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Birth Surname Birth First Name Adopted/Other Surname Adopted? Birth year Town taken to > State Year taken on the train Person submitting information Other information
Amen Jennie Reeson no 1899 West Point NE   Harriet Jean Stovall  
Austin Genevieve     1891 Sutton NE   Eileen Pryor lived with Englehardt family; married name: Penner
Bailey Francis "Sas" Spurgin   1913 Auburn NE 1914 Francis Spurgin raised by Dr. Clarence & Edna Ray Spurgin
Bear Emma     1901? Clay Center NE 1923 Rachel Greenfield lived w/ Northrup family; married name: Greenfield
Becker Anne     1910 Petersburg NE   Anne Rooney  
Benson Edward   no 1888?   NE 1902 Laural Benson 2 stays in Nebraska, & 2 stays in homes in Missouri
Bessie Veda Shotsman   1900 Peru NE 1896 Barbara Lewellyn  
Betzold Annie       Lawrence NE   Bev Wanlin  
Bodger James     1879 Wymore NE 1908 Donald J. Mentlick lived with M/M Daniel Rutter
Bodger Thomas     1877 Wymore NE 1909 Donald J. Mentlick lived with M/M Thomas Logan
Brown William William Paul Landkamer Yes 1920 Powell NE 1893 William P. Landkamer OTR
Brown Claretta Helen     1908 Omaha NE 1911 Claretta Miller OTR; lived with the Carman family
Brown Stephen Edward   No 1885(86) Osceola NE 1889 Kenneth Brown relationship-son; adopted by J.A.C. Johnston
Buckman Margaret Mary Mecke   1921 Norfolk NE 1923 Margaret Kildare OTR; had 1 older sibling Catherine
Burgoyne Pearl         NE 1922 Albert Carmichael had sister Lucy & brothers Leroy & Frank
Burke or Doyle Mary Genevieve Kaup   1910 Stuart NE   Mary G. Hamik OTR
Buschar Mary         NE   Mary Buscher  
Callaghan William William J. Keefe   1910 Elk City NE 1904 William J. Keefe OTR
Castner Clarence Reigle?     Madison NE   J.R. Castner Brothers Clark & Albert; Clark killed aged 16 in gun accident
Chapman John Joseph Joseph Chapman Clements   1898 Lyons NE 1886-94 Ella Jeraldine Clements 2 siblings: sister Ella & brother William
Cole Newton H.     nov 1898 Sterling NE 1908 Brenda Nealy Zanga, Jeannette Cole Hodgson lived with the James Walrod family,married Ella Dean
Cole Edwin L.     nov 1902 Sterling NE 1908 Brenda Nealy Zanga, Jeannette Cole Hodgson lived with John and Annie Nealy,married Marjorie McVay, 6 children
Cole Dorothea S. Dorothea N. Jump nov 1900 Sterling NE 1909 Brenda Nealy Zanga, Jeannette Cole Hodgson lived with John and Annie Nealy first, then went to Mr & Mrs. J. Wilbur Jump.
Collins Maria J. Mary Jane Kemper   1911 St. Libory NE   Reunion Mag. married name: Baade
Cook Frances Lillian   No 1921   NE   Frances L. Gokey OTR; had 4 siblings
Coon Emmett     1876   NE   Hazel Daum relationship-grand niece
Coon George Washington     1872   NE 1904 Hazel Daum relationship-granddaughter
Cowan Ann       St. Helena NE   Ann Cowan  
Dalton Albert     1894? Broadwater NE   Marilyn H. Ukele  
Davis Lester     1920 Osceola NE   Lester Davis  
Dean Alfred   No 1882 Nehawka NE 1918 Paul J. Dean relationship-son; 3 siblings: Bill, John & Lillas
Dehner Marion   No 1896 Exeter NE 1890 Sheila M. Crays relationship-granddaughter; married lname:Elznic
Deming Adella Luthy Jankovitz   1906 Aurora NE 1917 Adella Deming parents: Harry & Jenny Deming adoptive parents: Luthys'
DeVoe Grace Gafford   1900 Wymore NE 1861 Mrs. Robert Potts sisters: Edith, Sadie, & Mabel; brother, Seymore
DeVoe Grace     1900 Wymore NE 1902 Rachel Hayward had a brother, Seymour & sister, Edith who died young
Dolan Mary Marie Reith   1919 Grand Island NE   Marie Schroeder OTR
Engberg Howard Hurd yes 1925 Stromsburg NE 1922 Howard Hurd OTR- came with brother Fred Swedenburg
Engert Frederick Swedenburg   1919 York NE 1890 Fred Swedenburg OTR- brother of Howard Hurd
Failing Florence Wagner     Bertrand NE   Genevieve Haug lived with Wagner family; married name Freeland
Fairbanks (Bennett) Luthera Thelma Thelma Giles   1919 Tekamah NE 1904 Thelma Carlson OTR
Fairbrother James Carter   no 1860 Lincoln NE 1867-1871 Eunice Blinn brother William (OTR) & sister Jane Price (not an OTR)
Fairbrother William   no 1858 Lincoln NE 1867-1871 Eunice Blinn lived with the McGrews with brother James
Fife Clara       Beatrice NE 1890-95 Elizabeth Nelson brothers: Johnny & Arthur
Filburn John Dailey   1914 Ashland NE   John Filburn lived with Dailey family
Filburn, Jr. John Bernard Dailey Yes 1914 Ashland NE 1890s Bonita J. Dailey relationship-wife; brother named Patrick Courtney
Fox Anna Mueting   1897 Bloomfield NE ? Bette L. Ellis relationship-daughter
Foyert Olga Ann     1908 Eaving? NE 1897-98 Sylvia Horton relationship-daughter
Fuchs Charley Reams No 1895 Fairmount NE 1907-10 LeRoy Morris Reams relationship-son
Gayer Robert Hemming? Robert Hemming Petersen   1917 Blair NE 1923 Robert Petersen brother Archie not put in orphanage; OTR
Goldberg Mabel Gladys   No 1903 Lincoln NE 1910 Mabel G. Patten married name: Patten; lived with Tabaya
Grover Geraldine Graham   1895 Edgar NE 1915-16 Dorothy Jackson had brother, Harold, & sisters, Edna & Viva
Hackett Katherine Louise Catherine Louise Walter   1910 West Point NE   Debra Noltin relationship-daughter; had siblings
Hargrave Edith>         NE 1901 Melinda Spence Edith died in flu epidemic of 1918
Haspel Anne Rauth   1909 Mauley NE 1900 Anne R. Rose OTR
Hill Zelphia     1853   NE 1865 Clifford Fishgrab  
Howard Emma Mae Grace   1884 North Platte NE 1890? Louise Karren Sogla  
Howard Emma Mae   no 1884 North Platte NE 1890 Louise Karren Sogla relationship-great-granddaughter lived with CJ Lewis, siblings Amanda(17), & Grace (3) in 1890
Jacobowicz Pauline Meister   1910 Westpoint NE   Edna Sawyer married name: Grothe
Karshke Carrie Willie Mae     1886 Tecumseh NE 1903 Linda Faseler relationship-granddaughter; married name: Pope
Karshke Charles     1885 Tecumseh NE   Linda Faseler relationship-grand niece
Kraich Anna Amelia Douglas? Yes 1907 Tecumseh NE   Anna Kraich lived with Jesse & Lottie Douglas family
Kraich Christopher     1905 Tecumseh NE   Anna Kraich lived with Charles L. Unterkircher
Kraich Joseph     1903 Tecumseh NE 1914 Anna Kraich lived with Charles L. Unterkircher
Lehr Anna Julia     1871 Seward Co. NE 1920 Barbara Weaver  
Linsberg Henry     1883 Wymore NE 1887 Leroy Linsberg  
Linsberg/Leinsburg Henry     1901 Blue Springs NE 1920? Alan Linsberg lived with the Meads family
Lockwood Fred     1901 Oakdale NE 1902 Donald Lockwood lived with the Swanson family first
Lockwood Fred M.     1901 or 2 Oakdale NE 1903 Mrs. Lou Ouano may have had brothers & sister

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