Points of History in Cape May County

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Town Histories

History begins with people -

People were living on the land that would become Cape May County for at least 2800 years. Evidence of their pottery making can be found in archaeological remains found in the area. You can see some of these items by visiting tYou can see some of these items by visiting the Prehistorical Museum in Greenwich NJ . They have provided a nice .pdf file, that shows an overview of their displays along with a map and schedule of their hours.

When the Europeans arrived here the indigenous people living in the area were members of the Lenni-Lenape (called "The Delaware" by the Europeans). 

Good essays shared by Scott McGonigle, (Thanks!)

The Europeans Are Coming, The Europeans Are Coming

The Lost Years     The Whalers

The Stillwell Sisters - Revolutionary War Heroines 
 (From our own Beesleys Point)

Two articles from the early issues of 
The Cape May County Magazine of History and Genealogy

A letter (around 1800) that reflects on the reason for a Migration
 of some of Cape May County Residents to Clermont County Ohio.

The Leaming and Yates Family (circa. 1790)

A bio of Rev. John Collins
(Another migrant from South Jersey to Clermont County, Ohio.)

Mrs. Susan Swain Voss Smith Terry of South Seaville ( The Voss Family)

Reminisces of a Working Family  (1800-1920)

New Jersey Scuba Divers Presents

 "Black Sunday" Wrecks 

Six ships sunk by the German U-151 June 2, 1918

be sure to also visit:
  S.S. Carolina Virtual Museum

& Carolina Dive Pictures 

Source: National Archives and Records Administration (RG 165-WW-273 58)

Naval Air Station Wildwood

They have an excellent site and a nice timeline of events.

 In November 2000, there was a PBS special on the U-boat
  U-689 that sank off NJ coast in 1945Map of Lost U-Boats

Click on the map above to find out about other famous U-boats

U-869 Virtual Museum  New Jersey Scuba Diver

My First essay on Cape May County History

A Brief History of Cape May City

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