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Saturday June 3th and Sunday June 4th, 2006

Delaware 'Bay Days' is the largest FREE festival in the tri-state region. It will be held along the 'wild and scenic' Maurice River in the historic New Jersey fishing villages of Bivalve, Port Norris and Shellpile. East Point Lighthouse, located in Heislerville, will also be a satellite site for this event.



                      A summary of Cumberland County Farming History and a look at the Agricultural Auctions, with a profile of an auctioneer and how the auction environment was used to aid in the classroom.


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This site is divided into the following categories:

Cumberland County History   A combination essay and link to other sites on the Internet, that give history of the county. (Always under construction) - Listed below are my Cumberland County History Pages

Native Americans in New Jersey
 Lenni-Lenape - The Original People


Greenwich  One of the earliest towns in Cumberland County and home of one of the "Tea Parties" of the Revolution.


Discovering the Underground Railroad in Cumberland County


The Women in Vineland Voted in 1868!!  
The local history event that started my interest in local history.   

Are you a descendent of one of these women, please check The Voters List.  
A little patience please, it takes a while to load the page. 


Cumberland County History Comes Alive contains suggestions for outings and links to sites that you shouldn't miss.  



Cumberland County Links  Community and Region History Links

Great Day Trips around Cumberland County


NJ Barrier Islands   Life on the Islands (links page on the Atlantic County - ALHN site)


South Jersey Lighthouses - Links page on the Cape May County - ALHN site


The Waterways in Cumberland County 
On The Bay & On The Rivers
- Links page - this site


Cumberland County Participate in History.
A participation page for sharing information and links for genealogical resources and local living history sites.


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"History Belongs to All of Us"
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