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Local History & Genealogy




Between Avon Avenue and Pleasant View Circle, there is a public right of way to this cemetery off Washington Street.

Dame-Trickey Burial Ground

A small burial ground located on a Golf Course East of the club house between the 1st and 9th fairway. A well cared for plot.

Drew Cemetery

This small family plot is located on the corner of Back River Road and Garrison Road.

Drew Road Cemetery

A small plot on the West side of Drew Road. A monument stands there erected in 1902 which bears these names.

Tolend-Watson Plot

A small plot on the corner of Tolend and Watson. In the corner of the woods next to the field, brush needs to be cut, stones are flat on the ground under large pine trees.

Spruce Lane Burial Ground

A tiny plot on the East end of Spruce Lane, near the west bank of the Bellamy river, to the north east of the other Nute lot on the same property and in the woods.




Mrs. William E. Chandler                  Mrs. Charles H. Sawyer

Caroline R. Wendell




Genealogy Early Dover Families

From New England Historical Genealogical Society, Boston,
Davis - Foss

Coffins Lineage

Genealogy of the Coffin Family from the New England Historical & Genealogical Registers





by Mary P. Thompson, Durham, N.H. 1892, Printed by the Republican Press Association, Concord, N.H.
Transcribed by C. Parziale & Corinne Davis Bacchiocchi
A B C D E F G H I J K ...a work in progress...



Abbotts Brook  Abbotts Island  Adams Point  Adder's Swamp  Alley Point  Ambler's Island  Anthony's Brook  Ash Swamp  Ash Swamp Brook & Bridge 


Back Cove  Back River  Back River Garrisons  Bagdad  Bald Gade  Bald Head
Ballard's Brook  Bantom's Point  Barbadoes (woods, spring)  Barbadoes (springs, woods, plains, marsh, pond)  Barne's Island  Barrington Oak  Bartlett's Falls  Bartlett's Spring  Bay Hill  Bayside  Bean's Point  Beard's Creek  Beaver Brook  Beauty Hill  Beaver Dam
Beaver Dam (great)  Beaver Dam (somersworth)  Beaver Dam (rollingsford)  Beck's Point  Beck's Slip  Beech Hill  Bellamy Falls & Mills (Halls, Sawyers, Demerits)
Bellamy Falls & Mills (Gerrish's)  Bellamy Falls & Mills (Beards, Dudleys)
Bellamy Falls & Mills (Dudleys, Sawyers,)  Bellamy Falls & Mills (Watsons)
Bellamy Falls & Mills (Richardsons)  Bellamy Falls & Mills (Libbeys)
Bellamy Falls & Mills (Libbeys)  Bellamy Falls & Mills (Libbeys)
Bellamy Falls & Mills   Bellamy Pond  Bellamy River  Bennet's Crossing  Betel's Point  Bickford's Ferry  Big River  Birch Point  Black Hall  Blacksnake Hill
Blackwater Brook  Blind Will's Neck  Bloodsucker's Pond  Bloody Corner
Bloody Plains  Bloody Point  Boiling Rock  The Boom  Brandy Rock
Branson's Creek  Breakneck Hill  Bristol  Broad Cove Creek  Broad Cove  Broad Marsh  Broad Turn  Brookin's Marsh  Broth Hill  Brown's Brook  Brown's Hill  Buck's Hill  Bumfaggin  Bumford Plains  Bunker's Bridge  Bunker's Creek  Bunker's Neck  Burgett's Park
Burnt Ground  Buzzle's Hill 

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Caldwell's Brook  Calve's Pen Island  Campin's Rocks  Campron River  Campsie  Canaan  Canney's Bridge  Canney's Brook   Canney's Cove  Canney's Creek  Canney's Marsh
Canney's Point  Captains Hill  Card's Cove  Carter's Brook  Carter's Lane  Carter's Marsh  Carter's Rocks  Cart-way  Caulley's Marsh  Cedar Point  Cedar Swamp  Champernown's Creek  Charles Point  Cherry Hill  Chesley's Hill  Chesley's Island  Chesley's Pond
Church's Brook  Clam Brook  Clark's Brook  Clark's Ferry  Clark's Plains  Clay Point
Cleft Cove  Clement's Brook  Clement's Point  Cochecho  Cochecho Bridge  Cochecho Falls  Cochecho Log Swamp  Cochecho Marsh  Cochecho Pond Brook
Cochecho Pond  Cochecho Point  Cochecho Landing  Coffin's Brook  Coffin's Mill
Coleman's Creek  Coffin's Brook  Coffin's Mill  Coleman's Creek  Cole's Pond
Coffin's Brook  Common  Cotterill's Delight  Crockett's Crossing  Cromwell's Creek  Croxford's Swamp  Crummet's Creek  Crummit's Hill  Curriell Point  Cushing Hill
Cushing's Crossing  Cutt's Brook  Cutt's Hill  Cutt's Marsh 

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Dam's Windmill  Daniel's Brook  David's Lane  Davis Brook  Deadwater Brook  Dean's Marsh  Demerit's Mill  Denbow's Brook  Dirty Brook  Dirty Gut  Dirty Lane  Dirty Slough
Dishwater Falls  Doe's Neck  Dam's Windmill  Dover  Dover Garrison's  Dover Landing  Dover Neck  Dover Point  Dover Point Ferry  Dover River  Downing's Creek  Downing's Plains  Down's Brook  Dow's Hill  Dram Rock  Drew's Hill  Drew's Marsh
Drew's Point  Drew's Windmill  Dry Hill  Dry Pines  The Dump  Dumpling Cove  Dunn's Woods
Durham  Durham Corner  Durham Falls  Durham Landing  Durham Point  Durham River 

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Edgerly Brook  Eel-pot Creek  Eelweir Falls  Eelweir Plains  Egg Pond  Elijah's Ledge
Emerson's Brook 


Fabyan's Point  Faggoty Bridge  Faggoty Brook  Faggoty Hill  Fall's Hill  Fielden's Brook
Field's Marsh  Field's Plains  Flaggy Hole  Flaggy Swamp  Follet's Brook  Follet's Path
Follet's Rocky Hill  Follet's Swamp  Footman's Islands  Ford's Landing  Ford's Crossing
Fore River  Fowling Marsh  Fox Brook  Fox Point  France  Franklin City  Frank's Fort  Freetown  Frenchman's Creek  Fresh Creek  Fresh Creek Neck  Fresh Creek Woods
Freshet Bridge  Frog Pond  Furber Point  Furber's Bridge  Furber Straits 

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Gage's Point  Gallow's Hill  Garrison Hill  Garrison Hill Village  Garrisons  Geebig Road
George's Creek  Gerrish's Bridge  Gerrish's Mill  Gile's Creek  Gilmore's Point  Goat Island  Goddard's Creek  Golding's Bridge  Gonic  Gooseberry Marsh  The Gore  Gosling Road
Granite State  Great Bay   Great Brook  Great Beaver Dam  Great Creek  Great Falls  Great Hill  Great Pond  Great Swamp  Great Turn  Green Hill  Greenland  Greenland Garrisons  Greenland River  The Gulf  Guppy Point  Guppy's Hill 

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Half-Way Swamp  Hall's Marsh  Hall's Slip & Spring  Ham's Marsh  Hardscrabble
Hartford's Ferry  Harrud's or Heard's Spring  Harvey's Hill  Harwood's cove  Harwood's Creek  Haven's Hill  Haye's Falls  Haystack  Heard's Neck  Heard's Pond  The Heath  Henderson's Point  Hen Island  Herod's Point  Hick's Hill  High Point  High Street
Hill's 500 Acres  Hill's Falls  Hill's Mill Pond  Hill's Pan  Hill's Swamp  Hilton's Cove  Hilton's Point  Hilton's Point Ferry  Hilton's Point Swamp  Hobb's Hole  Hodgdon's Point
Hogsty Cove  Hogsty Point  Hoitt's Crossing  Holme's Bridge  Hook's Island Falls
Hook Marsh  Hooper's Pond  Hope Hood's Point  Hoppers  Horne's Hill  Horn's Woods  Horsehide Brook  Huckin's Brook  Huckleberry Hill  Huckleberry Plain  Huckleberry Swamp  Hull's Meadow  Humphrey's Pond  Huntress Landings  The Huntress (Lower)
The Huntress (Upper)  Hussey's Brook  Hussey's Falls  Hussey's Pond  Hussey Springs 

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Indian Brook  Indian Ground  Indian Graves  Indian Hills  Indian Oven  Indian Path  Indigo Hill  Isinglass River  Island Falls 

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Jackson's Creek  Jackson's Point  Jeem's Cove  Jewell's Point  Jocelyn's Cove  Jody Springs  Johnson's Creek  Johnson's Creek Hill  Jonas'Creek  Jonas' Point  Jones's Creek 

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Kelley's Spring  Kimball's Falls  Kincaid's Brook  Knight's Ferry 

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