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Welcome to the Burlington County site
                                      on the American Local History Network.

This is a beginning page for a future site.  If you would like to become the host for Burlington County, please contact the NJ web-host, Susan Ditmire

If you have any information to post for Burlington County, please send it & I will post as my time permits.

I highly recommend the following link as a great source of historical information about the county. Dan Birchall is the creator and has done an excellent job. Burlington City, N.J.

Click on the Graphic Below to get to an outstanding County History Site, brought to you by the Burlington County Library.

Be sure to visit one of my Regional sites, A great website, if I do say so myself.

New Jersey Pinelands

Canoe scene

An outstanding picture from a great organization,

Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  

A History of our Famous Pinelands Legend from strangemag.com

The Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens
by Anthony Perticaro

Terrific Site with lots of South Jersey information:

Brian and Kim's Genealogy Page

A History of Batsto