All of the following cemetery information was Extracted 1998-2000
 by former Newport NHGenWeb Township Coordinator Julie 
Cooper from cemetery enumerations stored at the Newport Library. Submitted 
to the Newport NHGenWeb township site 1998-2000, and reformatted in 2000 by 
Sullivan Co, NHGenWeb County Coordinator Clifford L. Coy."

Pine Street  West Cemetery, both (East and West) are the oldest cemeteries in Newport, New Hampshire.  The first burial in the Pine Street West Cemetery was that of an infant born to Maj. Jesse Wilcox and his wife, who also happened to be the first child born in Newport.  The baby was born 28 February, 1768 and died 09 March, 1768. The land for the West Cemetery was donated to the town by Benjamin Bragg, a prominent Newport citizen.

Pine Street East Cemetery land was purchased by the town on August29,1814. Both Pine Street Cemeteries are small.  Many of the graves in the Pine Street Cemeteries contain small markers indicating that the deceased was a veteran of the American Revolution or the Civil War.

Northville Cemetery land was purchased in 1795 and enlarged in 1876.  The old Baptist Church was located below the cemetery's south line. 

Maple Street Cemetery
land was purchased in 1824 and enlarged in 1855.  This cemetery is located on hilly land and contains many old monuments.


The information regarding Newport Cemeteries was taken from Newport Library records. This presentation reflects the way that other people before presented and catalogued it.  Obvious errors made mean that some necessary information had to be eliminated entirely. 

The "Remarks" columns should be especially helpful to genealogy researchers, since they contain valuable information about the person buried in specific graves.   The most frequent remarks related to women included the names of their husbands, their maiden name, and their date of birth.  Because of limited space, not all available information was published her. Given the choice of husband's name, maiden name and birth date.  We are all indebted to Julie Cooper for all of her hard work and research that went into the compilation of these library records.  CLC  - September 2000                                




Compiled in 1998 - J.A.C.