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Captain James Powers

Third Vermont Infantry, Commanding of Company "A"

Of  North Stratford, New Hampshire

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It Appears James Powers came from Ireland to Canada as a very young man. He crossed over to New Hampshire and became a bond servant to a judge. To get out of the bond agreement he enlisted in the Army to fight in the Mexican-American War. (His is the only name on a monument to North Stratford's veterans for that War>) He learned the shoemaker's trade in the Army.

James Powers married Harried Bond, a daughter , Addie, married Auther Farrington, a veterinarian from Maine working for the federal government whose brother became the territorial governor of Hawaii in the 1920's. Another daughter married a Yeaton from Maine and moved to New Jersey.

When the Civil War started James joined the Third Vermont Infantry and became the commanding officer of Company "A." His wife died while he was in Virginia and could not get leave. His three children were taken to Orano, Maine to live with relatives and that is apparently were he went after resigning his commission in late 1863 due to tuberculosis. He died in early 1864 with the Inspector General of the Army still sending him letters pointing out errors in his quarterly returns!

Photo and information courtesy of Jim Walsh, Stephens City, VA

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Captain Powers Discharge

Letter to his wife Harriet

Private Adlen P. Flanders inventory in Capt. Power handwriting

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