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In 1817 Sunapee was called WENDELL  See History Summary

From The Gazetteer of the State of New Hampshire by Eliphalet Merrill and Phinehas Merrill Printed by C. Norris & Co. , Exeter, NH, 1817, pg 205.

- a township in Cheshire county, formerly called Saville, was incorporated in 1781, and contains 447 inhabitants. It is bounded N. by Springfield, E. by Sunapee lake, which separates it from New London and Fishersfield in Hillsborough county, S. by Goshen, and W. by Croydon and Newport, comprising 15,666 acres, 2,860 of which are water. About 2,720 acres of Sunapee pond are in this town, and form a noble sheet of water. Here is the principal source of Sugar river. From the southern extremity of the pond in Fishersfield to the N.W. point of the north bay the distance is 7 miles. This is the length of the pond from N. to S. There are three small ponds here containing 140 acres.
The outlet of Sunapee pond is little more than 2 miles south of the centre of the town. The whole pond contains 4,095 acres. Sugar river flowing from it has a westerly course into Newport. There are in Wendell 3 corn mills, 4 sawmills and 1 clothing mill. Elder N. Woodward, a Baptist, was the first settled minister in this town. 
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Sunapee Town Office -
P.O. Box 717 - Sunapee, NH 03782 

Sunapee Town Clerk  
Rte. 103B ( 23 Edgemont Road)  Sunapee, NH                        603-763-2449  
Abbott Library 
P.O. Box 314 - 542 State Route 11 - Sunapee, NH 03782       (603) 763-5513 

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Sunapee Historical Society Museum Sunapee Harbor, Sunapee 03782. 603-763-2245

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