Surnames are listed for individual cemeteries and the number of graves for that name is included in parentheses following the surname.

Asa Davis Cemetery
(Private)  Ryder Cor. 
Davis (8), Rowell
Baynes Memorial  Croydon Mountain Ernest Harold Baynes; Lecturer, writer, naturalist, crusader and noted New Hampshire ornithologist.  A member of the once thriving Cornish Art Colony, he organized the Meriden Bird Club & Sanctuary in 1910, the first of its type in the nation. A bronze tablet is imbedded in granite at what is called "The Overlook" on Croydon Mountain, with the following inscription; "Here were scattered the ashes of Ernest Harold Baynes - Lover of animals and men - and loved of them 5/1/1868-1/21/1925. From the same location, were scattered the ashes of his wife Louise B. Baynes
Brighton Cemetery
Inactive -Fletcher Rd. 
This cemetery contains no headstones. Headstones were removed to the North Newport Cemetery years ago but the remains of the interned did not. 
Croydon Flat Cemetery 
(Active)- Camel Hump Rd.
Aiken (4), Alexander, Allen(2), Ames, Anderson, Armstrong (4), Baird, Baker(2), Bartlett, Barton(6), Bascom, Beckwith, Blackington(2), Blanchard(5), Boisseau, Bower, Boyce(2), Brassaw(2), Bridgeo(3), Brodeur, Brown(16), Buck, Burke(5), Carley(2), Chamberlain(2), Chartier(2), Chase, Chworowsky(2), Collins, Cooper, Crosby(6), Crowell, Curtis(2), Cutting(2), Davis(2), DeMayo(2), Dent(7), Dodge(7), Dorsey(2), Douglas, Dudley, Durant, Eastman(3), Ellingwood(5), Emery(2), Flanders, Fonasch, Fowler, Freak(3), Garipay, Godfrey, Goldthwait((10), Goss, Gould, Greene(2), Hall(20), Hanes, Harold, Haynes(2), Hayward(2), Heath, Hoard, Howard(3), Howe, Hubbard(2), Humphrey(18), Hurd(4), Hurley(2), Jacobs, Jerard, Kees, Kelsey, Kempton(37), Kennedy(5), Kilton, Kuhn, LaFont, Lane, Lantz, LaPorte, Lavigne, Lawton(5), LeBrun, LeDuc(4), Lees, Lothrop, Loverin(5), MacDonald, Macie(2), Marsh(3), May, McIntosh(5), Muzzey(2), Nelson(2), Olivier, Page(2), Paul, Pendexter, Perkins(5), Perry(6), Persons, Pettingill, Pierson, Pillsbury, Pinkham, Porter(3), Powers(8), Putnam(23), Reed, Riley(2), Russell(3), Sanborn, Sawyer, Shackett(2), Shaw, Smith(3), Stevens(2), Stockwell(8), Stoddard, Stone(2), Tandy(2), Thompson, Truell(4), Tucker(5), Vickery, Walker(17), Walsh, Watson(2), Weeks, Welch(2), Wheeler(2), Whipple(21), Whittier, Williamson, Winter(5), Wood, Wright, Young(2).
East Village Cemetery ( Active) - Cash St -  Aldrich, Allen(7), Angell(2), Angier(2), Bain(3), Baker(2), Ballou, Barlett(5), Barton(57), Bascom, Benoit, Benton, Blanchard(12), Bly, Bridgeo(2), Brown(4), Blublat, Buffum, Campbell(2), Carroll(3), Churchill, Clark(13), Clough, Coburn(2), Codman(3), Colby, Comings(5), Coon, Cooper(25), Crooker, Cummings(2), Currier(3), Curtis, Cutler, Cutting, Danforth(2), Darling, Davis(10), Dewey, Dix, Dodge(2), Dow, Dunbar(12), Durkee(5), Eastman(2), Elliot, Emery, Farrington, Felton, Ferry(5), Flanders(3), Forehand(3), Fowle, Fowler, Frye(7), George, Gillit, Gilman, Girvan, Gonyo, Goodhue(4), Grandy(3), Greene, Gross(4), Hall(23), Hammond, Harding(10, Hardy(2), Harriman, Hastings(2), Hay, Hayward, Hazen, Hill, Holbritter(3), Hook, Huggins, Humphrey(3), Hyde(2), Ide(6), Kemp(2), Kidder(8),Kimton(2), King, Leavitt(2), Leeds(5), Linton, Loverin(13), Lurvey(2), Malley, McGuire(3), McKenzie, Miller(5), Miner(2), Morrill(3), Morse, Muzzey(2), Newcomb(9), Nyce, Partridge(9), Paul(3), Perkins, Pernette, Persons(3), Philbrick, Pillsbury(2), Porter(3), Powers(13), Putnam(4), Rawson(4), Reny(2), Richards, Richardson, Riley, Roberts, Rogers, Sanborn(3), Sargent(9), Sawyer, Schroder, Seace, Seavey, Shedd, Shepard(2), Sherrett(2), Skinner, Smart(3), Smith(11), Swuires, Staniels(4), Staples, Stevens(3), Steward, Stocker(2), Stowell, Struthers, Sturtevant, Taylor(3), Thompson, Troy, Wlaker(5), Watts, Webb, Wheeler, Whipple(4), Willard(2), Winter(3), Young(2). 
Four Corners (active) - Croydon Turnpike  Ames(2), Bartlett(6), Barton(16), Beliveau, Bragg(7), Braley, Breck, Buck, Carroll(6), Clement, Collins(2), Cooper(5), Crooker(3), Dodge, Dorian(2), Dunbar(2), Elliott, Fogg(4), Forehand(3), Gould, Hall(6), Hardy, Hatch, Haven(9), Haynes, Holbrook, Hook, Hurd, Ide(2), Jacobs(8), Kemton(6), Kendall, Kidder(2), Loverin(3), Marsh(2), McNutt, Melendy(4), Metcalf(9), Mondek, Nelson(6), Nichols(2), Pollard(3), Powers(6), Putnam(4), Root, Shedd(8), Sherman(2), Smart(2), Spear, Stockwell(17), Stone(11), Streeter, Taasker, Wakefield(2), Walker(3), Waterman(2), Wheeler(2), Whipple(4), White(2), Whitney(2), Williams(2), Wilson.
Over the Wall 
(Private) Croydon Turnpike -  
On property of William B. Ruger Sr.
Prescott, Putnam(2). 
Pinnacle Cemetery  (Inactive)-Pinnacle Rd.- Oldest A.D., Arms, Barton, Brown, Cooper(11), Cutting(2), Durkee(2), E.F., Forster, Fry, Gibson(2), Gustin(4), Hall(5), Haven(6), Holbrook(3), Kempton, Leach, Marsh, Metcalf(9), Powers(4), Ryder(2), S.W., Skinner(2), Town, Unknown (Experience), W, Walker, Wheelock, Whipple(9).
Putnam Cemetery 
Pinnacle Rd. 
Ames(5), Avery, Coburn, Cooper, Dunbar, Eastman(2), Greeley(4), Hall(6), Humphrey(2), Leslie(5), Lovell, Loverin, Lovewell, Maheu, Paul, Perkins, Powers, Putnam(10), Sherman, Tuttle, Weber(6), Willis(3).                   
Under The Mountain (Inactive)-   Corbin Park 
Bartlette, Barton(3), Batcheller, Bowen, Boyden, Fry, Powers(7), Stow, Waker, Walker(4).
Winter Hill (Inactive) - Pine Hill Rd. 
Codman(4), Partridge, Smart, Winter