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  • From: "Leon E. Hertzler" Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 09:41:53 -0400
    Looking for information about EZEKIEL AUSTIN,b ca1835,d. ca1855 mar. HANNAH COLLINS, b. ca 1825, d. ca1875. In 1865 they lived in Grantham, Sullivan Co, NH. Maybe later moved to Enfiled, Grafton Co., NH. Two daughters known: INA VERONIE AUSTIN, b. 16 Nov 1865 Grantham, NH, d. 01 may 1953 Lebanon, NH 1st m. JOHN HARRISON KIMBALL, b. 1856, d. 1930, Lebaonon, NH 2nd m. "Stub" Severance, LILLIAN AUSTIN, b._________, d._____________ mar: Mr _________? Thortan, lived Enfield Center, Grafton Co., NH Can anyone HELP me learn more about any of these lost Ancestors!!! Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!!

  • Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:22:07 -0400 From: Bonney McClellan -
    Bonney A. McClellan - John and Elizabeth (PETTENGILL) AUSTIN living Sullivan Co late 1700s early 1800s. Daughter Elizabeth married 1792 Thomas CADY in Plainfield; son Elijah married Levina WILLIAMS 1818; daughter Mary married James KENYON; son Lyman married Hannah SILLOWAY. Other children but only these I know where in Plainfield at time of marriage.

  • From: "Shirley Combs" Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 18:19:06 -0700 AYER Looking for info on Isaac AYER son oh John AYER and Elizabeth THURSTON . Isaac was born 13 March 1794 , Have you a birth and marriage record for this family? Thanks so much. Shirley Combs

  • From: CATONHILL Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 11:01:11 EDT
    BARNEY, Emma born Washington, NH, Sullivan County I would like a birth certificate the years of birth most likely would have been from 1850-1900. If any pertinent information exists on her parents I would appreciate acknowledgement.
    DENSMORE, Charles and was born in Charlestown, NH also in Sullivan, County (and was age 49 in 1907 which would put the birth year around 1856). If a birth certificate exists for him I would very much like to see it or have a copy of it and if any pertinent information on his parents.
    Together these two had a son: DENSMORE, Roy born in Unity (also in Sullivan, County) his birthdate was Dec. 5, 1885. I have not been able to locate his birth certificate and would appreciate a copy of the document in my family tree.

  • From: Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 20:03:50 EDT
    Looking for parents of MOSES BEAN, born, I believe in Springfield, N.H. about 1795. Married 11 Apr. 1814 to Betsy Eliza Philbrick in Springfield, N.H. He died 1 Feb. 1841 in Boston, MA. He and Betsy had 8 children ... namely, 1) Sylvannus Huntoon Bean, born 29 Jun 1816; 2) Jedediah Philbrick Bean; 3) Hiram Bean, born 1822, married 29 Apr. 1845 to Louisa M. Grow; 4) John Bean; 5) Reuel Huntoon Bean, born 1824; 6) Moses Thurston Bean, a master mariner who died in San Francisco in 1877; 7) Luther Lorel Bean, a painter who moved to IL in 1855, and his (by then) widowed mother went with him; and 8) Rhoda Calista Bean, born 7 Feb 1833. Any help and information you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 19:33:33 -0500 From: pat randall --
    BECKWITH and MERRILL Looking for Jabez Beckwith born 1768 and married 1790 in Lempster, NH Ormenda Merrill.

  • From: "JOHN" -- Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:29:46 -0500
    My great grandfather, Frederick Gagne', a native of Stanbridge, Missisquoi, PQ; was prvented from entering the US in 1913 because he had been stricken with a paralysis of his legs. On his entry petition, he indicated he was going to stay with a son-in-law, Will Blay (Blais) of Acworth, Sullivan county. The 1920 US Census lists a William F Blay living in Claremont, with a wife, rose and a son Archie. Is any of that family still in the Acworth- Claremont area? Is there any record of Frederick living in Sullivan County around 1870 ; or between 1898 and 1910? He indicated that he had resided in the US for some 12 years prior to 1911. He also had two children born about 1870 in the US. It appears that he was a regular transient into the US prior to his paralysis. Any help would be most greatfully received. I have tried to trace Frederick's family for years with only a minimum of success.

  • From: "Prolog" Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:35:05 -0400 BREED Trying to find information on above ancestor. Father Eliphalet, mother Mary Johnson ... both born Lynn, Mass. and moved to Unity. Siblings of Jonathan include, Eliphalet, Allen, Sally and Abigail ... all born in Unity. Any help appreciated.

  • Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 21:06:54 -0400 From: Jane Peppler --
    Martin Brockway appears in the Washington census of 1800. His daughter Judith met and married Adin Tucker around 1816 - perhaps in Washington. Do you have any records of Martin, Judith, Adin, or perhaps Adin's father Woodward Tucker? Thank you, Jane Peppler

  • Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 22:33:48 -0500 From: John Leidy --
    Am seeking the family background of a Martha ("Patty") BRUCE whose intention to marry Timothy FISHER was filed in Croydon in 1775. The family was taxed in Croydon until 1783, and then were located in the Hartland/Woodstock area of Windsor Co. VT. Prior to living in Croydon, Timothy Fisher had been in Ashburnham and Stoughton MA. So far the only Bruce connection I've found in this time period near Croydon is the family of Thomas and Martha (Bruce) Barney of Washington NH. Thanks for any leads, John Leidy Thanks for posting this item for me!! JL

  • From: Semp1790 Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 00:06:07 EDT
    Jabez Cary (My GGGGGGrandfather), born 1727 Windham County, CT. and some sons with their families lived in Plainfield area after the Revolutionary War. Jabez and his first son, Jabez III, actually fought in the war (Jabez III is buried in Marcy NY with other brothers).
    My GGGGGrandfather is (William) Bela Cary, the second Son. He was born in Dec 1762 in CT. My GGGGrandfather, John, his first and only child by the first wife, was born in 1788 (Either CT or NH). Bela did move to Oneida County with his brothers and their families (and Mom) in 1794 (Father Jabez Jr had died 1794), remarried in 1794/5 and fathered most of the Cary's in Oneida County for the 19th century.
    I've never found Jabez Jr's grave (Plainfield?); I've never found the name or grave of Bela's first wife (died at or shortly after childbirth 1788?). John's first child (a girl) he named Susan. There had never been a Susan in the family! His second child (a son0 was named Bela (guess why?). Anyway, if either cemetary, church, land or other records show a Cary contingent between say, 1784-1794, could you let me know? Thanks, Tim Cary

  • From: "Gail Brown" Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 07:24:17 -0500
    Daniel CLARK (b. abt 1775 Londonderry, Rockingham Co., NH, s.o. Samuel CLARK and Sarah HOLMES) m. Betsey Boyd PATTERSON (b. abt 1775 New Boston, Hillsboro Co., NH, d.o. Robert PATTERSON and Betsy FURGASON) 5 Mar, 1799, New Boston, Hillsboro Co., NH. They lived there until 1815 and had 8 children - Betsey, David, Jane, Sarah, William, Robert, Nancy, Bradford. Daniel is listed as Capt., 1811-1815, in New Boston town records. Although the family later went to Welland Co., Ontario, Canada, I believe that they lived in Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH, after 1815. Daniel's younger brother Moses and his wife Fanny PATTERSON (Betsey's sister), and their family lived in Claremont at least through 1850. Daniel was probably a carpenter, and at least 3 of his sons became millwrights. If anyone knows this family, please contact me - I would love to share information. What was going on in NH that may have caused the family to move?

  • Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 13:04:34 -0400 From: Jane Cole
    Ebenezer Cole m. Elizabeth Wheeler, 1751 in Plainfield CT. Had son named Daniel. Reportedly, they moved to Plainfield, NH, and Ebenezer died there. 1790 Census shows Daniel, Ebenezer and Ebenezer, Jr., all living in Plainfield, NH. Any information on the family would be appreciated. Jane Cole

    New Hampshire Death Records lookup
    Ebenezer Cole, b. 1732, Duxbury
    Daniel Cole, b. 1758? Plainfield, CT?

  • From: "Jim or Paula VAUGHAN" -- Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 14:15:41 -0800
    Seeking information on Tristam COLLINS b 1807 NJ m 1st Emillia SEVERANCE b Wasington, Sullivan Co., NH 2nd Clarinda C. COONS 3rd Betsey JOHNSON. Any help appreciated

  • From: "Patricia Herigon" Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 08:45:56 -0800
    Looking for any and all info on: Fenno COMINGS/CUMMINGS b. 21 Mar. 1785 in Cornish, N. H. d. 24 Jan. 1830 Berlin Vt., was in the tannery/currier business in Plainfield Vt. with his brother Sherman, and Berlin Vt., parents Benjamin and Mary (COOPER ) COMINGS/CUMMINGS, he married Rebecca SMART b. 26 July 1788 in Croydon, N. H. parents Caleb and Catherine (BLACK) SMART. Know his siblings names: Peninnah married C. Weld, Samuel, Polly married L. Bingham, Sherman, Andrew, Benjamin, Betty married M. Smith, Susan married J. Sperry, Boy, boy, Julia R. married J. Newell, nothing else is known on Fenno's family. Have Nothing on Rebecca (SMART) COMINGS/CUMMINGS parents or siblings. Any and all help is needed. Thank you.

  • Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 22:08:05 -0500 From: hafner
    Looking for information on Josephine Edna Day, youngest daughter of Lucius and Almira Day. Born Greensboro VT., 11/13/1854 and Married Joseph Galbraith of S. Roxton Quebec. Moved to Newport NH in 1903. Daughter, Alice Elizabeth Galbraith married Ralph Brennan of Boston. Believe Josephine died 7/13/1919 and is buried in Newport NH and was associated with the Methodist Episc. Church s.hafner

  • From: "Randolph C. Dow" Reply-To:
    Lokking for information on ancestors of the following couple who were the purchasers of the family bible. No information pre-dates them. 1. Moses Dow, born August 11, 1826 in Sunapu ? probably Sunapee, New Hampshire - died May 16, 1898 in Warrick, Mass. 2. Augusta Blaisdell - Wife of Moses - no marriage date listed - born February 10, 1831 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, died - August 22, 1896 in Warrick, Mass. Note - Children of above were Charles Fowler Dow - born 1/8/1859 in Rutland, Vt.; twin girls, Josephene & Helen F. Dow - born 2/28/1853 & Irwin Wellington Dow - born 6/7/1864. Thanks for your help. Randolph Dow (

  • From: "Patricia Herigon" Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 09:54:20 -0800
    Looking for any and all info on these families they were in Cornish N. H. from 1773 and Croydon N H. from around the same time period. The main name being Comings/Cummings the others are married names, the Comings were all pretty much "Deacons" in the Congregational Churches around there, (Church records would be nice)... Thank you for your consideration and help.

  • Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:01:31 +0100 From: Corban Goble
    I have some roots in Keene, Rindge and Alstead, plus connections in Charlestown and Acworth. My great-grandfather was Benjamin D. Dwinnell of Charlestown, and before that Francis, Michael and Bartholomew Dwinnel of Keene. Francis's mother was Lydia Towne of Rindge, and her father was Francis Towne. Francis Dwinnel and his wife, Nancy Tarbell, were married in Alstead but then later lived in Charlestown before they died in the 1840s. I'm still looking for documentation of Nancy's parents, as well as documentation about what happened to Michael & Lydia after about 1809 in Keene. But Francis had several sisters (births recorded at Keene in the early 1800s), and I'm trying to flesh out the families of a couple of them, at least to begin with. One is Mary (Polly), who married Loring Morse of Fitzwilliam--and they lived until the 1880s at Acworth. (They're in the Alstead history.) The other is Harriet, who married Jonathan Sawyer of Alstead. Much of this family is in Eleanor G. Sawyer's book, "Sawyer Families of New England." I have used records I have had access to, including census rolls, and have prepared a layout of the Morse family (so far) and am working one for the Sawyers. One of the Morse sons lived in Keene, but the rest of the family were in Sullivan County or elsewhere. The Sawyer folks most lived in Cheshire, at least in the early years. I'm still working on that chart, but could send one showing the Morses to your postal address, if you wish. Brad Bascom--and I looked at his home page--has helped in provding Morse information several years ago, and I'm sending him one of my updated Morse charts Corban Goble, Bowling Green, KY.

  • From: Date: Mon, 7 Dec 1998 19:25:44 EST
    I have been trying to locate the parents of Leonard Hart, b. 28 Dec 1799 in Huntington (I assume VT). It recently came to my attention that a Mr. Stephen Eastman of Croydon, NH had been appointed guardian of Leonard on 9 May 1816, legally referred to as case # 264, and recorded in Keene, NH. Have long suspected Leonard's parents died or disappeared, as family records indicate he did not know where they originated. Please advise. Thanks Tom

  • From: Seapup58 Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 02:46:41 EDT
    When my Grandfather Fred Hudson passed away in the 50's in his obituary it stated that he was survived by a daughter Margarite Fairbanks of Claremont, N.H. As far as I know my father Bert W. Hudson was an only child of Fred and Kate Hudson (Sherman). I do not know if my Grandfather was married before or ?? or if he might have originated from the N.H area. I am sure this lady has long ago passed away but she is a link to my genealogy I am sure and I am very curious. Is it possible that any information could be gotten about this lady. I do not know if her maiden name was Hudson for sure but presume so. I am also interested in anything from the area on my Grandfather Fred or Frederick Hudson. I know that he was retired from the railroad somewhere, came west from Minn. at some time with my Grandmother (Kate), worked as a prison guard, Yuma Territorial Prison, owned horse ranch in AZ. and a farm outside of Spokane WA. where he passed away. Being that Mrs. Fairbanks was from Claremont and there is also a town of Hudson N.H. I am sure my roots came from that area. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I live in Vancouver, WA. Gary J. Hudson. Thk. You!!

  • Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 11:27:16 -0800 From: "John T. Foster"
    GEORGE FOSTER was conspicuous in first years of 1800's in HANOVER, N.H. and reportedly was buried there around 1806. He was a carpenter and built the home of Dr. Nathan Smith on what now is the Dartmouth green. What his ORIGIN was is a mystery, because he does not appear in any of the classical FOSTER anthologies. I have record of all his descendants including connections to famous Shepley'sof college and state history. His first son was "John May Foster" who became Boston leathermaker. This suggests that "May" may have been wife's family name (a pattern in later generations at least). John Foster

  • From: "Bruce Freeman" Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 11:27:23 -0500
    1800, Daniel FREEMAN and family lived in Plainfield, would like any information on this family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • From: Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 17:39:03 EDT
    I am researching William Furnal (1790 census) Cornish Town, NH. Also known as William Fernald,and William Furnald died 01 Sept 1816. He is supposed to be, according to DAR records born 1759 and died 1816, married to Mary Colby. The birth date I have for him is 17 July 1757, baptised 24 July 1757 m. abt 1779 to Mary or Molly or Mollie Colby. (abt 1820 known as Mrs. Hammond). His parents are supposed to be: Tobias (Col) Fernald (twin of John) b. 23 Nov 1742 Kittery, Me and Mary Andrews b. 30 Mar 1740.
    Children of William and Mollie Fernal or Fernald: born Fremont, Rockingham, NH John Furnald b. 2 Dec 1781 William Furnald b. 4 Sept 1783 d. young Daniel Furnald b. 10 Nov 1784 William Furnald b. 27 Jul 1786 Samuel Furnald b. 15 Jun 1788 Joseph Furnald b. 21 Apr 1790
    children born Cornish, Sullivan, NH Thomas Furnald b. 19 Mar 1792 Benjamin Furnald b. 15 Dec 1793 Polly Furnald b. 22 Apr 1796 James Furnald b. 22 Feb 1798 I have 3 children with no birth dates or locations: Mary Furnald Sarah (Sally) Furnald Elizabeth (Betsey) Furnald The line we descend from is Samuel Furnald who married Anna (Nancy) Burnham 6 Nov 1808, Newburyport, MA. I have no real question to ask, only verification of information. Thank you.

  • Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 19:35:12 -0500 From: Alice Gless
    I am seeking information on Richard GLIDDEN and his wife Abigail HUBBARD. Their daughter, Susannah GLIDDEN was born in Charlestown, NH on October 9, 1779 and married Levi OSGOOD on August 21, 1799. I have no further information on Richard and Abigail; they may have moved to Sullivan County from Massachusetts. ANY information on Richard GLIDDEN and/or Abigail HUBBARD, their other children, parentage, etc., would be appreciated.

  • Date: Mon, 06 Apr 98 22:04:31 -0700 From: Judy Lewis
    can you tell me if you have a Sarah A. Hale and who her parents are? she married Andrew Jackson Dean of Claremont NH., she was from Exeter NH. Sarah was born about 1806. Andrew was born about 1806. I would appreciate the help and thank you. judy

  • From: "Ginny & Floyd" -- Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:17:15 -0500
    My great-grandfather was born in Croyden, 7/12/1833 and died 2/17/1896 in Massachusetts. I am looking for information on his parents and other ancestors. I believe he moved to Lowell, Massachusetts but have not confirmed that. I learned that he was born in Croyden from my grandfather's birth certificate and the date of his birth and death from my aunt's birthday book. I have a friend helping me search for my ancestors and would appreciate any information you can give me. At the Family Histoy Center in Carlsbad, New Mexico I believe the 1850 census showed somer Halls living in Croyden. Sincerely Virginia Hall Magee

  • From: Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 14:18:06 EDT
    Looking for parents and children of John HOGG of Springfield, NH. whom in 1824 changed his name to John JOHNSON. Did other family members take different surnames when dropping the HOGG surname? Thank you for your time and effort. Janice Maynard

  • Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:39:16 -0400 From: Bruce & Dorothy Nelson
    My wife and I have been working on this line and seem to have alot of big opennings. We would like an help you might provide. Charles Fredrick HOWARD-b.-26 Apr 1886 in Rutland, Vt.-d.-in Newport, NH in 1956 -m.-Birdie Laura HEATH on 10 Oct 1906, she was b.-11 Nov 1888 in Ira, Vt.. Anything on either family will be of great help. Thank you for any and all help.

  • Date: Wed, 08 Jul 98 06:39:14 0000 From: Harriette Jensen
    I have an ancestor, Henry Lewis Hoisington, b. 18 Mar 1914 in North Newport NH. I would appreciate a lookup for a marriage or death record for him. Thank you for your generousity in sharing your resources. Harriette

  • From: Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:53:45 EDT
    I am looking for any information on the HOYT & REED families of Sullivan County. Perhaps Newport. Thanks for your time. Mark Peebles

  • Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 01:29:57 -0400 From: "David G. White"
    I am looking for the parents of Otis H. Knight who married Sally Howe. Or at least some lead on where he came from. I know he lived for at least three years (1825-1827) in Washington, NH and that he was born somewhere in NH, but I don't know where. I was in Boston last weekend and spent two hours in the library of the New England Historic and Genealogical Society where I found some new leads. However, I ran out of time before I could pursue them thoroughly. I hope you can help. According to information from an old Knight family (my wife's family) bible: 1) Otis H. Knight was born Dec. 26, 1800; 2) he married Sally Howe on Nov. 29, 1827; 3) Sally Howe was born March 15, 1797. Originally that's all we knew. No locations were given.
    Later, I discovered in "The History of North Brookfield (Mass.)" by Temple, J. H. and Adams, Charles, (Published by the Town of North Brookfield, 1887), that the children of Otis and Sally were all born in Cambridge, Vermont. Their children were: Orvilla Knight (that is correct Orvilla, not Orville, but he is male!), b. Feb. 3 or 4, 1831; Edmund Curtis Knight, b. March 18, 1835; and Abbie C. Knight born April 3, 1839. Orvilla and Edmund settled in North Brookfield, Mass. and died there. Unfortunately, when I searched the town records of Cambridge, VT I found no birth records for these three children. In fact, the only town record I found which indicated Otis and Sally were in Cambridge at all was a death certificate for their daughter Abbie in 1861 at the age of 22. My next lead came from the US Censuses of 1840 and 1850. They show Otis and Sally living in Cambridge, VT with their three children and they list Otis and Sally as both having been born in New Hampshire (but no town given). This was exciting! I finally had a lead on their origins! New Hampshire!
    This past weekend, I took the next step. Searching in NEHGS's mircrofilm library, I found that Otis H. Knight paid taxes in Washington, NH for three years only: 1825, 1826 and 1827. Since the Knight family bible says he and Sally married in 1827, and their first child was born in Cambridge, VT in 1831, it seems reasonable to assume they moved to Cambridge shortly after their marriage which is why Otis is not listed in the Washington, NH tax rolls for 1828.
    I did not find a marriage record for Otis and Sally, nor did I find a birth record for any Otis Knight anywhere in NH during this time period. Also, there were no other Knights listed in Washington tax rolls, so I am guessing he was not born there.
    Now, as to Sally, I found birth records for several Sally Howes in NH during this time. Two of them seem to have the most potential. One lists Sally Colby Howe, born in New Boston, NH on February 7, 1797, daughter of Aaron and Betsy Howe. This is the right year, but wrong date.
    The second is for Sally Howe, born in Jaffrey, NH on March 15, 1791 to Adonijah and Sarah Howe. This is the right date, but wrong year. Some follow-up info I received from a Howe researcher via e-mail leads me to beleive that the Sally Howe who married Otis H. Knight is not the daughter of Adonijah. I've got no further info on Aaron and Betsy Howe.
    All three of the identified NH towns are in southern or south-western New Hampshire. Washington is in Sullivan County. Jaffrey is in Cheshire County. New Boston is in Hillsborough County.
    Do you have any info which might give me any further lead on Otis H. Knight? Where did he come from? Were there other Knights in Washington or nearby towns who could be his parents? Any help is much appreciated. Best Wishes, David G. White

  • From: (MRS CAROL D VEAL) Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 20:46:39, -0500
    1900 census Newport, Sullivan Co. KUNITSKY: given names: Joseph Peter Constantine Dorothy Christine Thank you very much for your help. Carol

  • Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 22:02:02 -0500 From: Roger Star
    We are looking for information on the family of Burton John LEGATE born abt 1855 in Charlemont. He married Lizzie Hunt . We have no marriage date or dates on Lizzie. They lived in Newburrysport, Ma. in abt. 1900. LEGATE is surname interested in and any related to them. Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Thank you ahead for any help given. Bonnie Starman

  • From: "Donald Lefevre" - Date: Mon, 07 Sep 98 23:15:16 PDT
    Need LAVOY // LEVOY family information !! 1880 VT. census soundex has LEVOY Joseph & wife Elisabeth perkins along with ( 2 ) two children, Henry age 7 & eugene age 4. Anybody know of this family or is related to this Family I would like to talk with them Donald LeFevre

  • From: "dragster" - Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 22:47:59 -0700
    New Hampshire birth records 1700-1901 Birth of Samuel H. LITCHFIELD born in 1811 in NH, possibly Sullivan County. would you see if you have this info. This is my grgrgrandfather. Thank you in advance. Sheran Masquelier

  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:12:03 -0700 From: mary --
    I have a problem and perhaps you can help. My grandparents were passing through New Hampshire and stopped long enough for my grandmother to have a baby. The family doesn't know why my grandparents, John and Myrtle McClenaghan, were in New Hampshire, let alone where. Their baby, my mother, Eleanor McClenaghan, born 1915, died in 1951. She has two younger sisters who don't know the circumstance that brought John and Myrtle to New Hampshire. My grandfather John Medley McClenaghan was a logger from New Brunswick. He went to the state of Washington, where he met my grandmother Aura Myrtle Moon. They had a son in Seattle, 1911. I believe they then tried to live in New Brunswick and my grandmother didn't care for it, so they headed back to Washington. As I said, Eleanor was born 1915 and her sisters were born in a Lumber Camp back in Washington, in 1919 and 1922. No one I have talked to knows Eleanor's birth date. Is there anything I can do? I am thinking that if I check with all the lookup people in all ten counties that, perhaps, someone could find something or come up with a suggestion. Thank you for your attention to this query. Kindest Regards, Mary

  • From: "Evelyn Brown" -- Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:30:44 -0800
    I am looking for an ancestor somewhere in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. The family was in Kentucky by 1814, where my ancestor, James MERVILLE ARRINGTON was born. I was told that his maternal grandmother whose last name was MERVILLE was from Sullivan County, New Hampshire. I would appreciate any mention of the name MERVILLE at any time. It's apparently an unusual name. My only other clue would be that he named his oldest daughter Mary Merville ARRINGTON, so possibly his mother was Mary MERVILLE. Thank you for checking. Evelyn Brown

  • Date: Tue, 03 Mar 1998 21:37:39 -0500 From: Johnson
    I'm doing a gegeology search for my husbands family and what we do know is as follows: His GG Grandfather was born in Wendall, Sullivan Co. New Hampshire on Sept 5, 1818. His name was John Edmonds Pickernell. His father was Thomas Pickernell and his mother was Mary(?) Pickernell. I think they moved to New Hampshire from Kittery Maine, because we have found early members of the family there. Thank you, Cristy Johnson

  • From: Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 21:08:05 EDT
    Seeking birth/family information for: Mariam ELMER (b. abt. 1750-1760) in New England 1. Marriage date 1779-20=1759 birth based on marriage 2. 1760 cf Jeanette Marie Sexton Michael in PAF 4.10 LDS CD-Rom. 3. NH Census Index 1800-45=1755 est. late birth date, pg. 315. Mariam ELMER (m. Oct 20, 1779) Solomon PUTNAM in Claremont, NH Ref: Mary Faith Jnettemier Karr letter, 1977. Mariam ELMER PUTNAM (d. Mar 7, 1826) Calculation: 1826-1760=66 estimated death age Ref: Karr letter, 1977. Any response is welcome. Emmett Mason

  • From: Brian Hamilton Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 17:12:38 -0500
    Hello, My Name is Brian Hamilton from Knob Noster Mo. I have been working on my family's history for about 10 years. I have a few sides of the family I am kind of stuck on. I am looking for information about a Amos Rawson born 1808. He had a daughter Lucinda L Rawson born Sept 1846 Croyden NH. Do you know of anyone who might be researching this family? Or could you see if he is listed with his parents. Maybe one link will fix me up. Thanks so much Brian

  • From: Skydan5987 Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:29:11 EST
    Intrested in conversing with anyone researching these family names in the Cornish, NH area. EVERETT ROBINSON B. FEB 22 1784 M. JULIA WILLIAMS, had a son Samuel Stillman ROBINSON b. jan 25 1824 in Cornish, NH married Eliz NORTON. both Samuels parents died at a young age and he was raised by ? There is a family burial plot at the base of the Ascutney Mtns. does any of this sound familar? Donna Smith

  • From: "Susan Nielsen" Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 17:32:38 -0600
    Hannah ROBINSON born 12 Mar 1788 in "New Hampshire" and died 7 Nov 1864. She married Caleb Currier TRUE on 20 Jan 1811 in Goshen, Sullivan Co. I have the ancestry of the True, but have nothing on Hannah Robinson. Thank you for posting this for me.

  • Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 22:35:01 -0500 From: Donnell Miller -
    Joseph Rogers and his wife Lois Hall were buried in Claremont in 1830s. We will be traveling through Claremont the 1st of Oct. and would like to know if anyone recognizes name and especially what cemeteries might have been open in the 1830s so we know where to look. Gail Miller

  • Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 17:55:47 -0600 From: Margaret Olson -
    I have a journal written by my 3ggg grandmother (from Providence RI) in 1850 when she and others travelled to the White mountains. One of the towns she mentions is Cornish - but it could not logically be the current Cornish, NH. That would be far out of the way. She says she went about 20 miles from Center Harbor to Cornish and on to Conway. Among other places named are Bartlett and Tamworth and Eaton Corners. It seems to us Cornish isn't near any of these. This journal is very interesting to me. Sarah Jenckes Shaw was about 65 at the time of her trip. My husband has just transcribed the New Hampshire part, thinking the Appalachian Mountain Club might be interested. I intend to provide it to some genealogical place - maybe to the NHGenWeb if you want it. I need to fill in some genealogy before doing that. Margaret Olson

  • From: "Patricia Herigon" Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 16:20:15 -0800
    Looking for any and all info on the "Smart Family" my GGGGrandmother was born in Croydon 1788, her father was I believe Caleb and mother Catherine (Black) Smart, know NOTHING else Help please. Pat Heriogn

  • From: Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:54:18 -0500
    I would appreciate it if you would endeavor to find the marriage record of Charles Cole Spalding and Sophia P. Willard, which I believe took place in 1830. Charles Spalding was from Plainfield, and Sophia was probably born in Acworth. She was the daughter of James Willoughby Willard and Lydia Willard (maiden name). He was the son of Daniel Spalding and Sally Cole. Thank you very much.

  • From: Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:02:11 -0500
    SPALDING - WILLARD I have two sets of ancestors from Sullivan County, as my gr-gr-grandparents married in the county. They are Charles Cole Spalding, son of Philip Spalding and Sally Cole of Plainfield, and Sophia P. Willard, daughter of James Willoughby Willard and Lydia Willard. Sophia seems to have been born in Langdon, even though an examination of New Hampshire birth records on microfilm did not locate a birth record. Brothers born before and after her were both born in Langdon.
    In 1837 the Charles Spalding family moved to northern Ohio as did some of the brothers of Sophia Willard.
    Can you suggest some sources which I should consult to get more information about these ancestors? I have looked at the town records of Plainfield and find that some are written by Philip Spalding, who was the Proprietor's Clerk for some years. I will be grateful for any leads which you may have. Janet Nevling

  • Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 20:30:22 -0600 From: Howard Rynearson -
    John Spencer b 1746 Hartford Connecticut. I am requesting information on the family and his father. John was born in Claremont, Sullivan, NH. Juanita

  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 16:25:48 -0800 From: Bill Duncan --
    New Hampshire Marriage Records 1700-1932 I'm looking for information on a marriage between OBED STANNARD and MARY ANN WEBSTER prior to 1829. This marriage produced at least one child, Alphonso Webster Stannard born April 24, 1829 in Sullivan Co. Thank-you in advance for any information you might forward. Bill Duncan

  • From: Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 10:54:35 EDT
    I am researching Daniel Wheelock b. 14 June 1768 in Uxbridge, MA who married Lucinda Stewart b. 1768 in Claremont, Sullivan County, NH on 28 Aug 1796. They had several children, including Alfred Wheelock b. 1797 in Claremont, Sullivan County, NH. I need as much documentation as I can find on all of these dates. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Judith K. Arthur

  • From: Skydan5987 Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 20:19:05 EST
    I would like a birth record for Samuel Stillman Robinson b. Jan 25 1824 I believe is was born in Cornish, NH. also if you have time could you please lookup a marriage record for him. He married Eliza (elizabeth Norton) dau of Lot Norton and Dolly. there marriage would be abt 1850 Again Thank You..... Donna SMith

  • Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 17:17:47 -0400 From: "Michael L. Wolf"
    Seeking to exchange information on Sophronia STODDARD, b. 2/16/1815, Charlestown, NH; d. 1854, MO. She married 7/26/1836, Ashtabula Co., OH, William Rogers WASHBURN, b. 4/4/1814, Springfield, VT, d. 1854, MO. Mike Wolf Thanks. Mike Wolf

  • From: Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 09:55:22 EDT
    NH Birth Records for Ira Alexander Strong born November, 1849 in Grantham, New Hampshire --to discover parental info Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Phyllis VanMeerhaeghe

  • From: Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 09:59:47 EDT
    I am researching my great grandparents, John Trotter and Catherine V. Roast Trotter. They lived for a time in Unity, NH where several children were born. The children were born from 1858(Elizabeth Bliss Trotter) to 22 Oct 1870(Mary Minnie F> Trotter). OThers born1860,1862,1863,1867. My problem is their parents. I feel they came from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and wondered if their names were listed on the birth certificates. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. SIncerely, Nancy Gray

  • From: "Gerald Gibson" -- Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 20:38:56 -0700
    Looking for the parents of John Byron TUCKER born Dec 20, 1841. Was living in Spriingfield Sullivan Co in 1850 with James and Rachel Hutchins.

  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 20:49:50 -0400 From: "George L. Walker"
    I'm looking for information about Solomon Walker, who lived in Sullivan County in the late 18th or early 19th century, when I believe he moved to Michigan. I'd like to know the names of his children. More specifically, I'm looking for information about my g-grandfather, Edwin D. Walker, who was born in Michigan in 1828 but who later lived with and was apparently a close relative of Leander S. Walker, who was born in Claremont in 1809. Also, I believe my g-grandfather Edwin D. Walker may be related to Andrew Carroll Walker, born in Claremont in 1907. Does anyone know anything about the ancestors of Solomon Walker of Claremont or any of his descendants? Any information about these Walkers would be greatly appreciated. George Walker Metamora, MI

  • From: Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 10:56:38 EST
    Allen M. WILDER b. 1812 NH;d. 1883, Mitchell, SD. Married Caroline EMISON, b. NH abt. 1814, d. Del.Co, IA, 1904. Had 2 daughters, Almeda E. WILDER, b. 12.31.1844 in Lempster, Sullivan Co. NH and Carrie WILDER, b. 1854 in NH. Looking for info about this family. Allen M.WILDER's parents are from MA according to my records. 

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