The following is a brief list of the counties of New York State that surround Albany County. The accompaning factoids show mostly that I don't know a great deal about Albany's neighbors. Please follow the links for real information.

  • Saratoga or here Directly north of Albany, the two counties are separated by the Mohawk River. Although it was largely "country" until fairly recently, today there are many suburban communities whose residents go south daily to jobs in Schenectady & Albany. Also, of course, home of the famous Saratoga Race Course and a spa which was a Gilded Age playground for the wealthy of the nation.
  • Rensselaer Directly east of Albany, across the Hudson River. The city of Troy, located here, was another Industrial Age powerhouse. Although there was a rivalry between the cities of Albany & Troy, there was also much interaction between Albany & Rensselaer Counties. In fact there was once a thriving village called West Troy, located approximately in today's City of Watervliet in Albany County.
  • Columbia The county southeast of Albany, on the opposite shore of the Hudson River.
  • Greene The county directly south of Albany County.
  • Schoharie The county forms the western border of Albany County.
  • Schenectady There are many geneological links between the founding families of Albany & Schenectady. Their early history also was closely linked.

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