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Upon the requisition of the president in April 1861, for volunteers, a recruiting office was immediately opened at the town hall, and the names of forty-six men were soon enrolled, viz.:  (three month volunteers, enlisted for the Second regiment this unit was ordered to Portsmouth)

   "George H. Gillis, capt., John C. Clark, George E. Hartwell, John Maha, Ozias Wright, Loammi B. Ward, Charles F. Conant, John F Crosby, Richard Mahar, Robert McKenzie, Francis Divan, John Brown, A. McArthur, Thomas Gourley, Sylvanus Adams, Alexander McRobbie, James McRobbie, D.P. Wood, William Merriles, Jeremiah Lyon, George H. Drew, Norman Burdick, William H. Ramsdell, 1st lieut., G. J. Lovejoy, William Abbott, Charles Prew, Alfred F. Lynch, Edwin F. Lund, Charles F. Crosby, Thomas B. Hall, Samuel F. Jones, George Worcester, Daniel H. Greene, Albert S. Hutchinson, William D. Coffin, Samuel Dolbear, Albert A. Cochan, James Bonner, Eugene H. Amsden, James G. Williams, John B. Burns, Abner W. Osgood, William H. Howe, George Clarke, John W. Crosby, John H. Lund."

At Portsmouth the three month order was countermanded and the Second regiment was enlisted for three year, seven form Milford enlisted for three years, viz:

"James Bonner, Alexander McRobbie, Francis Divan, William H. Ramsdell, Daniel H. Greene, Albert S Hutchinson, and William D. Coffin"

The remainder of the Milford men remained at Portsmouth until the expiration of the three months, and were then discharged.


Names of Milford volunteer soldiers who enlisted for three years under the second call of the president in 1861:

"Daniel H. Greene, 2d regiment; William H. Ramsdell, 2d regiment; Albert S. Hutchinson, 2d regiment; Charles Prew, 3d regiment, Co. E; J. I. Plympton, captain, promoted to major, then to lieutenant-colnel, 3, E; Abner W. Osgood, sergeant, 3, E; George H. Jones, 3, E; John B. Burns, 3, B; Charles S. Hazen, 3, E; Norman Burdick, promoted to 2nd lieutenant, 4, C; George S. Tuck, 4, C; David W. Gordon, 4, C; Joseph H. Kimball, 4, C; Alfred F. Lynch, 4, C; Albert A. Cochran, 4,C, discharged Feb. 17, 1863; Alexander McRobbie, 2, G; Matthew F. Burnham, 3, E; Samuel Dolbear, 5, K; Samuel F. Jones, 4, K; John H. Clarke, 4, C, discharged Sept 28, 1862; William P. Kendall, 4, B; Alfred Shattuck, 4, C; Edwin F. Lind, 4, C; John H. Lund, 4, D; George W. Dimick, 4, C; T.L. Livermore, orderly sergeant, 5th regiment, promoted to 2d lieutenant, then to colonel; Abraham B. Shedd, 6, K; Peter A. Shedd, 8, C; John H. Lovejoy, 8, B; J.M. Blanchard, orderly sergeant, 8th regiment, promoted to captain; William P. Heald, corporal, 8, B; Clessen R. Stickney, 4th sergeant, 8, B; Henry L. Robins, 8, B; John C. Clark, 8, B; Robert McKenzie, 8,b: John O'Connor, 8, B; Albert M. Darracott, 8, B; O.C. Crosby, 8, B; George E. Hartwell, corporal, 8, B; Joel H. Stimson, 8, B; Xenophon E. Mills, 8, B; Eugene H. Amsden, 8, B; Frank J. Stimson, 8, B; George W. Chickering, 8, B; Joshua Royleigh, 9, F; Josiah P. Smith, 8, B; C.H. Camp 1st lieutenant, 8, B; William Merriles, 8, B; Nelson Wood, 8, B, promoted to captain; Thomas Gourley, 8, B; Jeremiah Lyon, 8, B: Oliver W. Lull, lieutenant-colonel, 8th regiment; Samuel G. Dearborn, surgeon, 8th regiment; F.J. Lawrence, dummer, 8, B; William Gourley, 8, B; John F. Howard, 8, B; John Mickle, 8, B; William A. Crosby, 8, B; Henry M. Potter, 4, C; Francis Divan, 2, C; Joseph Gilina, 4, C; Joseph K. Shedd, 6, K; Thomas M. Gilpatrick, corporal, 4, C; William D. Coffin, 2nd regiment; Abel F. Gutterson, 4, C; J.M. Stanyan, captain, 8, B; Harris Gray, medical cabet, 1st Mass., Co. B; John Bonner, 2, G; Luke Hallegan, 3, E; John E. Herrick, 3, E; Orin Hamblett, 13th Mass.; Thomas H. Law, sergeant, 5, K; George A. Holt, 93rd NY, Co. B; James W. Ames 9th regiment; Joseph Buss, 3, E; Edward Powers, 3d regiment; Frank Hood, 7, H; David M. Perham, dummer, 9, C; Henry J. Richardson, 3, E; John Martin, 4, C; Edward P. Ross, 8, B."


Names of Milford volunteer soldiers who enlisted for three years under the third call of the president in July 2, 1862

"Sylvanus Adams, drum major, 9th regiment; Frank W. Dennis, 9th regiment, Co. C; Milo P. Felch, 9th, C; Dennis Holden, 9th, C; Thomas P. Connery, 9th: Fred F. Turner, 9th, C; Rosco B. Kidder, 9th; Hugh Connor, on gunboat RI: John W. Crosby, 5th, K; George H. Drew, 9th, F; John B. Fretts, 9th, F; Alden B. Bennett, 9th, fife major; Frank O. Howe, 9th, F; Patrick Dillon 10th, B; Austin B. Hayden, 5th, K; John W. Spaulding, 5th; Joseph E. Macay, 9th, F; Alfred W. Heald, 5th, K; John Holland, 10th, B; Isaac F. Frye, 9th, F; Charles Howe, 9th, F; William H. Howe, 9th, F; Jonathan P. Richardson, 9th, F; Henry P. Hutchinson, 6th, F; Charles H. Dunning, 9th, F; John B. Melendy, 5th, K; John Arbuckle,13th; Thomas Reagan, 10th, B; Charles M. Aiken, 10th, H; John W. Shattuck, 4th; Charles Huntley, 4th; Charles Brooks, Francis Morlock, 10th, B, John C. Aiken, 10th, H; John A. Lovejoy, 9th, F; F.E. Greisinger, Mass.; Willis G. Averill, 10th, H.; James F. Shedd, N. H. Battery."


Names of Milford volunteer soldiers who enlisted for nine months under the fourth call of the president in August 4, 1862 who went into the Sixteenth regiment

"George F. Stone, George R. Hartshorn, Frank Crosby, Albion Wyman, Lucian A. Duncklee, Noarh Lund, Charles W. Mills, B. Franklin Clarke, Elbridge K. Jewett, James E. Fuller, C.H. Osgood, Joseph S. Connery, John Wright, M.L. Osgood, Henry C. Stimson, Charles C. Bartlett, Henry M. Mills, Josiah D. Crosby, Edwin B. Howard, Joseph Cushing, William Abbott, William P. Connery, Alvin B. Chase, Justin Hutchinson, Allen F. Crosby, Allen R. Hood, William Garvin."

Alfred A. Hanscomb and Edward Hanscomb enlisted at Hollis in the fifteenth regiment.


July 3, 1863, the president called for 300,000 drafted soldiers. The drafting of Milford men took place at Concord Sept 2, 1863. One hundred and fifity-nine names were deposited in a box and 42 were drawn. Of those 42, only 8 were accepted for service. of those 8 only 3 went into the service. The others furnished substitutes at a price of from $100 to $160, in addition to the bounties paid by the town and state, agreeably to the provisions of the law.

Jasper Osgood, Frederick A. Eldredge, and John Mahar


October 17, 1863, the president called for 300,000 more men, the quota for Milford was 23. The town hired substitutes from aboard to fill the quota at an expense of $439 each, so that no draft was made.


February 1, 1864, the president called for 200,000 more men but as New Hampshire had already furnished more then her quota on the previous calls, no draft was heldin the state.


March 14,1864, the president issued an order for a draft of an additional 200,000 men on the 15th of April, Milfrod's quota counting the number from the seventh call athat was not filled total 23 men. Eleven of milfrod soldiers re-enlisted. In May, 1864, it was order from Concord to hold the draft and on the May 17th drafted 7 men, only two where accepted and a third furnished a subtitute. on June 1, 5 more were drafted and only two were accepted. Three more were drafted, 1 were accepted.  So two more were drafted and accepted. All furnished substitutes.


July 18, 1864, the president called for 500,000 more men. The quota of Milford was 42. the following men volunteer and enlisted into the heavy artillery, Sept 1864:

Thomas B. Hall, William D. Hutchinson, Patrick Chroan, Appleton M. Hatch, John M. Kenny, Richard H. Pierce, John H. Laighton, John Carlton, Jr., William P. Easton, Charles H. Worcester, William H. Gillis, Robert Chumard, Hugh O'Connor, John Dane, Henry M. Mills enlisted at Nashua into the same company; Humphrey M. Tyler and Thomas Jess enlisted into the 18th regiment."

Source: History of Milford, NH (1901) tanscribed by Fred Kunchick

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