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By placing this symbol on our pages we signify that this information and webdesign on the page is to be permanently, eternally and infinitely Gifted to The American Local History Network until the day they cease to be an organization. That should some fate or circumstances befall us that, the American Local History Network has our permission to maintain this information and website as they see fit and for the benefit of all.

That they will never charge or compile this information into a format that is not free to the general public. That they will forever keep our names and work under our and our contributor's copyright. That they will protect and defend this copyright until such time as they cease to be an organization.

That we the Webmaster's are the ONLY ones that can remove this symbol from our pages and in doing so cancel this permission. That any contibutors of any information contained on these pages also enjoys the right to withdraw their material if they so desire and as per A.L.H.N. policies.