New Hampshire
Includes Washington Center and E. Washington



Seventh Day Adventist  Off Valley Road, by Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Old Cemetery  Washington, on left on Faxon Hill Road.
New Cemetery   Washington, on right on Faxon Hill Road.
Old Burying Ground  East Washington - behind Baptist Church.
The Cemetery  East Washington - behind Baptist Church.
  East Washington   East Washington -behind Baptist Church


FIND YOUR ANCESTORS PROJECT, under the direction of Charlene Cobb.  She has donated her time and efforts in helping to locate deceased relatives buried in Washington cemeteries.

To this end, over a considerable period of time, she located all of the available cemeteries in the Washington area, then recorded all of the available burial data from existing gravestones.  It was a tedious procedure to resurrect this material, and it is available to you if you will adhere to a few simple procedures to facilitate the search.

If you find the surname: First enter the SURNAME in the subject field of your email.  In the Memo field, enter the date  or death, and date of birth if available.  If  you don't have the exact date/dates, then enter it as closely as possible.  If you know the name of his or her spouse, include that as well and mark it clearly.  Above all don't forget to thank your host.

The reason for the above rules are simple, in reading the surnames you will see a large number of duplications.  That simply indicates that members of the same family don't always want to be buried in the same graveyard and we want to focus on the correct person.

Remember Charlene has generously offered her services  so respect her time and keep your queries or questions as brief as possible.