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Warner has thirty burial grounds, a large number for a small town. Nine of them are private, 3 of them have one grave each, some are heavily obscured, and in out of the way spots. Roxanna A. Smith deserves the credit for compiling the listing and recording the names from hundreds of gravestones.   In 1969 Mrs. Charlotte Holden attempted to make such a listing but her work was lost. It is an interesting story and it can be researched in the Warner Burying Grounds publication. 


Lower Warner Many Sites  Badger, Call, Chase, Currier, Foster, George, Hutchinson, Runels, Sawyer, Wilkins, Willis
Parade Many Sites since 1784 Annis, Bartlett, Deacon, Flood, Heath, Kimball, Morrill, Straw, Waldron,   Watson,
Ferrin 2 Headstones Ferrin Burial Ground
Davisville A dozen or so  Annis, Davis,Currier, Dimond, 
Poverty Plains Unmarked   Stones but no names
Schoodac Many Early Graves Bartlett, Colby, Clough,  Courser, Dows, Flanders,  Jones, Roby,  Sargent, Straw, Tewksbury, 
Coal Hearth Early Graves Couch, Evans, Harriman, Jewell, Lull, Morrill, Sargent, Tucker
Poor Farm 5, no names/dates 3 unamed Civil War Vets.
Pumpkin Hill Notable persons Bartlett, Bean, Colby, Denney, Flanders, Harriman, Morrill,  
Welchans 1 Family Plot William H. Welchans
Tory Hill/Pattee Many family plots Currier, Edmunds, Ferrin, Hardy, Harris, Pattee, Quimby, Seavey, Sargent, Savory 
Seavey 1, Grave Site Marden Seavey
Gore/Flanders & French's Brook 5 Familys sites Abner Watkins, Jason Watkins, Ferrin Stanley, Savory, 
Pine Grove Warner's Largest  From 19th Century Majority of Warner Prominent citizens are buried here with Gov. Harriman, Gov. Ordway and others.
Old Warner Village Oldest Cemetery Family plots incl. Ordways, Badgers, Flanderses, Colbys, Rowells, Sargents & Hardy, Waldron, Clement, Emerson
New Warner 1st burial 1973 1st person, Mrs. Alma Mottram
Morse 2 Familys Morses & Morgans
Melvin Early Settlers Collins, Melvins, Bagley, Farrington, Hawks
Colby/Collins   2 Familys Collins & Colby Familys
Johnson Small Graveyard Johnson Family
Kittredge 2 Familys Morrill & Hoyt family members
Page 2 Familys Page & Flanders family members
Bartlett 2 graves Caroline Gardiner, Barlett & Husband
Peacful Retreat Small Graveyard M/M Jacob Osgood, Bean, Roby, Hoyt families
Waterloo Many family plots Ithamar Emerson,  Beans, Ager, Sanborns, Davises, Colbys
Bean 2 grave sites Hannah & Nathanial Bean
Wheeler 1 grave site Olive Wheeler
Sanborn 3 graves Sanborn family only Daniel is marked
Hoyt 5 graves - family Hoyt Family
Sisco Corner 42 Graves Graham, Gilmore, Goodwin, Wiggen

Contact Warner Historical Society for complete information.