs total orphan, chose to go west to farm, brother in Canada
Moran Edward John     1886 Wapsie   Gladys Sours  
Moran Willie       Clarinda 1915 Mrs. Robert Hall lived with Miller family
Moritz Sara Clara Endres   1887 Lattonesville   Francis Bries, had a twin brother named Joseph
Moritz Clara       Latterensville   Francis Bries, dau. * Clara and Sara the same person? - LMS*
Moritz Joseph       Latterensville   Francis Bries, niece  
Mulligan James Renwick   1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Murphy Ida Lucy Ida Abbott   1862   1919 Patricia Shaw  
Myers Roy     1884 Dysart 1888 Margaret S.Myers gdau.  
Murtha Natie Renwick?   1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Nowell Ada Cecelia       New Hampton   Jerry Lovrien lived with a Nowell family, but unsure if adopted
O'Bryne Zita   yes 1886 Lawler 1889 OTR placed by NYFH
Ohler Louis Schlater   1874 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Ondler Pearl       Walker   Jean Kinley lived with Ondler family
Osborn William     1865 Wyoming 1915 Georgia Jean Jackson  
Ostrander Henry McVicker   1882 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette placed with brother Robert in the McVicker household
Ostrander Robert McVicker   1885 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette placed with brother Henry in the McVicker household
Pearson/Pierson William Billy Carney yes  Floyd county 1895-1898 Diane Allen Davisson niece birth parents George and Charlotte Pierson, sisters Annie and Emma. Placed by CAS with Daniel and Ida Carney
Peppler Henry Hoosman     Parkersburg 1902 OTR placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with George Palmer
Peppler Frank       Parkersburg 1902 OTR placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with George Palmer
Peppler George       Parkersburg 1902 OTR placed by NY Juvenile Asylum with the Stewert family
Percy James     1850 Missour Valley   Margaret Brice born in Glascoe, Scotland, lived with the Sells family, 2 brothers
Pierce Charles Dominic     1890 Gilbertville   Marjorie Kinkade lived with the Trydle family
Pitt Evelyn Evelyn Ruth Watkins     Red Oak 1906 Evelyn R. Carmichael OTR father, Rufus Pitt, mother Hazel Guarde
Pollard Edward     1865 Hamburg 1879 R.Hodge mother fied 1876, father couldn't care for him
Quinn John Joseph William Chambers Peck   1868 Elberon   Robert Miller  
Raymond Louis     1887 Neola   OTR placed by NYFH with Kenneally family
Real John (Jack) Blain   1892 Marengo   Verlene Vaughn Weber siblings Willie, Grace and Ella. Betty Grandstaff -lived with Jim Blaine family
Real Krisangela Grace Grace Blain yes 1890 Marengo   Verlene Vaughn Weber  
Reed Daniel William     1860 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs older than normal but came highly recommended - headed to Salina
Reise George R. Parks   1872 White Clouds   Linda Parks Mink, ggdau  
Rice Charles Wesley     1856     Patricia Shaw  
Reihl Josephine E.     1904 Wuakon   Elmer G. Shesler married Buntrock
Rivers Leon Leo Thiele yes 1885 Carroll 1899 Mrs. George Bayer, dau placed by NYFH and adopted by Henry Thiele
Robinson William     1885 near Iowa City 1915 Sr. Gladys Robinson twin sister Elizabeth
Rogers William     1884 Sumner   Faye Francis lived with Frank McCormac family
Rose Mary Rebecca Mary Rose Russell     Stuart   Sr. Madeline Schmidt  
Sapper Mary E.           Mary E. Sapper Nial OTR  
Shaefer Mary   yes 1884 Stacyville 1888 Bernadette Bitter placed in a German community, but did not speak German
Shaefer Fredrick   yes 1885 Stacyville 1888 Bernadette Bitter  
Schi Charlie   yes   Staceyville   Lucy Adams  
Schwartz Amos Crane   1873   1880 Gladys Crane Bates sister born 1871
Schully Frank       Clinton   Ruth Donahue lived with Patrick and Bridget Donahue
Seamore Florence Vernon Rust   1884 Carroll   Josephine Snowden  
Seymour Laura Schlichte   1883 New Vienna 1904 Nicholas J. Mizaur  
Shanberger Fanny Warrington     Polk co 1860 Iowa OTRs had younger brother William, war orphans
Sharkey Walter       Council Bluffs 1899 Cecil Fisher taken from KY to the west
Shirley Bella or Ella McMonagley yes 1886 Mason City   Ester M. Thompson, dau.  
Snyder John F.       Atlantic   Bernice Cumminsky, gdau had one brother and one sister
Solomon Maria Mayme Emig Gould   1883 Westphalia   Myrna Wagner also went by Mary Kohles
Stapleton James     1875 Massena   David Stapleton  
Strauss Emil Gunderson   1880 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Sullivan Edith     1895 Henderson   Evon Sanders lived with Booton family
Taffinder Harry R.     1911-12 Grundy Center   Minnie Taffinder sister Elizabeth, brother David
Taylor Ellsworth     1862 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs was in Newboys Lodging house. thought he would make money in West
Thompson Samuel Gray   1876 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Tigges Annie   yes   Sherrill or DuBuque 1886 James H. Schmitt taken by Bernard and Mary Engler Tigges
Troy Mae       Audubon   Charlotte Patzer, other informant Mary Possehn, lived with the Herndon/Ross family
Twombley Emily J.     1847 Delaware Co.   Jeanne Platt lived with Platt family
Van Grino Howard Edward Buschelman     St. Mary’s 1892 Iowa OTR  
Ventzan Anna Minnie     1892 Rossville 1905 Mrs. Pearl Hammer, dau. 3 sisters, Kate, Lula, Suzie
Volkert Viola Viola Joanna Jorgenson   1907 Mason City 1913 Mary McClain had two sisters, placed by CAS with Andrew Jorgensen
Wageronitz Julia Marian Lewis   1908 Osage 1917 Marian A. Christensen OTR  
Wall Joseph Cattels   1886 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  
Weir Henrietta Liddiard   1912 Waukon   Theresa Anstett, daughter  
Wells Fred E.       Carroll 1900 OTR  
Welsh Belle     1884 Webster City 1900 OTR placed with Fred and Hermina Wienjes
White Charles     1869 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs born in Roseville, NJ. He had 2 sisters and a brother
Wiggers Willie     1909 Estherville 1914 Norma Sampson  
Williams Milford     1895     Jane Sauerbrei  
Wirth Charles     1894 Murray 1901 Iowa OTRs placed with Tom Johnson, had a 6 year old brother.
Wood William     1863 Hamburg 1879 Iowa OTRs parents still lived in Brooklyn, his father was a boss painter.
Wuebker Paul     1885     Kathryn Wuebker  
Xavier Francis     1882 Farley 1889 Ilene Lamm lived with the Hill family
Young Thomas Hayer   1880 Boone Valley 1891 Boone Valley Gazette  

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