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James O. CHANDLER, Captain, credited to New Ipswich, Hillsborough; born Pittsfield, NH, enlisted May 22, 1861 age 24, discharged disabled May 28, 1863.


George W. NICKSON, 1st Lt.; of Pembroke;  enlisted May 10 1861 as a Private in Co. C; mustered in June 1, 1861; appointed Corporal, Jan 1, 1863, and Sergt., May 1, 1863; re-enlisted Feb. 19, 1864; appointed 1st Lt. Co. D, June 24, 1864; dismissed Jan. 7, 1865.

Source #2

William CONNER, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough;

Source #1

Samuel COLLARD, Private, enlisted under the call of Oct 17, 1863, enlisted Nov 27 1863, age 21; credited to Bedford, Hillsborough; transferred on April 26 1865 from Company D to Company F,  20 VRC; discharged at Philadelphia, PA 25 Sept 25 1865.  

Source #3

Frank DANIELS, Private; of Pembroke; enlisted and mustered in Nov. 16, 1863; mustered out Dec. 19, 1865.

Source #2

James DATLON, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

William H. DUNBAR (aka Edward Bumpkin), Private.

Source #3

William FLYNN, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

John GIBSON, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

James JOHNSON, Private; credited and enlisted 27 November 1863 Manchester, Hillsborough, age 19; deserted at Near Petersburg, VA  July 9 1864        

Source #1, Source #3

John LANE, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

John MCDONALD, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Arthur MCGINNISE, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Andrew J. RUGG, of Sullivan, son of Martin, enlisted Sept. 11, 1861 mustered in, Sept, 17, 1861 as a private; died of disease, July 25, 1862, at Philadelphia, Pa. His mother had reached him before he died and was able to minister to his comfort in his last moments. A letter from his captain contained the following interesting paragraph: 'He [Andrew] joined our regiment and was assigned to my company as a musician, but soon after it was thought best that he should become a soldier and carry a musket. Of this change he made no complaint, but rather seemed pleased that he could do something for his country more arduous and perilous than before. He discharged all his duties faithfully and promptly. He made me no trouble, but was one of the best soldiers I had. At the battle of Williamsburg, May 5, 1862, he acted in a conspicuous manner the part of a brave soldier. He escaped without a wound, although a bullet passed through the dipper attached to his haversack. The battle raged with unabated fury for thirteen hours, and, though so long under fire, he never flinched nor wavered. When, in the thick woods, the greater part of the little group had been killed, wounded, or scattered, by the casualties of so protracted a fight, he was one of the number whom I requested to look after me, if I fell, for I knew he would, to the utmost of his ability, fulfill every trust reposed in him." His body was returned to Sullivan and was buried in Meetinghouse Cemetery, lot IV. 7. The funeral was at the church, which was crowded with sympathetic friends.

Source #4


(see Epsom, NH Civil War Soldiers)

George SCHUTZ, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Thomas SMITH, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

John THOMPSON, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Earnest WALTHAM, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1

Samuel WOODS, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough.

Source #1


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