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A Brief History of Deerfield

The first minister was Reverend Timothy Upham (Congregational), ordained in 1773, and died in 1811. A Freewill Baptist church was formed in 1799. The first settlers were John Robinson, Jacob Smith, Isaac Shepard and Benjamin Batchelder in 1756. The first parish (town) meeting was held at the house of Samuel Leavitt, Wadleigh Cram, was chosen moderator, Thomas Simpson clerk, Samuel Leavitt, John Robinson and Eliphalot Griffin selectmen.Among the early settlers were Josiah Prescott, John James, Nathaniel Weare, David Haines, Samuel Hilton, Jeremiah Eastman and Thomas Jeaness. The town was a favorite resort for deer, and while a petition for a charter was pending, a Mr. Bachelder and Josiah Prescott killed a deer and presented it to Gov. Wentworth, and he granted the charter under the name of Deerfield. During the French and Indian War, the inhabitants lived in garrison, but no serious injury was ever experienced from the Indians. Major John Simpson, of Deerfield, fired the first gun on the American side, at the battle of Bunker Hill. Col. Stark instructed the men in his line not to fire until the British had arrived at a certain point designated by him, which was within 40 paces of the American works. But when the red coats had advanced to within the distance the major (then a private), called a good shot for a deer, he could not withstand such a good chance, and fired and dropped his man. On this the fire commenced along the whole line. When Simpson was reproved for disobeying orders, he replied, he could not help firing when game, which he was after, came within gun shot. Major Simpson died Oct. 28, 1825. The names of 18 persons from this town are preserved.


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