NOTE:  The Maple Street Cemetery has not been as thoroughly indexed as other Newport cemeteries.  At the moment, the only thing available is a list of last names and first initials of the persons buried there.  The lot numbers are listed, but really serve no purpose on this page.  If you find any of your ancestors buried here, send us an e-mail and we'll try to provide additional information for you.
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Adams, P.                           Belknap, W.                         Carr, D.                                 
Aiken, D. Belloir, J. Carr, D.
Aiken, G. Belloir, P. Carr, E.
Ainsworth, A. Bellville, L. Carr, F.
Allen, D. Bennett, L. & A. Carr, J.
Allen, D. Bennett, L. Carr, J.
Allen, M. Bingham, H. Carr, J.
Allen, S. Bingham, J. Carr, W.
Anderson, J.   Bird, L. Carter, J.
Anderson, U. Black, A. Carter, W.
Angell, E. Blaisdell, A. Chadwick, H. & D.
Angell, H. Blaisdell, H. Chandler, H.
Angell, H. Blake, J. Chandler, F.
Atwood, S. Blanchard, L. Chapin, H.
Averill, C. Blodgett, W. Chapman, R.
Averill, H. Blood, J. Chase, A.
Averill, H. Blood, M. Chase, A.
Bacon, R. Boardman, F. Chase, C.
Badger, W. Booth, R. Chase, C.
Bailey, J. Booth, S. Chase, E.
Bailey, J. Bowers, S. Chase, H.
Bailey, W. Bowman Chase, N.
Baker, J. Bowman Chase, N.
Baker, M. Boyd, A. Chase, S.
Baldwin, H. Boyd, A. Chellis, E.
Baldwin, S. Boyden, O. Chellis, S.
Barker, D. Bradley, A.C. Cheney
Barker, H. Braley, O. Cheney
Barker, T. Breck, M. Chournard, G.
Barrett, J. Britton, G. Claggett, R.
Barrett, B. Brocklebank, L. Claggett, W.
Barrett, F. Brockway, W. Claggett, Will
Barrett, F. Brown, C. Clapper
Barrey, P. Brown, H. Clark, A.
Bartlett, E. Brown, N. Clark, E.
Barton, F. Brown, N. Clark, N.
Barton, H. Brown, H. Clark, S. & A.
Barton, J. Buell, A. Clement, C.
Barton, L. Buell, D.  Clement, J.
Barton, Z. Buell, M. Clough, E.
Bascom, E. Buell, N. & O. Coady, J.
Bascom, R. Bugbee, E. Coates, J.
Bascom, R. Burke, E. Coates, H. & A.
 Batchelder, W. Burr, M. Coffin, S.
Batchelder, D. Buswell, H.P. Colbeth, E.
Batchelder, E. Cain, G. Colby, C.
Batchelder, H. Cain, J. Colby, J.
Batchelder, J. Call, A. Colby, P.
Batchelder, N. Call, C. Colby, W.
Beacon, O. Carlton, H. Collins, T.
Beard, A. Carpenter, E. Comstock, F.
Beck, A. Carpenter, F. Comstock, G.
Belknap, B. Carr, B. Comstock, G.
Belknap, S. Carr, B. Comstock, O.


Compiled in 1998 - J.A.C.