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In New England, the town clerk is the principal record keeper on the local level. The earliest records are called proprietor's records. Town records generally begin with the founding of a town and are kept to the present. Town records may contain records of births, marriages, burials, cemeteries, appointments, earmarks, estrays (records of stray animals), freemens' oaths (men becoming eligible to vote), land records, mortgages, name changes, care of the poor, school records, surveys, tax lists, town meeting minutes, voter registrations, and "warning outs" (of town). The original records are in the respective town clerk's office or the New Hampshire Historical Society.

To obtain copies of Concord records you will need complete  genealogical information.  The following are available - Birth,  Death & Marriage records since 1640 may be obtained from the City or Town Clerk at a cost of $12.00 per record..  

Records of Divorce since 1808   may be obtained from the State office or from the Clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the divorce was granted.   Cost per record is $12.00      

Flage-newhamp.gif (7477 bytes) The Municipal Offices are located at: 945 Battle St. Concord, NH 03303   
Telephone: 603/648-2538            

                                                 Concord Area Libraries                                

New Hampshire State Library, 20 Park Street, Concord, NH
Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8-4:30
  Phone: 603-271-6823

All of the genealogical records you could ask for are available.  The people here are helpful and anxious to assist you in any way.  Zelda Moore, a genealogist, is the head of this section.   You can reach her by phone or by emailzmoore@finch.nhsl.lib.nh.us

WARNING: For both the Historical Society and State Libraries on Park St. If you plan to drive here the parking is extremely bad.  The parking police are quick to give you a $25.00 ticket just for parking two minutes in a space with head covers reserved for NH State Representatives.  Only a fraction of them are ever used.  Spaces are unfairly taken away from ordinary people.  The high-handed policing of these spaces is a black mark for Concord and a cost to the taxpayers. An unfriendly group, unlike the libraries.   You've been alerted.

Baker Free Library,  509 South Street, Bow, NH 03304-3413
Telephone:  603/224-7113       Hours: Mon.-Wed. 10-8   Fri. 10-7 Sat. (winter) 9-1

Concord Public Library, 45 Green Street, Concord, NH 03301-4294 Hours: (winter) Mon.-Wed. 9:30-8:30 Thurs.-Sat. 9:30-5:30
Hours: (summer) Mon.-Tues. 9:30-8:30    Wed.-Fri. 9:30-5:30     Sat. 9-1:30

State of New Hampshire
Division of Research Management & Archives
71 S. Fruit St.
Concord, NH 03301

Here is an excellent site with lots of good information
New Hampshire Research Center

Merrimack County Register of Deeds
163 N. Main St.  Concord, NH   603/228-0101

Merrimack County Probate Court
163 Main St.,  Concord, NH    603/224-9689

Merrimack County Superior Court Clerk
Court House, 163 Main St., Concord NH  603-225-5501

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