Grantham Burial Records by cemetery with military identification if available.
Brown Cemetery, Burpee Hill Rd. North Grantham, NH
Contact Arthur Cram for given names, dates, or other information,  he compiled information for Brown.
Alexander, Brown, Burpee, Buswell, Chase, Clough, Eastman,
Harlow, Hastings, Heath, Hersey, Kidder, Kimble, Rawson,  
East Grantham Cemetery (Hilldale formerly Mt. Pleasant):
Boyce, James (Colonel)
Caswell, Willard C.
Chase, Thomas S
Clough, Daniel.
Clough, Francis S. (Civil War)*
Corliss, Orlando (Civil War)*
Cowles, Harrison (William H. E.) (Civil War)
Currier, Daniel (Civil War)*
Currier, Samuel (Civil War)*
Gault, John (Civil War)*
Gross, John
Hall, Amasa (War 1812)*
Hastings, Lester (World War II)*
Hastings, Nathan J. (Civil War, last veteran in Grantham)*
Holmes, John (World War I)*
Hook, Buswell
Hook, Samuel Frost
Howard, Ashley
Howe, Francis (Civil War)*
Howe, Washington (Civil War)*
Marden, John
Merrill, John
Pillsbury, D. J. (Civil War)*
Pillsbury, Jerry (Vietnam)*
Pillsbury, Moses (Major)
Reed, Willis
Richardson, James
Richardson, Kimball
Royal, John
Saunders, Lyman
Shaw, Leonard F. (Civil War)*
Smith, Perley V. (World War I)*
Smith, Simeon R. (Civil War) (born in Maine)*
Smith, William P.
Stocker, Albert B.
Swensen, Dudley*
Thornton, Clarence*
Thornton, George H. (Civil War)*
Wallace, Joseph (World War I)
Wallace, William (Civil War) (Lebanon) (Came to Grantham after war)

Dunbar Hill Cemetery:
Drake, Isaac (Died 6-13-1879)
Howard, Charles F. (Died July 9, 1863)
Howard, Francis (Grantham Militia)*
Howard, Jr., Henry (War 1812)*
Lewis, Artemas
Newell, Lewis M. (Died Feb. 9, 1863)
Winter, Ebenezer (Died July 4,1818)
Woodbury, Van Buren (Died Jan. 8, 1862)*

North Grantham Cemetery:
Alexander, Ezekial (War 1812)
Alexander, Henry
Brown, Jonathan
Brown, Jonas
Buswell, Lucius (Civil War)
Clough, Charles
Clough, Willard

Grantham Memorial Cemetery:
Eigenbrode, Daniel
Hautaniemi, Eila (World War II)
Hautaniemi, Ludwig (World War II)
Mission, Walter
Moulton, Edward (Lindy) (World War II)
Moulton, Eugene (World War II)
Phetteplace, Edwin (World War II)
Reney, Carl (World War II)
Reney, Wilbur (World War II)
Sailers, Allen
Seres, William
Swensen, Arnold (World War II)        

*      The * Signifies Grantham Residents