Civil War Sailors of New Jersey

This is a listing of New Jersey Veterans.
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Civil War Sailors

Garrison, Thomas M.: b. 4/8/1844,in Newark, NJ., enlisted at Jersey City, NJ.
          in the Union Navy 8/22/1864. He served on the USS Vermont, USS Mohican,
          and USS Ohio, as a Landsmsn. He was musterd out on 5/22/1865.
(submitted by:Bill Garrison,
John L. Lenhart (Reverand ), He served churches throughout New Jersey and was going to quit the ministry because of health problems when he got an offer for / from the Navy. Although he died living in NY, he was only there a short time and stayed in NJ until his wife died of breast cancer. He was the first Chaplain killed in the Civil War and the first Chaplain killed in any war up til then that is noted. (Submitted by:Jim Lenhart, )