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Women who voted in Vineland November 3, 1868

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VOTER # Last Name First Name STREET Notes
163 Alexander Anna T Seventh St  
134 Allen Julia S Wood St  
133 Allen Lucy E Wood St  
132 Allen Lydia C Wood St  
66 Andrews Sarah B West Ave  
41 Arnold Sarah A D Boulevard  
154 Bailey Emeline Malaga Rd  
108 Barrett Jane C Pear St  
107 Barrtell? Hattie C Grape St  
42 Bartlett Abby W M Fourth St  
158 Beach Antionette Chestnut Ave  
33 Beacham Louisa M Elmer St  
36 Beardsley Nancy Elmer St  
28 Bemis Melvina G Seventh St  
115 Bennett Lizzie Sixth St  
95 Bennett Maria Landis Ave  
50 Blackburn Carrie M Main Rd  
74 Blaisdell Ruth S Oak Rd  
75 Boyce Leouisa Sixth Ave  
140 Boynton Rebecca C Landis Ave  
52 Bridges Mary H West Ave  
165 Bridges Sarah A West Ave  
126 Briggs Harriett Eighth St  
25 Brigham Julia M Chestnut Ave  
168 Brigham Kate Landis Ave  
170 Brown Nancy J Oak Rd  
109 Bryant Georgia Landis Ave  
61 Butler Deborah L Landis Ave  
110 Butterfield Sarah A Landis Ave  
59 Cahoon Maria Oak Rd  
26 Campbell Phebe T Park Ave  
46 Chadwick Delilah Wood St  
45 Chadwick Emma Wood St  
81 Cheever Deborah West Boulevard  
102 Coleburn Judith E Boulevard  
160 Collins Dorcas E Vine Rd  
37 Coonley Sarah A Wood St  
167 Cooper Phebe W Chestnut Ave  
99 Cowles Elizabeth G Grape St  
147 Crawford Henrietta East Ave colored
73 Cross Luania D Landis Ave  
58 Culver Julia A R Oak Rd  
7 Dauty? Althea B Boulevard  
39 Davis Anna L Wood St  
47 Davison Olive Plum St  
68 Deming Mary A Landis Ave  
138 Diamond Mary Malaga Rd  
131 Doane Julia M Pear St  
4 Donbauan? Mary A Grape St  
10 Dunton Mary S East Ave  
23 Edwards Evelyn L Elmer St  
143 Estabrook Frances E Myrtle St  
141 Estabrook Mary A M Myrtle St  
56 Field Mary E Wood St  
9 Fletcher Mary G Landis Ave  
77 Foster Elizabeth Walnut & RR  
76 Foster Harriet A Walnut & RR  
63 Fowler Susan P Chestnut Ave  
2 Gage Portia East & Landis  
104 Geaw? Maria J Malaga St  
130 Gifford Delia W Plum St  
145 Goodale Ellen Foster Ave  
146 Goodale Sarah W Foster Ave  
86 Goodell Mary F Butler Ave  
156 Greene Anna E Grape St colored
157 Greene Mary Elmer St colored
103 Greene Sarah M Malaga St  
123 Griffith Sarah J Elmer Rd  
65 Haines Mary E Elmer St  
51 Hakes Mary A Main Rd  
83 Hamer Eliza Landis Ave  
112 Hart Mary C Landis Ave  
142 Hart Rhoda Landis Ave  
171 Hazard Anna Seventh St may have been added later
113 Headsell Adeline L Foster Ave  
82 Hendee Cordelia C Landis Ave  
139 Hendrick Eliza S Landis Ave  
43 Hersay Chloe A Fourth St  
30 Hicklan Susanna Plum St  
38 Hicklen Jennie Wood St  
40 Hicklen Rachel L Wood St  
148 Hicks Libbie R East Ave  
13 Holden Caroline E West Ave  
22 Holden Dianthe Elmer St  
155 Holton Harriet P Elmer St  
97 Ingraham Percie A Park Ave  
152 Jones Lydia Plum St colored
3 Kingsbury E A Seventh & Pear St  
70 Ladd Lucinda D Grape St  
93 Lamb Laura Park Ave  
54 Leavitt Abbie F Landis Ave  
92 Loomis Esther A Pear St  
150 Lucas Mary D Plymouth Rd  
119 Lush Mary East Ave  
89 Lyman Emeroy Boulevard  
137 Mabbett Charity L Landis Ave  
117 Mackenzie Emma L Plum St  
80 Marshall Anna M Wood St  
91 Mason Etta Landis Ave  
90 Mason Julia G Landis Ave  
118 Mc Fadden Ellen Plum St  
124 Meachan Miriam Grape St  
6 Means Charlotte J Seventh St  
144 Merriam Sophia C Myrtle St  
64 Merritt Lizzie K Fourth St  
98 Merwin Irene B Landis Ave  
72 Merwin Minnie A Landis Ave  
151 Miles Pamelia Boulevard  
60 Moody Harriet L Oak Rd  
62 Moore Jane T Vine Rd  
105 Morley Martha Elmer St  
67 Morton Agnes H Park Ave  
120 Morton Mary E Park Ave  
116 Morton Mary J Park Ave  
57 Murray Lydia P J Wood St  
84 Paine Sophronia C Chestnut  
122 Palmer Jane T Myrtle St  
128 Paul Caroline A Boulevard  
8 Pearsons Sarah T H Landis Ave  
121 Perkins Mary Landis Ave  
114 Perry Mortelia E West Ave  
35 Poole Annie G Grape St  
78 Porvens Sophia Foster Ave  
94 Price Ann E Plum St  
79 Price Celinda Walnut Rd  
21 Pryor Lucetta E Park Ave  
18 Pryor Margaret Plum St  
49 Read Jane H Landis Ave  
172 Rezder Nettie Plum St may have been added later
161 Richards Frances M Pear St  
48 Robinson Eliza J Pear St  
11 Ross Lizzie Landis Ave  
34 Russell Elvira M Elmer St  
44 Sanderson Mary Walnut Rd  
125 Sawyer Lucy Grape St  
24 Sawyer Sarah P Elmer St  
111 Scott Rachel A Plum St  
55 Sherbourne Victoria C Landis Ave  
88 Skinner Mary L Landis Ave  
15 Smith Ann Sixth St  
153 Smith Elizabeth Grape St  
166 Somerby Sarah E Pear St  
96 Souther Fanny A M Landis Ave  
71 Starr Lucy L B Montrose St  
69 Stearns Hannah T Grape St  
135 Stebbins Melissa Wheat Rd  
1 Stevens Mrs. A. F. Plum St  
27 Stockbridge Almira East Ave  
12 Strickland Sarah E Butler Ave  
85 Suydam Eliza J Landis Ave  
136 Sylvester Sarah E Spring Rd  
16 Thomson Estella Elmer St  
31 Thomson Pernelia D Elmer St  
101 Tillotson Mary E Elmer St  
17 Van Clief Mary M Plum St  
162 Van Meter Hannah Montrose St  
29 Van Voorhis Mary R Plum St  
169 Wager Mary L West Ave  
14 Webster Georgiana E Sixth St  
100 Webster Mary C Plum St  
149 Weldy Mary East Ave  
159 Wells Elzora Oak Rd  
53 Wheeler Millie Landis Ave  
87 Whitney Lois S Landis Ave  
127 Wilbur Ann P East Ave  
129 Wilde Emma L Main Rd  
32 Williams Elizabeth J Elmer St  
20 Wood Anna E Park Ave  
19 Wood Lucy Ann Landis Ave  
164 Woodward Evelyn S Landis Ave


106 Worden Heziah Landis Ave  
5 Worden? Margaret A Elmer St  

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