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April 9, 2005                 

Road trip to Southern Ocean County --

Nothing like a sunny spring day to inspire a road trip. We had a great breakfast at the diner in Tuckerton (they even had grits!). Then we took a tour of the Tuckerton Seaport. It was terrific. If you haven't been there yet, I encourage you to put it on your list for this year. Even though it was not tourist season, they had knowledgeable and friendly people demonstrating their skills and explaining the exhibits. In 2001, students at Little Egg Harbor Township School have developed a great virtual tour of the Seaport. There are many new additions since then, but it gives you a good feel for the place.

After leaving the Seaport, we went home via Radio Rd on Mystic Island, so we could take a first hand look at the remains of the German Radio Tower that was built in 1912. Yes, that's right a German Radio Tower. We found the 3 supporting blocks (20 ft X 20 ft cubes) that were used to anchor the tower and the chimney from the power plant and the transmission building. It was very interesting and of course I had forgotten to take the camera with me, but I found a site with great pictures past and present.

Tuckerton Wireless
1912 - 1955

A big thanks to Tom McNally for putting these great pictures on the Web.

My husband was telling me that the Tower was manufactured in Germany and shipped here for assembly. At the time, Tuckerton (then called Hickory Island) was low and flat and, also, very remote. The US government was neutral in the war in Europe and apparently was oblivious to the building of the tower. After the US entered the war the government took over the tower and used it until 1955. (Now I am not sure if that is fact or hearsay, but will try to find out) Well I found an article that confirms my husbands story: New Jersey History Mysteries

Anyway, it was a lovely day and I would recommend the trip. If you are going a little later in the day, I spotted a Stewarts  Root beer stand in Tuckerton. Will make the stop there on the next trip.


Outstanding school projects from Little Egg Harbor School District:

Tuckerton Seaport Virtual Tours

During the summer of 2000, 42 5th & 6th grade students from the Little Egg Harbor School District participated in a summer enrichment program called "The Virtual Seaport Project".

Little Egg Harbor Township - Virtual Community Tour

During the summer of 2001, 52 students from the Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School participated in an enrichment program called the "Virtual Community Tour".

History of Ocean County New Jersey

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