Brief Timeline of the American Revolution in 1778 & 1779
(to give perspective to the Battle of Chestnut Neck or the Egg Harbor Expedition and the treason of Benedict Arnold)


February 6, 1778 - The United States and France sign an alliance.

May 8, 1778 - Sir Henry Clinton replaced William Howe as Commander and Chief of the British Forces in America.

June 18, 1778 - The British abandon Philadelphia and move across New Jersey to New York, because Clinton is worried about the French fleets.

June 1778  ??  - Washington appoints Arnold the Military Commander of Philadelphia

July 29 - August 29, 1778 - French and American troops launch a joint operation against the British garrison in Newport, Rhode Island.

August 31, 1778 - Clinton sends a large force of ships and men to Newport. The Americans  and The French (under Marquee de Lafayette) withdraw

Late September 1778 - Clinton sends a fleet to Jersey Coast to wipe out the privateers and destroy the iron furnaces at Batsto.

October 6, 1778 - The attack and burning privateering community at Chestnut Neck, NJ.

October 15, 1778 - Pulaski Legion is attacked at Ridgeway Farm, near present day Tuckerton, NJ.

December 29, 1778 - Clinton sends General Howe to attack the southern colonies, because he expected to find more loyalist support there. General Howe captures Savannah, Georgia.



January - June 1779 - The British made progress in the southern colonies.

March 19, 1779 - Arnold resigns his post after facing a court martial for corruption.

May 10, 1779 - May 10 John André wrote a letter to Joseph Stansbury about how Benedict Arnold should act as a spy for the British. 

July 12, 1780 - September 21, 1789 - John Andre assists Benedict Arnold with his spying. Including Arnold's July 15 letter offering to turn over West Point.

October 2, 1780 - John Andre is hung as a spy. Americans discover that Arnold is a spy and he escapes to New York.

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