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Acworth is a picturesque hilltop community, boasting a church dating back to 1821 featuring a magnificent bell tower, which houses an 1828 Revere-firm bell, graceful Palladian windows and other Federal elements..  It is a delightful place to live and even better to have ancestors here.  This web site can help you locate some of the vital statistics that can allow you to trace them back. to their beginnings here in Acworth..
Read the fascinating mystery of Acworth and the town history. 

 Acworth has a new town host and my name is Bill Porter. My family left Acworth in the 1840's and 1850's for the Midwest. Their departure was part of the usual migrations of that time where more fertile land provided the migrants a gamble to improve their fortunes. I am here to help assist Acworth genealogical researchers through a useful web page. Please send me your site ideas or suggested content and I will try and work something out for all of our 'unseen visitors'.  ACCESS and Email Bill Porter by clicking here.

Acworth History and Background Information
The town was first chartered under the name Burnet in 1752 after William Burnet, colonial Governor of Massachusetts and New Hampshire in 1728. However, no settlements occurred under the original charter, so the town was re-granted in 1766 with the name Acworth, in honor of Sir Jacob Acworth, a British Admiral who had Portsmouth shipping interests.

From the New Hampshire Gazetteer published in 1817, ACWORTH - a post-township of Cheshire county, bounded on the N. by Unity, E. by Lempster, S. by Alstead and Marlow, W. by Charleston and Langdon, containing 24,846 acres. It was incorporated in 1776, and has 1523 inhabitants. Cold-pond, extending about a mile on the line of Unity, from 60 to 100 rods in width, and Mitchell’s pond, 120 rods long and 80 wide, are its only ponds of note. Cold river takes its rise and name from one of the above mentioned pools in the N.E. corner of this town. Acworth has two religious societies; 1 meeting-house for the congregational order, 1 grain mill, 5 saw-mills, 2 mills for dressing cloth, 2 carding machines, and 1 trading store. Rev. Thomas Archibald was settled in the ministry here in 1789. Rev. Phinehas Cook is the present minister of the gospel. The  Charleston turnpike road passes through here.  Acworth is 73 miles N.W. by W. from Portsmouth.    Submitted by T.C. Parziale 5/30/00


Acworth Facts
Compiled by the State of New Hampshire profiles.

Acworth Town Clerk -  Charlotte E. Comeau. 
Office Hours:  Mon-Wed.  6:30-8:00 PM;  Saturday 9AM-11AM  Phone: 603-835-6879

Acess the Acworth Town Information site with Municipal Information

The Acworth Silsby Free Library    
HOURS:Tues, Thurs, and Sunday  11:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Administrator: Tracy

Librarian: Lois Corcoran
Asst. Librarian: Barbara Clark
Phone: 603-835-2150
Email Address:
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Acworth, Municipal Listing from Webster: New Hampshire State Government Online.  
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University of NH Library, Government Documents Department.  


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Acworth Family Name Researchers

BASCOM Family - Bascom Family genealogical home page.  


Acworth Historical Society 
Doug Robinson is currently President of the AHS and their projects include the restoration of the South Acworth Village Store completed with LCHP funding and lots of volunteers. Current project is the old Grange Building in South Åcworth which used to be the Methodist Church, and was moved down the hill from Acworth proper to its present location many years ago.

Friends of the Library

Pegi Kish is President of, Friends of the Library, as well as being very involved within the Acworth community, and she is co-editor of the Community Newsletter. Having all the materials at hand, Pegi became actively involved in the Library Archive/Genealogy Collection, and began assisting the genealogy researchers by email about 8 years ago. This includes old homestead locations and old cellar holes around town. Many researchers who visit Acworth are very interested in seeing their ancestors old home places. She has unlimited research material about Acworth and its citizens.  If you need assistance, you may contact her at 603-835-6000   

OR, If you wish to contact Pegi you can do it by email,
send it to at P.O. Box 90, S. Acworth, NH 03607

Cemetery Update:
Presently we  have 2 cemeteries with booklets listing burials going back to the late 1700's.
Revolutionary Soldiers  are also listed in the oldest cemetery booklet compiled in 1908 by Charles Spofford.  Currently the Acworth Cemetery committee is working on updating the burials in the more recent section for another booklet. There are various private family burial plots around town and are listed in the later cemetery booklet compiled in 1956 by the then Historical Society, namely Frank Kingsbury and George Allen, who also worked on bringing the Acworth genealogy files up to date. The Library was the recipient of all their labors. Details available from Pegi Kish by email.   -  CLICK ON IT.


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