New Jersey in the Civil War 

The Civil War

During the Civil War, New Jersey stayed in the Union and sent it's sons to fight, but...

I was totally surprised when I found out that NJ did not vote to reelect Lincoln in 1864. NJ was one of only 3 states that their electoral votes for General George McClellan. He was so popular in the state, that although he was defeated in the Presidential election, he was elected Governor of New Jersey in 1878.

Electronic New Jersey - This site has very thought provoking lessons in NJ History.

New Jersey in the Civil War

Not NJ, but such a great site and terrific background for understanding the Civil War.

This online project details 2 communities in the Civil War (one northern, one southern),
 and takes you from John Brown's Raid through the end of Reconstruction.


Thomas Nast,


Figure 3
“The Emancipation of the Negroes, January, 1863
—The Past and the Future,” Harper’s Weekly,
 January 24, 1863, pages 56-57.

Another view of some of Nast's work in
 America: The Journal for Americans

"The most striking element of Nast’s work for America was its intolerance and bigotry, directed against the Catholic Church, the Irish, and immigrants generally. "

The Civil War Round Table Groups are great sources of information and can provide great discussions.

North Jersey Civil War Round Table

This Round Table site has some great War Stories:

A full listing of Civil War Soldiers and Sailors:


The really great thing about the regimental Histories on the NPS site is that they have hyperlinks to the battles and rosters.

A very complete, independent website:

There are many other great independent sites for some of the NJ Regiments.
 I will try  to collect and post them.

If you know of one, please send me the link.  Susan Ditmire

New Jersey Units
Roster Unit  Websites Burial Information
1st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment 1st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry  
1st New Jersey Volunteer Cavalry Regiment    
3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry    
8th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment    
9th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry    
15th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry    



Not all NJ Union soldiers were in NJ regiments.

1st Eastern Virginia Loyal Volunteers.

 They were part of the Union Army, but contained sailors from Southern NJ and many men born in Confederate Port Towns. What is the rest of the story ???

What was happening at the Home Front, while so many men were off to war?

Bits of Blue and Gray: An American Civil War Notebook

Women and the American Civil War


Reenactment Groups, Keeping history Alive:


The 14th NJ Vols. Company H (New Jersey Civil War History Association Inc.)



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