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NJ State Seal    

New Jersey was the 3rd state to enter the union.

 Dec. 18, 1787

New Jersey Flag

The State Motto is:

 Liberty and Prosperity.

New Jersey's Official Tall Ship

The A. J. Meerwald

The state capital is Trenton.


The state flower is "The Common Violet".

(click on the picture to see a beautiful Violet)

The New Jersey State Site 

gives a through account of the other official items:

official  bird (Eastern Gold Finch)

seashell (knobbed whelk)

many more, including...

Folk Dance (follow the link to find this out)


The Official Dinosaur of New Jersey

Hadrosaurus foulkii 

Now, most states do not have an official dinosaur, nor do they have a reason why.

The story of a discovery in 1858 and the beginning of Modern Paleontology

History is about people,
    but their environment has an impact on their way of life.

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The Mountains

  The Farms
         The Rivers

Our very own Pinelands
Welcome to the New Jersey Pinelands


                    The Salt Marshes
         Geese in Flight at Forsythe


The Atlantic Ocean 

A really COOL site.


The Shore


The Delaware Bay

The site below, from has an abundance of information about every state.

What A Difference A State Makes


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