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The Warner Historical Society facilities include Cemetery Records: Maps, Dates,  and records of this type. In addition Historical Society volunteers are also prepared to do some deed research on properties of grantees from1765 until the present time.  Unless they become overwhelmed by requests they will do this work on a volunteer basis.   Therefore, please keep your requests down to one or two at a time.

Also available:

Also maintained, the following Genealogy files: (please note: some files are extensive, some are quite limited, with limited names, family contacts, etc.)

Abbott, Ager, Allen, Amesbury, Andrews, Badger, Bagley, Baier, Bailey, Barnard, Barnes, Batts, Bartlett, Bauman, Bean, Bennet, Blaisdell, Brown, Burbank, Carroll Chandler, Chase, Chute, Cilley, Clement, Clemons, Cloues, Coffin, Colby, Cole, Collins, Coolidge, Courser, Craig, Cressy, Currier, Cutting, Danforth, Davis, Dimonds, Dooley, Dow, Dowlin, Downes, Eames, Eaton, Eastman, Ela, Emerson, Emery, Evans, Farnum, Ferrin, Fisher, Flanders, Follett, Foster, Fuller, George, Gilcrest, Gill, Gilman, Gilmore, Goodwin, Gookin, Gove, Greaves, Greeley, Greenleaf Guimond, Haddon, Hall, Harriman, Harvey, Hill, Hoyt, , Hyer- Schipper, Jewell, Johnson, Jordan, Keeser, Kelly, Kimball, Kirk, Kumin, Little, Long, McFadden McIntyre, Marshall, Maxson, Meagher, Merrill, Mimnaugh, Moores, Morrill, Morse Morrow-Stevens, Mussey, Noyes, Ordway , Osgood, Paige (Page), Palmer, Pattee, Peabody, Peel, Perkins, Pettengill, Pike, Plummer, Porter, Putnam, Quimby, Rand , Reid, Reddington, Richardson, Roby (Robey), Rogers, Roth, Rowell, Sanborn, Sargent, Savory, Sawyer, Scott, Smith, Stevens, Stickney, Stires, Stewart, Stockman, Stowers, Straw, Sturtevant, Swan, Sweatt, Taylor, Thompson, Tucker, Turgeon, Upton, Violette, Wadleigh, Wadsworth , Warner, Watkins, Webster, Wells, Wheeler, Whittier, Wiggin, Wilkins, Willis, Willard, Winsley & Wood

There is NO connection between the Warner Historical Society and the following, but you should be aware of this information:  Many of the early Warner families that are included in the preceding surname list originally came from an area of what is now Newton, NH.  Anyone researching any of these names could do themselves a favor by accessing the Newton History page compiled by Jerry Ferrin

No only will you  find it interesting, valuable information you'll discover that the roots of many of these early Warner families have ties back to early colonial days in the Salisbury area of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  The best source of information on this is: "Hoyt's Early Families of Salisbury & Amesbury, Massachusetts", with genealogies for many of the families listed as Early Warner Families.

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