Sullivan County, New Hampshire
formerly known as Mill Village


A brief History of Early Goshen

 Taken from The Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire, and compiled by Eliphalet Merrill and Phinehas Merrill, Esq.,   1837

- a township in Cheshire county, incorporated in 1791, and in 1810, containing 563 inhabitants. It is bounded N. by Newport and Wendell, E. by the county of Hillsborough, S. by Washington, and W. by Lempster and Unity, and contains 12,023 acres. Little Sugar river waters the north part of the town. Sunapee mountain lies between Goshen and Fishersfield. Croydon turnpike passes through the west part of the town to Connecticut river. There is here 1 grain mill, 2 sawmills, 1 clothing mill and 1 distillery.     Submitted by T.C. Parziale 5/30/00

Goshen Information:  Can be obtained at:
Olive G. Pettis Library - P.O. Box 742 - Goshen 03752-0251
Telephone: (603) 863-6921

Goshen Board of Selectmen
P.O. Box 68 - Goshen, NH 03752 PH: (603) 863-5655

Goshen Resources and Lookup Volunteers

If  you have any information about Goshen or its early settlers and ancestors, and would be willing to share it with others. Please get in touch with me and we will list you as a lookup volunteer.

At the Town Clerk's office is a listing of persons buried in each of the following cemeteries: Mill Village, Goshen Corners, and North Goshen.

History of Goshen - second edition by Nelson, lots of genealogical data, would be glad to do lookups. [Arthur]

Andrea (Andi) Willett has graciously volunteered to look up from the following sources:
The History of Goshen by Walter R. Nelson
Sweetwater Echoes, 1903 by Walter R. Nelson
Gleanings From Our Early History by Walter R. Nelson
The Beginning of the History of Goshen by Walter R. Nelson (pre-history book)
The Goshen, NH Bicentennial booklet
A Supplement to the History of Goshen, 1976 by Doris Nelson Newman
Foundations of Old Goshen by Arthur Nelson / Ronald Whitney
I'll Take My Place Beside You by Doris Nelson Newman (compiled from family letters & diaries & copies were given to family only)
Sara Farr autograph book circa 1870 with many signatures of Goshen people
1888 Diary of Eda Maxham, aged 14 yrs.
Many 1800's photos of Goshen people & early postcards of Goshen / Mill Village
Genealogical & Family History of the State of New Hampshire 1908 (4 vols.) by Ezra S. Stearns

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