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What can one expect to see in the Croydon of today?
 Croydon is small; with a population of around 672 citizens. The town has been blessed with a series of conscientious record-keepers and historians, who helped to create and preserve an extensive account of its people, from the first surveying trip (1763); settled in 1766, to the present. The Town Historian; Rita Gross, has an extensive knowledge of Croydon's people and it's past.
Croydon still has a one (1) room school house (East Village) that has been in continuous use since 1780, presently for grades 1-3.  Electricity came to Croydon in 1935, running water (flush toilets) in 1960. Hot water in 1961. A furnace in 1962. The only other "in use" one room school house in NH, is located in Alexandria, NH.

Croydon has only one business; the Coniston Store and Gas Station.  A fire station; Two (2) churches; both Congregational, at Croydon Flat and East Village.  There is no library.  The town has truly escaped the hustle and bustle of modern day living.

 It is also the home of William B. Ruger and William B. Ruger Jr. of Sturm Ruger & Co., Inc. (Gun Manufacturers) whose main plant is located in nearby Newport.  Croydon is also the home of the Blue Mountain Forest Assn. (Corbin Park) A private hunting preserve comprised of 10,000 of Croydon's 25,000 acres. It boasts of hunts for elk, wild boar and native game, and at one time, American bison. 


This was taken from the Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire, compiled  by Eliphalet Merrill & Phinehas Merrill, Esq. in 1817  CROYDON - a township in the county of Cheshire, was incorporated in 1713. "Its number of inhabitants is 862. It is bounded N. by New -Grantham, a corner of Springfield & Wendall, S. by Newport, and W. by Cornish, containing 26,000 acres. 

Croydon mountain extends in a northeasterly direction through this town from its southwestern extremity. On this mountain are two small ponds. Its soil is moist and rocky, and produces excellent grass, besides wheat, rye, corn, etc. The principal articles which this town sends to market, are beef, pork, butter, cheese, etc. Croydon turnpike passes nearly through the centre of this town. There are several small ponds in this town, which supply some of the minor branches of Sugar river, on which streams are erected 4 corn mills, 5 sawmills, 1 mill for dressing cloth, and a carding machine. There is in this town a house of public worship in which a congregational minister officiates.     
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Town Clerk is Brenda McGuire Croydon Town Offices are located 879 NH Route 10, Croydon, NH 03773 - Hours are; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mon - Thur and on Wed & Thur nights  6-8 p.m. 
Phone: 603-863-7830


Croydon Resources  

Lookup Volunteers - If  you have any reference material on Croydon and would like to volunteer to do lookup's, please let me know and I will include your name here:  Peggy

CROYDON VITAL RECORDS : We are fortunate to have a book published by the New England Genealogical Society in 1999 that was compiled by Dean Crawford Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn titled "Vital Records of Croydon, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900." This provides valuable information and is a source of birth, deaths and marriages from when Croydon was first settled in 1766. If you click her to access the Vital Records Page,  this information is listed for you.

Stockwell Genealogy Many of the Stockwells lived in Croydon. I can do lookups for the Stockwells and associated familes. Jennifer Harness

Here is a great page filled with actual names and places from genealogy history.  Access Genealogy by Dennis Partridge. (Click) Check it out.

CEMETERIES - We have recently recorded all internees in Croydon's nine (9) cemeteries; a 10th, (Brighton) ceased to exist years ago as the headstone were removed for whatever reason but still is town property. Plus, 2 cremations from Croydon Mountain (Peak). 
Surnames are sorted in alphabetical order by cemetery and contain all the information listed on the headstones with the location of each internee located on a map of each cemetery. Also available is a booklet of all of Croydon's military veterans in each cemetery and their location for the purpose of placing flags on Memorial Day. 

List of Croydon Military Veterans(Click)

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The Croydon Historical Society: is active in  town. Their address is  879 NH Route 10, Croydon, NH 03773