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Strafford Vital Statistics


by Father
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by Groom
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by Name
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[Town of Barrington, NH]

[City of Rochester, NH]

Strafford Cemeteries

Miscellaneous Graveyards
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[No Last Name]

Caverly Cemetery
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Center Strafford Cemetery
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Crown Point Cemetery
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The Journals of Enoch Hayes Place
1810 - 1865

People from Strafford and Surrounding Towns


by Groom
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[No Last Name]

Strafford Veterans

[French & Indian War] [Revolutionary War]
[War of 1812] [Mexican War]
[Civil War] [Spanish American War]
[World War I] [World War II]
[Korean War] [Vietnam War]
[Persian Gulf War]
[Misc Veterans I Am Not Sure Where To Place ]

Major Wars and Conflicts
French and Indian War 1754-1763 * Revolutionary War 1775-1783
War of 1812 1812-1815 * Mexican War 1846-1848 * Civil War 1861-1865
Spanish American War 1898 * World War I Apr 6 1917-Nov 11 1918
World War II Dec 7 1941-Dec 31 1946 * Korean War Jun 25 1950-Jul 27 1953
Vietnam War Aug 4 1964-Jan 27 1973 * Persian Gulf War Jan 17 1991-Feb 28 1991

Picture Gallery

Pictures of people from Strafford families and/or their descendants.
If you have a photo you would like placed here please let me know.

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Sources for this page include but are not limited to:
Town of Strafford Annual Reports * Strafford New Hampshire Cemeteries
History of Strafford, NH * Military Order of the Purple Heart
Journals of Enoch Hayes Place transcribed by William Edgar Wentworth

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