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Lampman.gif (1543 bytes) Concord, New Hampshire has been rated as the  9th Best Small City in the Nation in the 2nd Best State.  Also rated by "American Demographics" as the 4th wealthiest and the 9th best "Micropolitan" Area in the United States..
Situated near the geographical center of New Hampshire, Concord is the State Capital.  Its schools, medical facilities, and libraries, genealogical records, and historical sites are abundant.
The City of Concord is the epitome of the New Hampshire nerve Center as the State Capital.   The 8 other towns closely surrounding it are financially & politically tied to Concord. 

Concord's influence also extends far beyond its borders. NH Residents are keenly aware of the impact that Concord has on their daily existence.

Genealogically the facilities are the finest that can be found. Ancestors from the  adjacent towns, or the entire State, are well represented in New Hampshire Historical Society records.

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The political heart of the state, Concord began as a small unnamed trading post in 1659 along the Merrimack River.bend in the river named Penny Cook by the Indians was the site in 1697 of Hannah Dustin's famous escape from Indian captors. She was kidnapped on a raid of Haverhill, MA.  Hannah Dustin scalped her sleeping captors and escaped.

Settlers increased in the region and the land was granted in 1725 and named the Plantation of Penacook. In 1733, it became the town of Rumford, and in 1765 Governor Wentworth granted the name Concord for the town.   Throughout the 1780's state government met in various locations in NH including Concord. Its central location made it an ideal spot for permanent government and in 1808, Concord became the capital. The State House was completed in 1819 and has since remained the meeting site of the largest legislature in the United States.

Concord continued to grow and become a trade center. Several industries sprang up and in later years Concord granite was used to construct buildings throughout New England and the East  This is the backdrop for you to begin your genealogical research of your ancestors,  and how this might be accomplished.          

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