Men of the Fourth New Hampshire Regiment Companies unknown at this time

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Matthew ADAMS,  enlisted Aug. 20, 1861, promoted to captain, wounded at the mine explosion at Petersburg, VA., continued to serve until mustered out. Lived in Denver, CO after the war. Source #2
George W. CHASE, (credited to Andover), 4th N. H. Vols., enlisted Aug. 22, 1861, discharged for disability Jan. 12, 1862; reenlisted 10th N.H. Vols., Jug 6, 1862. mustered out as captain. Resided at River Sioux, Iowa after the war. Source #2
James ELLIS, enlisted Sept. 14, 1861, wounded at Morris Island, South Carolina; reenlisted Feb. 17, 1864. Lived in Concord, NH after the war. Source #2

Harry ELWOOD, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough; wounded July 24, 1864; died of disease, date unknown.

Source #1
James H. GERMAN, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough Source #1
Antoine GODDARD, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough; discharged for disability, January 26, 1863; died in Rockport, VA. Source #1
William HALL, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough Source #1
Joseph E. HAM  (see Epsom, NH Civil War Soldiers)
Perley J. JEWETT, credited to Hollis, Hillsborough; died of disease at Morris Island, SC, Dec. 3, 1863. Source #1
Geroge F. LAUNCEY, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough;  died disease, August 24, 1863. Source #1
William MANSFIELD, credited to Hollis, Hillsborough; mustered out Sept. 27, 1864. Source #1
Dearborn S. MOODY, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough; re-enlisted February 17, 1864. Source #1
Julius M. SARGEANT, enlisted Aug. 28, 1861, discharged for disability July 12, 1863. Reenlisted Veteran Reserve Corps, May 25, 1864. Lived in Stoneham, MA after the war. Source #2
George D. SILES,  credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough; re-enlisted February, 20, 1864. Source #1
William A. VILTMAN, credited to Manchester, Hillsborough Source #1
Dearborn J. WHEELER,   (credited to Andover), enlisted Sept. 7, 1861, promoted to sergeant. Died at Wilmot Sept. 9, 1869. Source #2
Charles H. WILSON, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough; promoted corporal, wounded May 20, 1864, musted out September 27,1864. Source #1
William P. WINN, credited to Greenfield, Hillsborough;  discharged at Beaufort, SC, April, 1864. Source #1


  1. The History of Hillsborough, New Hampshire (1885); transcribed by Fred Kunchick 9 July 1999

  2. The History of the Town of New London, N. H. 1779-1899 by Myra Lord. Transcribed by Don Davis

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