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will be back soon. 

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The NJ H-Net discussion group is the best place to keep in touch with what is happening in the NJ History Community. You can check out the messages at or subscribe.

I am happy to be able to refer people to the new history calendar. They did a great set up and people can add their own activities. I am hoping people will really keep it updated. So many things going on in the state. Almost every day you can find something interesting to do.

New Jersey Digital Highway - History Events Calendar

I got to help judge some of the 4th grade essays for .I really enjoyed the writing, I hope to put some of them online soon. Waiting for parental permissions!!

A great site to check out: !
The unofficial site of the historic Village of Rancocas, New Jersey in Burlington County. They have a wonderful picture gallery and an interesting letter by Elias Hix.

 Let me know what you have been doing?


It's almost baseball season, while your waiting to hit the field check out some Baseball History.

 New Jersey Baseball 


A more serious topic, but with NJ connections -

WWII Interment Camps 

Additional information added February 8, 2006


Simon Lake's scheme

Simon Lake of Pleasantville, NJ

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