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With respect to any and all materials contained herein, specific out-of-copyright books were used. One thing to know and understand about these secondary sources is that they should be used as clues, and not as absolute confirmation of the information contained therein. These types of sources are often flawed and are only as good as the information provided by the person providing same. Be sure to do additional research to determine if the information contained herein is true and accurate and cross-check all data.

Should you have additional information about a particular individual or family listed here, have a website dedicated to a particular individual or family, or can provide additional confirmation or have information on possible revisions, please contact me so that information can be added to the biography page. Please provide your contact information for possible other researchers to contact you.

Ackerman, John N.
Allan, James
Allen Family, The
Allen, James Kitchell
Allen, Uriah
Allen, Robert
Allison, William Outis
Anders, Arthur
Anderson, John H.
Andes, Henry
Anson, Edward M.
Applegate, Ivins D.
Armbruster, William O.
Armstrong, Samuel
Asmus, Ernst G.
Auryansen, Abram I.
Babbitt, Robert Oscar
Baldwin, Aaron Stockholm
Banta, William Sickles
Banta, William Williams
Berdan, Cornelius W.
Berger, Julius
Besson, John Case
Besson, Samuel Austin
Birdsall, Walter Kissam
Black, James H.
Blawvelt, George W.
Bogert, Daniel G., Jr.
Bonn, Hillric John
Bonn, John Hillric, Jr.
Bonn, John Killric
Brinkerhoff, Andrew H.
Bryan, Daniel Drake
Cadmus, George
Campbell, Luther A.
Case, Edwin Raynor
Cass, Alexander
Cass, Willard
Chapman, Robert
Cole Family, The
Conklin Family, The
Conkling, Livingston
Conover, Harry Martin
Cumming, Thomas H.
Danielson, William H.
Darling, Henry Isaac
Davis, Andrew J.
De Baun, Abram
De Clyne, Charles
De Groot Family, The
Demarest, Calvin
Demarest, Elmer Wilson
Demarest, Milton
Dixon, Jr., Robert Campbell
Earle, Edward
Enstice, John
Samuel E. Earle
Edsall Family, The
Edwards, William D.
Ferdon, Jesse W.
Ferdon, William Scott
Fisher, John G.
Formon, Louis
Galbraith, Richard Edwin
Galbraith, William
Garrabrant Family, The
Gautier Family, The
Haring, Albert Zabriskie
Haring, Andrew H.
Hasel, Joseph John
Hecht, Max, M.D., Ph.G.
Holdrum, Abram C.
Hopper, Isaac A.
Hopper, Jacob H.
Horstman, Frederick W.
Johnson, Darius S.
Johnson, Edmund E.
Justin, Rev. John
Justin, M.D., John Clement
Kennedy, John J.
Kingsland, Edmund W.
Koester, Ernest
Lane, John
Lawrence, David W.
Lillis, James T.
Lindemann, John H.
Lord, Robert F.
Lydecker, Cornelius
Mabies, The first of the
Marion, John Francis
Marion, William Clayborn
McCrea, David W.
McDermott, Edward
McGill, Alexander Taggart, A.M., LL.D.
Melville, Frank H.
Mercer, James Wright
Merseles Family, The
Nevin, John Joseph
Newbery, Isaac L.
Pearsall, James W.
Poor, Frank B.
Post, John H.
Post, Thomas J.
Potts, J. Herbert
Powless Family, The
Puster, Henry
Quackenbush Family, The
Rich, Augustus A.
Roche, John W.
Rutan, Daniel
Ryersons, The
Schindler, Sr., Charles A.
Schindler, Jr., Charles A.
Schuyler Family, The
Seitz, Arthur
Seitz, August
Sickles Family, The
Silliman, Chauncey H.
Sip, Jan Adrainse
Slote Family, The
Smith, Abel I.
Smith, Baker B.
Smith Family, The
Smith, James
Snedens, The
Speer Family, The
Stack, Joseph Francis Xaveier, M.D.
Stack, Maurice J.
Stagg, Peter W.
Stephens, James H.
Stevens, George
Storm, George Wilkinson
Striffler, Edward C.
Stuhr, William Sebastian
Terhune Family, The
Thompson, William
Toers Family, The
Van Buskirk, Jacob L.
Van Bussum Family, The
Vandelinda Family, The
Vanderbeck Family, The
Vanderhoff Family, The
Van Dien Family, The
Van Dusen Family, The
Van Dyck, Vedder
Van Giesen Family, The
Van Gelder Family, The
Van Horn Family, The
Van Houten Family, The
Van Orden (Van Naerden) Family, The
Van Saun Family, The
Van Sickle, William M.
Van Voorst Family, The
Van Wagenen and Garretsen Families, The
Van Winkle Family, The
Volk, Anthony Jacob
Voorhis, Charles E.
Voorhis, William H.
Voorhis, William Willcox
Vredenburgh, James B.
Vreeland, Jesse Kimball
Wakelee, Edmund W.
Walker, Herman
Wallis, Hamilton
Westervelt, John J.
Wheeler, George Wakeman
White Family, The
Wiley, George Lourie
Zeller, John

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