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KIERSTED German Kier Wolters Magdeburg Germany
KINGSLAND English Nath'l & Isaac Kingsland Barbadoes West Indies
KIPP Dutch Hendrick de Kype Amsterdam Holland
KUYPER Dutch Claes Jansen Purmerend Holland
- - - - -
LAMATER French Claude de Lamaister Riechbourg France
LAROE French Jacues Laroe - France
LAURENCE (1) English William Laurence St. Albans England
LAURENCE (2) Dutch Arent Laurens Ysselstein Holland
LAURENCE (3) Danish Serven Lorens Holstein Denmark
LAURENCE (4) Danish Laurens Andriesen Holstein Denmark
LEENDERTS Dutch Paulus Leenderts Amsterdam Holland
LOCKHART English George Lockhart London England
LOOTS English John Loots Norwich England
LOZIER French Francoix Luseur Colmenil France
LUBY Dutch Jacob Luby Amsterdam Holland
LUDLOW English Gabriel Ludlow London England
LYDECKER Dutch Ryek & Gerrit Lydecker Amsterdam Holland
LYN German Conrad and Abram Lyn Darmstadt Germany
- - - - -
MABIE Dutch Casparus Meebje Amsterdam Holland
MACLEAN Scotch Charles Maclean Leith Scotland
MANDEVILLE Dutch Gillis Jansen de Mandeville Garderen Holland
MARINUS Flemish Cornelius Jansen Mariuus Oostberg Flanders
MARTIN English James Martin New York United States
MERSELIS Dutch Peter Merselles Beest Holland
MATTYS Swedish Cornelius Mattice Stockholm Sweden
MEET (1) English Adam Meet Essex England
MEET (2) Dutch Pieter Jans Meet Amersfort Holland
MELLINOT Italian Michael Mellinot Savoy Italy
MERRITT English William Merritt London England
MEYER (1) German Adolph Meyer Ulsen Germany
MEYER (2) German Nicholas Meyer Hamburg Germany
MEYER (3) German Harmanus Meyer Bremen Germany
MILBURN English Jacob Milburn London England
MOORE (1) English Robert Morris Liverpool England
MORRIS (2) English Richard Morris London England
MORRIS (3) English Anthony Morris London England
MORRIS (4) English Jury Maris - -
- - - - -
NAUGLE Dutch Barat Naugle Gronengen Holland
NEWKIRK Dutch Gergrand Claesen Amsterdam Holland
NOBLE English Mark Noble New England United States
- - - - -
ONDERDONK Dutch Adrian Vanderdonk Breda Holland
OUTWATER Dutch Frans Jacobs Outwater Oüdewater Holland
- - - - -
PARCELLS French Thomas Parcells Huntington England
PAUW Dutch Michael Pauw Amsterdam Holland
PEACK English Johannes Peack Amsterdam Holland
PERRY French Jan Perie Pont-le-feekes France
PETERSEN (1) Dutch Gerret Petersen Friesland Holland
PETERSEN (2) Dutch Peter Rolofsen Utrecht Holland
PHILLIPS Dutch Frederick Phillipse Bolswaert Holland
PINHORNE English William Pinhorne London England
PLANCK Dutch Abram Isaaesen Planck Amsterdam Holland
POST (1) Dutch Jan Jansen Postmail Harlingen Holland
POST (2) Dutch Capt. Adrian Post Harlingen Holland
POWLESS Dutch Powles Pietersen Merven Holland
POWLESSEN Dutch Powles Pietersen Merven Holland
POWLESSEN (2) Dutch Michael Powles Veenderen Holland
PRIOR Dutch Casparus Cornelissen Amsterdam Holland
PROVOST Dutch David Provost Connecticut United States
PULIS German John Pulisfelt Darmstadt Germany
- - - - -
QUACKENBUSH Dutch Petrus Quackenbus Oostergeest Holland
QUIDORE French Petrus Quidore Havre France
- - - - -
RAMSAY English Samuel Ramsay - Scotland
REYSERICK Dutch Rynier Reyserick Amsterdam Holland
RIKER Dutch Abram Reyken Amsterdam Holland
ROMAINE Dutch Claes Jansen Romeys Amsterdam Holland
ROY Dutch Jacob Jacobsen Romeyn Amsterdam Holland
RUTAN Dutch Daniel Rutan Esopus New York
RYERSON Dutch Adrian & Martin Ryerson Amsterdam Holland
RUYVEN Dutch Cornelius Ruyven Ruyven Holland

Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, NJ, c. 1900, pages 41-48. 

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