Civil War Soldiers & Sailors
Atlantic County ... NJ


Even though New Jersey was a "Union State", there was a lot of sympathy for the Confederate cause, mostly for economic reasons.  Still many men and women answered the call to serve their country.


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Rutgers has a site called NJ in the Civil War. 

If you cannot access the site - keep trying - it is worth it.

It includes a good series of letters from Capt. Ellis Hamilton.

And documentation of the OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS

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I am fascinated with the fact that 3 men born in Egg Harbor, New Jersey enlisted in Virginia with the 1st Virginia Loyal Volunteers. They are Adams, Ezra; Adams, Samuel and Coleman (Collman), David. For more information follow this link to the 1st Virginia Loyal Volunteers.

Shortly after the Civil War, 
Union Veterans gathered and formed an organization called Grand Army of the Republic.

Today, there is a resurgence of interest and the sons, grandsons, & great Grandsons of members have formed the Sons of Union Veterans. The website for the Atlantic County area is listed below:

Official Website of the Louis R. Francine, Camp #7,
 Sons of Union Veterans meets at the Hammonton Library.

Re-enactors, like the 12th New Jersey, provide historical information, plus help us to get a feel for the impact the war had on the soldiers and the civilians.

The Buck and Ball is their newsletter and website.

African American Sailors and members of the US Colored Troops from Atlantic County NJ.

African American Sailors in the Union Navy from New Jersey

Atlantic City - Samuel Berry, age 19, Occupation: Laborer/Cook/Tobacconist, enlisted Aug. 26, 1864

Egg Harbor - Josiah Boyer, age 28, Occupation: Cook. enlisted May 20, 1864

From a terrific Site:

Small Towns, Black Lives - African American communities in South Jersey

RE: Port Republic

"Between 1863 and 1865 Josiah Boling, Charles Boling, William Lee, Eli Boling, James Trusty, Alexander Smith and Moses Miller served in the 24th and 25th Regiments of the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War. The community they established existed from 1850 until at least 1916."

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