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The town of Goshen, a quintessential New England town, is nestled in the foothills of Mount Sunapee in Sullivan County. It is comprised of Mill Village and Goshen Four Corners.

According to information furnished by the State of New Hampshire Community Profiles, this area was first settled in 1768 when it was part of Saville. The town was incorporated in 1791 when the southern portion of Wendell, what is now Sunapee, was combined with territory taken from Fishersfield (Newbury), Lempster, Unity, and Newport to form a new town. It was probably named Goshen because many residents had relatives in Goshen, Connecticut, and had served in a Revolutionary regiment with soldiers from that same town.



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Annual Report of the town of Goshen 1892 - 2010

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Andrea (Andi) Willett has graciously volunteered to look up from the following sources:

The History of Goshen by Walter R. Nelson

Sweetwater Echoes, 1903 by Walter R. Nelson

Gleanings From Our Early History by Walter R. Nelson

The Beginning of the History of Goshen by Walter R. Nelson (pre-history book)

The Goshen, NH Bicentennial booklet

A Supplement to the History of Goshen, 1976 by Doris Nelson Newman

Foundations of Old Goshen by Arthur Nelson / Ronald Whitney

I'll Take My Place Beside You by Doris Nelson Newman (compiled from family letters & diaries & copies were given to family only)

Sara Farr autograph book circa 1870 with many signatures of Goshen people

1888 Diary of Eda Maxham, aged 14 yrs.

Many 1800's photos of Goshen people & early postcards of Goshen / Mill Village

Genealogical & Family History of the State of New Hampshire 1908 (4 vols.) by Ezra S. Stearns




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