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Carr Hill or Mountain Carr, Brown, Kimball, Morey, Sanborn
Eagle Pond
Brown, Braley, Bussell, Bussing, Buswell, Currier,  Flanders, Frazier, Hilvard, Kemfield, Keyser, Kezer, Sanborn, Sleeper, Taft, Tilton, Waldron
Bunker Hill
Andrews, Atwood, Babbitt, Barnard, Baruch, Bean,  Bond, Bunker,  Briggs, Booth, Brown, Chase, Clinton, Clugh, Coney, Cox, Cross, Clough, Clifford, Craggy,  Currier, Dean, DeWitt, Dickey, Dodge, Dow,  Eastman, Eben, Emerson, Emery, Fish, Fisk,  Farnum,  Folsom,  Frazer, French, Fulton, Gay, Goodhue, Gove, Gould, Grace, Hamilton, Haskins, Heath,  Heyer, Holland, Jewett, Johnson, Jones, Kenerson, Keenan, Kimball, Hubbard, Lamson, Knowles, Langley, Leach, Logue, Lull, Lyford, Mason, Mastin, Matthews, Maxson, MacNeil, Messer,  Miner, Mitchell, Morrill, Morrison, Normandy, Odette, Osborne,  Page, Parker, Peabody, Pearson,  Peaslee, Pedrick, Perkins, Pingree,  Philbrick,  Pillsbury, Poor, Prescott, Putnam, Putney, Ray,  Richards, Rogers, Scribner, Sewell, Shattuck, Smith, Stearns, Stevens, Stinson, Taylor, Teel,  Tenney, Thomas, Thompson, Tilton, Tobine, Trumbell, Tucker,  Upton, Uran, Waldron, Wallace, Wells, Wheeler, Whipple, White, hitemore, Wilder, Williams, Woodbury, Woodward, Young, Youngman
Tewksbury          Hill
Baboock, Bennett,  Brown, Buswell, Carter, Clough, Cram, Currier, Dickey, Fisk, Fowler, Griffin, James,  Kibbee, Langley, Luce, Morrill  Piper, Randolph, Richards, Rollins, Stevens, Tewksbury, Tobine, Trussell, Turner, White, Whitemore,
White Pond
Alwood, Atwood, Banfield, Joyce, Messer, Pangburn, Perkins, Rowell, Russell, Stevens, Teel,
North Road
Alexander, Barber, Barney, Bean,  Bixby, Brodgett, Brown, Buzzell,  Clay, Currier, Dolbier, Dow, Eastman, Flanders, Hobbs, LaJoie, Martin, Navickey, Perkins, Reed, Sanborn, Sargent, Severens, Walker, Wells, Webster, Western
A Private Family Burying Ground on Cross Hill
The Thompson family and relatives.
Andrews, Buckskin (Horse), Bagley, Brown, Carr, Cross, Durgin, Emmons, Gillman,Greeley, Hayward, Prescott, Rowe, Sevrens, Sandborn, Sewall, Swett, Todd, White,  Wood
Pine Hill
Atwood, Bailey, Bickford, Blanchard,  Blake, Brooks, Brown, Carr, Caldwell, Chadwick, Chandler, Chase, Cheney, Cilley, Clark, Collins,  Crouse, Cummings, Davis, Dairs, Dearborn, Dickey,  Dow, Durgin, Emons, Felch,  Fellows, Fifield, Fisher,  Fiske,  Flanders,  French, Fiske,  Gilbert, Gilmore, Guernsey, Hall, Hardy, Haskins, Heath, Hill, Hodar, Hoit, Homer, Howe, Howlett, Huff, Johnson,  Jones, Laughy, Loverin, Lull, Mason, Marston, McKenzie,  McLaughlin,   Montgomery, Morey, Morrison, Muzzey, Nelson, Noris, Palmer,  Parker,   Patten, Peaslee, Perkins,  Phelps, Pierce, Pillsbury, Powers, Prescott,   Remington, Roby, Rollins, Rowe, Smith, Sargent, Saunders, Sawyer, Shepard, Stewart, Stockwell, Swett, Taylor, Thompson, Tucker, Tilton, Trow, Webster, Wheeler, Whelton, Whitcher,  White,  Wiggins, Wilkins, Wilson, Withington, Woodbury,
Stearns Hill
Brown, Cross, Langley, Moody, Stearns, Thompson


This information was compiled from the book, Wilmot History by Levarn.  Accuracy is not guaranteed because of the nature of the material.  However, for those searching for ancestors in the Wilmot area, this will provide an excellent place to begin.       Clifford L. Coy  9/5/99                        

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