William Walker
William Walker
Joseph Alcott Walker
Joseph Alcott Walker
George Franklin Walker
George Franklin Walker

This site is dedicated by the compiler, William John WALKER, to the sacred memory of his Barnstead ancestors:

His 3rd great grandfather;
WILLIAM WALKER, son of Seth & Anna (Tripe) Walker, born in Portsmouth, 21 Nov 1759 and died in North Barnstead, 3 Dec 1832.
Who married in Newington, 29 Feb 1784,
ELIZABETH SHACKFORD, daughter of Dea. Samuel & Elizabeth (Ring) Shackford, born in Newington, 7 Oct 1761, and died in North Barnstead, 9 Sep 1843. They came to North Barnstead about 1802. They are buried in the Walker Grave Yard in North Barnstead.

His 2nd great grandfather;
JOSEPH ALCOTT WALKER, born in Portsmouth, 6 Jan 1802, died Barnstead, 15 Jul 1864.
Who married in Lee, 18 Dec 1823,
ABIGAIL WIGGIN MURRAY, daughter of Dea. Timothy & Elizabeth (Chapman) Murray, born in Newmarket, 18 Oct 1797, died in Barnstead, 17 Sep 1856. They were buried in the Family Grave Yard on his Farm & are memorialized by a Walker Monument in the North Barnstead Cem.

His great grandfather;
GEORGE FRANKLIN WALKER, born in Barnstead, 29 Jul 1835, died in Newmarket, 22 Oct 1890.
Who married 1st, in Newmarket, 7 Jan 1859
Sarah Julia Creighton, daughter of Hon. James Brackett & Charlotte Clark (Murray) Creighton. (no children)
Who married 2nd, in Greenland, 3 Aug 1865
Alice Brackett, born in Greenland, 31 May 1836, died in Newmarket, 21 Apr 1905. They are buried in The Creighton-Walker lot in Riverside Cem. Newmarket.