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For the information of the reader and those who may become interested in genealogical research a list of the earliest and most prominent landowners and settlers of Bergn and Hudson Counties is hereto appended.

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ACKERMAN Dutch David Ackerman Herlikum Holland
ACKERSON Dutch Johannes Tomassen Oosteuvelt Holland
ADRIANSE Dutch Maryn Adrianse Veere Holland
AERISON Dutch Cornelius Arlesen N. Brabaut Holland
ALLEN (1) Dutch Pieter Van Hallen Utrecht Holland
ALLEN (2) Flemish Loreus Van Hallen Limbourg Flanders
ALYEA French John Alyea Artois France
ANDERSON Scotch John Anderson Inverness Scotland
ANTHONY Dutch Allerd Anthony Amsterdam Holland
ARENTS Dutch Johannes Arents Vauderbilt Holland
AURYANSE (1) Dutch Jan Anryanse New York United States
AURYANSE (2) Dutch Lambert Arianse Gelderland Holland
- - - - -
BACKER (1) Dutch Claes Jansen Backer Hertogenbosh Holland
BACKER (2) English Richard Backer Barbadoes West Indies
BAKCER (3) Dutch Jacobus Backer Amsterdam Holland
BANTA Dutch Epke Jacobse Harlongen Holland
BARENTSEN Dutch Dirk Barents Amsterdam Holland
BASTIENSEN Dutch Johannes Bastiansen Aeruheim Holland
BAYARD (1) French Balthazar Bayard Dauphency France
BAYARD (2) French Nicholas Bayard Alphen France
BEDLOW Swedish Isaac Bedlow Stockholm Sweden
BEEDER Dutch Herman Beder Amsterdam Holland
BEEM German Anthony Beem Flammersvelt Germany
BELL (1) German Hermann Bell Darmstadt Germany
BELL (2) English William Bell New York United States
BENSON Swedish Dirck Bensingh Gronengen Holland
BERDAN Dutch Jan Baerdan Amsterdam Holland
BERRY English John Berry Barbadoes West Indies
BERTHOLF Flemish Guilliam Bertholf Sluys Flanders
BILFIELD English John Bilfield Enfield England
BLACKLEDGE English Philip Blaekleach London England
BLAGGE English Benjamin Blagge London England
BLANCH English Richard Blanch Bristol England
BLAWVELT Dutch Gerret Hendericksen Deventer Holland
BLAUW (1) Dutch Gerrett Dircks Blauw Drenth Holland
BLAUW (2) Dutch Herman Jansen Blauw Gronengen Holland
BOARD English Cornelius Board London England
BOGERT (1) Dutch Cornelius Jansen Schoendewoert Holland
BOGERT (2) Dutch John Louwe Schoendewoert Holland
BOGERT (3) Dutch Tunis Gysbertsen Ileykoop Holland
BOUT Dutch Jan Evertsen Bout Barnevelt Holland
BRAECKE Dutch Dirck Claesen Braecke Amsterdam Holland
BRIGGS English Walter Briggs Providence Rhode Island
BRINKERHOFF Dutch Joris Dircksen Drenth Holland
BROCKHOLST Dutch Anthony Brockholst Amsterdam Holland
BROSS Dutch Hendrick Brass Albany New York
BROWER (1) Dutch Peter Clementsen Hoorn Holland
BROWER (2) Dutch Adam Brower Cologne France
BROWER (3) Danish Jacob Eldertsan Brower Holstein Denmark
BROWN English Thomas Brown London England
BURGER Dutch Burger Joris Ilersburg (sp) Silesia
BUSH Dutch Hendrick Bosh Leyden Holland
BUYS Dutch Jan Cornelius Buys Beest Holland
- - - - -
CADMUS Dutch Dirck Fredricksen Friesland Holland
CAMPBELL (1) English Alexander Campbell North Britain England
CAMPBELL (2) Scotch James Capbell Aberdeen Scotland
CAMPBELL (3) English William Campbell Isle of Man England
CAMPBELL (4) Irish William Campbell   Ireland
CARSTENS Norwegian Claes Carstiaeus Sant Norway
CHAMBERS Scotch John Chambers New York United States
CARSHOON Dutch Jan Elbertsen Carsboom Gelderland Holland
CHRISTIANSE (1) Danish Christiaen Pietersen Holstein Denmark
CHRISTIANSE (2) Danish Barent Christianse Holstein Denmark
CHRISTIE (1) Scotch James Christyn Edinburgh Scotland
CHRISTIE (2) Dutch John Christianse Amsterdam Holland
CLAESEN Dutch Gerbrand Claesen Hoorn Holland
CLARK Irish Robert Clark Caven Co. Ireland
CLENDENNY Scotch Walter Clendenny   Scotland
COLE Dutch Barent Jacobsen Kool Amsterdam Holland
COLLERD English Jacobus Collerd London England
COMMEGAR Dutch Hendrick Jans Commegar Amsterdam Holland
COOPER (1) Dutch Claes Jansen Parmerend Holland
COOPER (2) Danish Teunis Fredericks Oldenburg Denmark
CONKLIN (1) English Mattys Conkelin Philipsburg New York
CONKLIN (2) English John Crooklyne Not'ghamshire England
CONOVER Dutch Jacob Wolfortsen Amsterdam Holland
CORBETT English John Corbett London England
CORNELISEN Swedish Cornelius Mattys Stockholm Sweden
CORNELL French William Cornelise Kalbrist France
CORS Dutch Claes Petersen Cors Amsterdam Holland
CORTELYOU French Jacques Cortelyou Utrecht Holland
COX German Michael Cox Hanover Germany
CUMMINGS English John C. Cummings   Scotland
- - - - -
 Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, NJ, c. 1900, pages 41-48.

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