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14 Feb 2002
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   Postal Code: 03278   Elevation 475 Feet
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Warner is a quaint little country village in northern Merrimack County, New  Hampshire, surrounded by mountains, ski areas, & lakes. The town is located about 20 miles from Concord the State capitol. Warner has a unique combination of rural atmosphere and still has the advantage of being in close proximity to a growing urban area.  Its current population is around 2500 people residing  in an area 7 miles wide by 11 miles long.  The now progressive nature of Warner citizens, and its historical society is an ideal environment for the genealogist searching for his or her ancestors.

Warner was incorporated in 1774, but its history dates back to 1735 when it was an unnamed area.   Walter Harriman's book, "The History of Warner, N.H. 1735-1879" reports on this era covering 144 years of Warner history. This 600 page volume also has a complete list of surnamed Warner settlers from that era.   A second volume, also issued by the Warner Historical Society, takes up where the Harriman book stopped.  This one covers 1880-1974.  

oldbook.gif (494 bytes)These books can be researched at the Pillsbury Free Library founded in 1891. This landmark building is located at 18 East Main St.   You will also find an  excellent reference collection of historical items relevant to Warner, such as memoirs, photos, and books by Warner authors.  Telephone (603) 456-2289 and the Library hours can be found on the Pillsbury Free Library web page (click on it.) 

If you wish to purchase the Harriman History of Warner, you can do so, at either the Town Clerk's office, or through the Warner Historical Society. The cost is $50.00 for the 600 page volume.  

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The Warner Historical Society was originally formed in 1932 but it soon failed. Not until 1968 did a group of concerned citizens begin again. This time they created the very active, and healthy, Warner Historical Society of today. They are located at 15 W. Main St.  

filecabn.gif (1045 bytes) The Warner Historical Society, can be contacted at 603-456-2437.  The Society maintains genealogy, and vital records, with an extensive collection  of scrapbooks containing  old newspaper articles, obits, and marriage notices. Their book collection exceeds over 200 historical volumes on local and state history.   Hours are seasonal. May22-October 10th.  Tues. 1-4Pm - Sat. 10-12Noon - or phone for a  special appointment.  MORE INFORMATION ON THE WARNER TOWN PAGE.

Warner town officials announced the Historical Society will handle all look ups, and references of a historical  nature. The Society is more equipped for that task, than is the Town Hall staff. However, if record copies are required, birth, death, or marriage etc...a fee of $10.00 per copy is charged, arranged through the Town Clerk's office located in the municipal Building 5 East Main St..          

Town Clerk: Jeanne Hallenborg - Phone: 603/456-3362
Fax: 603/456-2297    by mail: P.O. box 265, Warner, NH 03278
Copies OF Vital Town Records can be obtained from her by written request.   Hours of operation:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs. 8AM-3PM,  Every Tues. Eve. 5-7PM
              There is also a $10.00 search fee involved.
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The coming of the railroad was an important milestone in the development of Warner. It was first proposed on June 24, 1848 and chartered as the Concord & Claremont RR.  On September 21 1849 it formally opened with an inagural trip from Concord to Warner a distance of 18 miles.  The RR was later taken over by the Northern RR, and at one point there were seven RR stations in Warner.   The Railroad era lasted just over hundred years.  When there was very little left of that era, the remaining station buildings were either demolished or converted to structures with no historical significanceAccess the excellent Warner Municipal Town Page. Learn more about Warner's railroad era.       

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History Note: at one point in the early days of Warner there were three covered bridges in use.  To look into yesteryear, two of them are still preserved, the Waterloo and the Dalton covered BRIDGES. They still accept vehicular traffic. (SEE TOWN PAGE)                                            
        Ripsmall.gif (1237 bytes)   Warner Town Cemeteries
There are 30 identified burying grounds in Warner for whose upkeep the town of Warner is responsible.  These plots of ground range from family buying grounds to large well-maintained village cemeteries.  For more information access the information guide on this page. 

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